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2023-08-31 09:38:48

Making mango pickle with green mangos - best way to preserve mangoes for well after the mango season

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Hello , welcome to my channel .

Today , I have a much requested recipe which is making of mango pickle .

Mango pickle making is quite a process .

But I'm gonna show you all step by step and this is step one I have here a kilo of green mangoes of which are cut in four quarters and taken out the seed .

And thereafter I rinse them out .

I'm gonna put it into my dish .

I'm using half a cup of rough salt to Sprinkle over my mango .

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So it had to be very well coated to the salt .

So this salt will help the water from the mango getting released .

I will allow this to sit for about 8 to 12 hours and then I'll go back to the next step of the making .

When living in Newlands , we had a lot of mango trees and the month of October and November was making of mango pickles .

So by getting these mangoes , bring back a lot of memory of Newlands , we'll give this about 8 to 12 hours to rest and we'll catch you on the next step .

Hello , welcome back yesterday , I showed y'all how I'm putting the salt into my cut mango and letting it to rest overnight .

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So as you can see how the salt has released most of the water from the mango .

And today I'm gonna show you all the step two , step two is taking these mangoes and rinsing off the salt .

And then after I place it up on the tray and allow it to hair dry .

Usually if you like crispy mangoes , you don't put them in sunlight first , I'm going to rinse off these mangoes .

Here you go .

I rinsed off my mangoes .

The reason being why I rinsed my mangoes out from the salt is most of the time we get pickle masala that has its own salt and then our pickle become very salty .

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I will just spread my mango upon this tree and I'm gonna leave my mango onto the counter to rest for 10 to 12 hours before mixing into a pickle .

We will catch you later for the step three .

It's the afternoon now and we are ready for our third step of making of the mango pickle .

There's my mind goes , they are a doubt .

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I just drop it into my dish .

So to this mangoes , I've got two tablespoon of pickle masala and a hip tablespoon of pure chili powder and a teas full of sugar .

I am not going to use salt because the salt is soaked in into the mango .

So when adding of additional salt , it will make it a little salty .

But when your mangoes are ready to eat and if there is for some reason , less salt you can add on fine salt .

Oh , yeah , I have about 10 cloves of garlic .

The more garlic you use the tastier it will be .

So I'm gonna just grind .

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You smash it a little .

You can even slice the garlic finely and put it in .

But in this way , the flavor of the garlic , we'll get into the mango .

Here's my garlic roughly done .

Just gonna add it into the manger .

I will give this mango a good mix up .

So I don't know the amount of oil I'm going to use .

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So I'm gonna measure and I don't like very much of oil because I'm gonna store it into the fridge and this oil is directly from the gallon .

That's one cup .

This is true .

OK ?

For this amount of mangoes , two cup of oil is sufficient .

I mix them really well and then pack it into an airtight container and allow this to sit on my counter for a day with a room temporary chair .

And thereafter tomorrow , I will put it into the fridge .

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Once I put the mango pickle into the fridge every day , I will keep stirring it for about seven days .

It will be ready for eating .

Thank you all for watching and enjoy .


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