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2023-08-31 14:35:59

Homemade Mango Pickle _ How to make Mango Pickle at Home _ Indian pickles _ Cooking Addiction Goa.

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The old food lovers have welcomed my channel cooking addiction today .

I'll show you how to prepare a simple mango pickle at home .

Pickle is also known as .

So now let's take a look at the preparation .

Wash the mangoes and wipe it with a clean cloth dice , the mangoes into one inch cubes , Sprinkle sea salt and place in a plastic container .

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Keep heavy weights over the mangoes and leave them for four days stirring once a day till the green skin color has changed .

This is done to remove out excess moisture from the mangoes .

After four days , drain mango pieces and reserve the liquid boil the liquid and keep aside to make the pickle masala lightly roast mustard seeds and re seeds .

Separately grind fere seeds to powder , mustard seeds should be costly ground .

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You have to lightly roast the red chili powder and turmeric powder .

Separately heat oil in a pan .

Add as a supporter and remove from the heat .

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Have to cool mix the mango pieces with the red chili powder .

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Turmeric powder powder , costly ground mustard seeds , uh reserved mango water and the oil stir to heat oil in a pan .

Once the oil is hot .

Add mustard seeds and let it stand for 30 seconds and then switch off the flame allowed to cool down and then add this oil into the pickle bottle .

Fill the jars a bottle with the pickle .

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If you don't add oil , there will be a formation of fungus on the pickle .

So basically oil access the barrier between the pickle and the air seal the jar and allow it to mature for 15 days .

Once the pickle has matured refrigerate for a longer shelf life .

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If you have any questions there regarding this recipe or can write in the comment section below .

Till then , I will see you all next time in my next video .


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