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2023-08-31 14:18:02

8 Reasons To Not Sleep Naked & How to Fall Asleep Fast

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Eight reasons to not sleep naked and how to fall asleep .

Fast sleep is something that we all need .

It allows us to refresh and reset for the next day .

While as kids , we dreaded the afternoon naps as adults all of a sudden , we want them all the time .

As kids , we could go all day in school , partake in after school sports practices , go home for dinner and do homework and still not be tired .

But then as adults a mere hour after waking up , we already feel like we're in dire need of a nap while there are many mysteries surrounding sleep and its dream state .

Did you know that there are some mysteries behind why you should never sleep naked ?

Yeah , that's right .

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Sleeping in your pjs isn't just way more comfortable than sleeping naked , but it's also better for hygienic reasons and a whole bunch of other reasons as well if you sleep naked and have trouble sleeping at night for whatever reason , anxious about the next day's events , stressed over events of the day or regularly find it difficult to fall asleep .

We've got just the solution for you .

Stop sleeping naked , don't believe us keep watching for the eight reasons why you should never sleep naked .

Number eight , pajamas are awesome .

Nowadays , we have so many different night gowns to choose from that the entire we wear going to bed could serve as a miniature fashion show with differently patterned pajamas and now with dinosaur or werewolf onesies .

All of a sudden dancing around in our pajamas is fun .

Once again , who knew that you could be sleeping but still be stylish at the same time .

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Why not make the most of your bedtime routine and buy an awesome pair of pjs that are fun .

Cute as well as comfortable .

Number seven pjs keep you warm for those that live up in the northern hemisphere of the world .

You realize that those winter nights are no joke .

So sleeping naked will only cause you to have more goose bumps than usual .

If you sleep naked and tend to get cold easily , it's probably best just to cover up and put some nice and cozy pajamas and warm up .

Ain't nothing like a cold winter night with your favorite set of pjs on and a nice cup of cocoa .

Yeah .

Number six , not everyone knocks .

If you live alone and wanna sleep naked , then by all means do what you gotta do .

But if you live with a roommate or with family , then there might be a chance that they inadvertently walk into your room as you're sleeping naked .

The last thing that you want is for that to happen .

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I mean , how embarrassing would that be ?

So , it's best to just avoid that possibility altogether and sleep with your pajamas on or you could always put a note on your door that says naked person sleeping , do not disturb .

I mean , whatever works for you .

Speaking of sleeping , are you curious about learning how to fall asleep fast ?

Well , you may just be in luck .

Did you know that there's a secret method that can help you fall sound asleep in just one minute .

It's true .

Keep watching until the end of the video to find out what that secret method is .

Number five emergency situations on the off chance that you have to immediately evacuate your house , you would have to slip on pants and a shirt before rushing out the door .

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Whereas if you're already wearing your pajamas , like super cool pajamas , you could just go directly in certain events where a few seconds could be a matter of life and death .

This could be the difference between escaping unscathed or becoming seriously injured or even killed as morbid as that sounds .

It's definitely something you should take into consideration .

Number four hygiene , we have all thought about this .

Do you really want to sleep in areas where your bare bottom and nether regions have been ?

I mean , I'm not here to question anyone's personal hygiene , but you never know in all seriousness though .

Do you really wanna be sleeping in a bed full of bodily fluids , like sweat and other things like dead skin cells every single night .

When you actually think about it , it is kind of gross .

It's better to just sleep in pajamas to keep your sheets and mattress clean .

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Think about it this way when you are sleeping , your body shed skin sweat and hair , it is much more sanitary to change your pjs every day .

Instead of sleeping naked unless you're fine with cleaning your sheets and blanket every day .

I mean , whatever floats your boat .

Number three sweat , people sweat in their sleep , especially when they're having a nightmare .

So wearing pjs or a t-shirt to sleep can help soak up some of that sweat and leave you not sleeping in a pool of your own sweat and or drool if you have experienced night sweats , you can probably understand this .

Number two festive pajamas during the holiday seasons .

It's always fun to wear festive pajamas that bring out the holiday spirit .

Nothing shows how festive you are more than a festive pair of pajamas .

As much as grandparents and parents wanna buy socks and winter hats for Christmas .

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Nothing says you're more family oriented than a group of people wearing reindeer onesies .

Number one , nostalgia and finally pajamas are for nostalgia growing up .

Most kids are used to slipping into their pajamas wearing pajamas can bring back fond memories of growing up and being a young and carefree child without a worry in the world .

So why not bring back some of those good old memories by sleeping in pajamas instead of sleeping naked ?

So now that you know that you should probably stop sleeping naked , here's a simple secret method that can help you fall asleep in just one minute .

If you're wondering how to fall asleep fast .

This method may just be for you the 478 method , the answer to your sleep deprivation is called the 478 method .

And it's pretty simple to get down and will help you sleep at night .

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You begin by breathing in slowly and calmly through your nose for four seconds , instead of exhaling , hold your breath in for seven seconds , then exhale slowly and calmly through your mouth for eight seconds .

It's very simple .

So it might sound crazy that it works , but it really does .

The method will help calm your nerves so that you fall asleep and stay asleep .

Not only will you stay asleep , but you'll also have a good sleep and feel refreshed in the morning .

How it works .

So how does the 478 method work ?

If you are stressed or anxious , you will have trouble sleeping .

The amount of adrenaline in your blood increases and your breathing gets faster and lighter .

The 478 method works as a sort of sedative .

It deliberately slows your breathing , which in turn forces the rhythm of your heart to slow as well .

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This has the effect of calming you down very quickly , which will help you get a good sleep .

The 478 method also can help calm your mind .

It's not just for sleeping .

It helps you concentrate completely on your breathing while you reduce the activity in your central nervous system , causing feelings of anxiety to disappear .

The result is that your whole body will relax in terms of physical effect .

The exercise can be compared to an anesthetic .

Andrew Wheel .

A Harvard medical doctor found that the 478 method has been around for several centuries and was practiced by Indian Yogis .

The Yogis used the 478 method during their meditation practices in order to achieve a state of total focus and relaxation .

What this means is that the method is completely harmless and it works if you find yourself waking up at night because you're feeling anxious or something specific is bothering you , it will help you .

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The 478 method is a surefire way to let you get that good sleep that you need bonus trick to falling asleep quickly to really ensure that you get your rest .

We've also got a bonus trick for you .

You can also try this sleeping mixture right before you hit the sheets , just add together 1/4 tablespoon of honey , 1/8 tablespoon of sea salt and one tablespoon of coconut oil .

You can either swallow the mixture or add it to warm water .

Not only are the ingredients very good for your health , but it will also reduce cortisol spikes which impact your ability to sleep and wake you up at night .

What are some things you do to help you fall asleep faster and what do you prefer sleeping naked or sleeping in pjs ?

Let us know in the comment section below .

Enjoy this video , hit the like button and share with your friends .

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Thanks for watching .


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