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2023-08-31 09:33:13

HOW TO SLEEP EASILY - Dandapani on London Real

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You know , we , we're just born into this world and people are like here , Ray rhymes line , your ABC 123 , go to school , learn geography , learn history , science , the periodic table .

Why ?

When are you ever gonna use the periodic table again ?

But simple things of like basic life , human skills , we never get taught who teaches you how to go to sleep ?

How many people out there struggle to go to sleep ?

Millions , right ?

Because they assume everybody knows how to go to sleep .

How do you go to sleep ?

How do I go to sleep without any problem ?

Did you have a process that they talked about that ?

You do this , this , this , this , this Yeah .

And it's a simple process you lay on your back uh with your hands by your side , your palms facing upward , you visualize , you know the system and you visualize all your energy coming into your nervous system and flowing from different limbs into your spine .

So imagine all the energy in your leg , your left leg being absorbed into the nervous system , flowing up the nervous system into your spine .

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And then the same thing with your right leg your left um upper Toso , in your right side of your upper Toso in your arm here , pulling into your spine and your whole body goes , goes to sleep .

Because when you relax your nervous system , you relax your muscles .

And when you relax your muscles , the whole I'm Goslin .

And this was the teaching that you learned in the monastery .

Yeah .

And then you just fall asleep .

And the next thing you know , it's time to wake up and you've had great sleep because my guru wanted well rested monks , they could help him fulfill his mission .

So in order to do that , he needed to make sure that when they slept , their batteries got charged to 100% .

Not 75% .

How terrible is it when you wake up in the morning ?

And your smartphone's only got 30% of battery life and you go should have charged , right ?

Because you wanna wake up and you want 100% on your , on your phone , not 30% .

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So most people go to sleep and wake up with like 60% of battery in their life .

And for me , my goal is to go to sleep , be fully rested and wake up with 100% of energy so that I can go and have a , a dynamic day and do things that I want to do .

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