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2023-08-31 09:31:01

Smoked Mac And Cheese

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What is up youtubers on today's video ?

We're gonna be knocking out Smoke Mac and hey , if you love to grill and barbecue , then this is the channel for you .

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So you don't miss a thing because today we're knocking out Smoke Mac and cheese .

So this recipe is actually Wes's recipe .

Uh We was talking about it yesterday and I was just wanting to knock out a super simple one .

He , he tells me that this recipe uh they make all the time and is super awesome .

And I was like heck out man .

Let's just do it .

So we're just gonna jump right in .

We've got 36 ounces .

Um Shell shell's pasta .

Yeah , shell pasta here that uh he went on ahead and precooked .

So we're just gonna jump right on in and get into it .

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We're gonna put in one stick , the whole bag of Philadelphia cream cheese .

Now , this has been left out for a little while .

So , you know , to soften it up , you know , as a kid , I didn't even like cream cheese .

What is that bagel store ?

No , Einstein that place is unbelievably .

I always stop at that .

The only one I've been to is the one in , in the , in the airport .

Uh , three packs of butter .

Four of carry gold .

I think that's the only butter .

Oh , you get all this cheese melted all this goodness .

This is gonna be the cheesiest crap too .

So let's just keep going .

Two tablespoons of Dijon mustard .

10 .

How much Paprika teaspoon ?

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And we're gonna throw in some SPGS right there and it is 16 ounces of sharp cheddar .

Is this all gonna fit in here ?

Monterey Jack ?

Oh , this a Monterey Jack .

Yeah , we may have to go to a different pan .

That's ok .

Cheddar cheese .

Yeah , it's gonna be good .

This is how I love mac and cheese .

Just cheesy , cheesy gooey .

Two cans of evaporated milk .

And don't worry the recipe is all gonna be down below .

We're gonna mix it up with some , some bacon too .

This is about three ounces of bacon bits just in a bottle .

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Make your own if you like .

And we have some milk and we have a little bit of the pasta water just in case .

But we're gonna get this all mixed up .

Get it divided up into these pans .

Let's get down to get on a smoker .

Maybe we can send one of the boys for some bread crumbs .

We'll finish it with some Italian bread crumbs .

Italian would be , hey , go get me some freaking bread crumbs .

All right .

So we're gonna get this taken outside , get it , put on the smoker .

So come , let's go .

All right .

So we got our cooker run at 300 .

We're gonna put it over here on the stack end .

So it just gets all that good smoke .

Not so much of the direct heat but the good smoke .

We're gonna let it sit about 15 minutes , give it a stir and get the cheese and just quick .

Then once we're almost there , we're gonna cover it .

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We're gonna send somebody to the store because that guy forgot the panco bread crumbs and then we'll put them on top .

Toast them up .

I choose to remain anonymous .

Sorry , bro .

Sorry to throw you on the bus .

It hurts , it's warm .

You got everything goes , man .

Hey , that's why we have the list .

Yeah .

What , what time did you get here ?

If , if they're following me on Instagram , they know exactly what time I got here .

They know exactly what's going on .

What day it is ?

Confess it is the Thursday , Thursday , the ninth of May .

You came to work at 11 .

I've been out here since 10 51 .

I've been out here freezing my berries off and getting your smoker running 10 51 bro .

Listen , it's not glamorous but somebody has to do it .

All right .

So it's been right at about 15 minutes .

Oh , let's look at that dude with , that was too good .

Now , I don't like mine too smoky .

So I'm not gonna leave it on here that long .

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Right .

Oh , all right .

We're gonna let it heat up a little bit more .

We're gonna put the lid on it .

Give it a quick little steam to get everything .

Just gooey gooey , throw some bread crumbs on it .

Torch them .

Then we're gonna eat .

All right .

So it's been about another 15 minutes .

And one thing I just realized I left out of this recipe is the freaking milk .

So we're gonna add the milk and we're gonna also add a quarter cup of the pasta water .

One two , they're starting to get a little thick .

And I was like , man , what the heck like you put the milk in and I was like , you condense milk better late than never .

Like I said , we're not perfect around here , but we'll get you the recipe .

It'll be all down below and uh , while you're looking at my , down below , we'll ahead and leave a comment .

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What kind of noodles do you like best in your mac and cheese , your smoked mac and cheese or just leave a comment , say , hey , man , cosmo .

Your stuff sucks .

I know how to cook .

Mac and cheese better than you .

Then I'll get on there and I'll be like , no , you don't .

I was a 1972 world champion Mac and Cheese Cooker , which is a lie .

How old are you in 1972 ?

I was like 12 days old .

Yes , this looks good .

Get it .

Get in here .

Oh , my goodness .

What I'm saying ?

That's what I'm telling you .

Bra can go back and change the past for the future .

Didn't know to hold the door when he was a kid .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

He only knew it because Brand went back and connected him to the future .

That's why he said it when he was young and passed out .

I care more about the dragons than I do people .

You sick , take it back .

It's a dragon man .

All right .

So it's been right at about an hour , hour and 10 minutes .

This stuff is looking amazing .

Taste amazing .

We're gonna get some uh Italian style bread crumb , put on here and toast it up and then uh we're always gonna use our kitchen torch .

These are uh don't try this at home the wild .

All right .

So we're ready to dig into this thing .

It smells freaking amazing .

It's made , it's freezing outside in Oklahoma .

It's a what better ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Food for lunch and smoked mac and cheese .

I would had some brisket here .

Let's just jump right in .

Mm .

Through the pain .

The bread crumb .

Set it off .

A little bit of a little bit of uh bacon .

This is awesome .

You want to taste it ?

I wanna taste it .

Come on , man .

You do it .

Hm .

Dude .

Fuck .

Is that not crazy if you don't try this mac and cheese right there .

That one right there .

They ain't really called the attack cheddar .

Go down below .

We wanna thank you guys for watching .

As always , don't forget to that subscribe button and ring that bell .

We'll catch you on the next video .


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