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2023-08-31 09:37:43

Goan Prawn Balchao _ Prawn Pickle _ How To Make Prawn Balchao

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Today , I'm plating it with Wendy .

We are making prawn b this sweet tangy spicy aromatic dish previously eaten during the monsoons is now enjoyed all year round .

Hi .

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Now let's get started for this recipe .

We're gonna go in with 30 Kashmiri red chilies and we like using the Kashmiri chilies because they have that lovely red color to them .

And we're gonna see 13 of them , which means we're just gonna slip off the top and then split it and remove the seeds from inside .

Now , this is going to reduce the spice .

We are using those 15 just for their color .

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Let's transfer these into a bowl and to that , we're gonna add one whole head of garlic , which is about 12 to 15 cloves of garlic .

And we're just going to roughly chop them down .

And if all the garlic cloves are big , then you can go in with 12 , otherwise 15 would be a good number .

Let's add this to the bowl with the chilies and to add to the earthy flavors .

We're gonna go in with 1.5 inch piece of ginger and we're going to roughly chop that up as well .

We're gonna toss the ginger in along with the chilies and the garlic and we're gonna soak all this in 3/4 cup of red wine vinegar .

Now , if you have go a vinegar , that would be really great , but otherwise a good substitute is red wine vinegar .

Now , let's just give this a mix so that it all gets the vinegar on it and give it a slight press down so that it soaks up the vinegar .

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Now , let's leave this bowl aside and season the prawns and now we're gonna go in with £2 which is approximately 900 g of prawns .

And I have cleaned them , which basically have shelled them , de wein them , wash them and pack , fried them .

We're gonna season them with quarter teaspoon of turmeric powder .

Half a teaspoon of Kashmiri chili powder and you can add salt to taste and I'm gonna go in with about a teaspoon of salt .

Well , let's just give it a mix so that the spice and the salt gets onto every p brawl .

And now we're gonna cover the prawns up with the plastic wrap and keep them aside to marinate while we bring together our spice mix into the jar , the stand mixer , we're gonna add in the chilies , the garlic and the ginger that we have kept soaking in the vinegar .

And we're gonna pour in the vinegar along with it .

And with that mix at a medium speed , we're gonna bring this together to a fine paste .

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And once you've got a fine paste , you're gonna add two teaspoons of cumin to the jar .

And to that , we're gonna add and a 1.5 inch stick of cinnamon , one teaspoon of peppercorn .

And I'm gonna add 20 cloves to that .

And now we're gonna add two teaspoons of turmeric powder and now to help it all come together into a fine piece , we're gonna add a quarter cup of red wine vinegar and we can add more as we go .

Now , once again on a medium speed , let's bring this together into a fine paste and I'm gonna add another quarter cup of vinegar to bring it together are spice fixes already .

And this is what you're looking for .

That lovely rich texture to a heated skill .

We're gonna add about a quarter cup of oil and now we're gonna put in half the quantity of the prawns into the pan .

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I wanna make sure that all of them touch the pan .

So you get a good sear .

We're ready to flip the prawns over and sear them on the other side .

You wanna make sure you don't overcook them .

You just want to cook them until they're about 30 to 40% cooked on each side because they're gonna finish cooking them in our spice mix .

The prawns are seared on both sides .

So now let's take them out and put them onto a plate just gonna drizzle in a little more oil before searing .

The second batch .

About two tablespoons .

If you want , you can even sear it in three batches or four batches .

When making prawn Bulch .

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I always like to use small to medium sized prawns and there we have finished here .

All the shrimp prawn B is basically a pickle .

So you need to add a lot of oil to it .

So we're gonna add in half a cup of oil .

And if you need to , you can always add a little more .

We gotta give it a light shake so that all the oil mixes together .

And we've got that lovely flavor of the shrimp already there .

And now we're gonna add in a quarter teaspoon of mustard seed .

And once the mustard seeds begin to splatter , it's time to add in one sprig of curry leaves .

We're just gonna add in only the leaves and to that , we're gonna add half an inch of garlic , which I finally chopped and you can add three or four big cloves of garlic and I've gone with three cloves and now we're just gonna this .

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So they're frying well , and two green chilies , which I finally chopped .

Now , let's saute this for just 30 seconds .

And we're gonna add in one finely chopped red onion , which is about 200 g .

And we're gonna sort it them till they caramelize and turn golden brown .

The onions are looking nice and caramelized .

So now it's time to toss in our spice mix and we're just gonna sort it the spice mix for about two minutes before we add in the shrimp .

The oil is start separating from our spice mix , which means that it is getting well cooked .

Now , let's add in the shrimp and we're gonna make sure to pour in all those juices that are left behind in the plate .

Now , let's skip this a mix and we're gonna cook it until the plants are cooked right through , say for about 4 to 5 minutes .

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And to that , we're gonna add 2.5 tablespoons of sugar and this is going to balance off all that vinegar that we had added in .

So we get a nice sweet spicy tangy flavor .

Wow , this is looking so delicious .

I can't wait to give it a taste .

Although prawn boucher has to be kept for at least 15 to 20 days before you enjoy it .

The flavors have to really mature for it to taste its best , gonna finish it off .

With just a tad bit more of salt .

The prawns are all cooked and the oil has started coming to the surface , which means that our prawn voucher is now ready and it's time to take it off the heat .

You want this to cool completely before you bottle it .

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And yes , we know it has to remain for about 15 to 20 days before it tastes it's best , but we are gonna give it a taste right away because we cannot wait .

Oh , wow .

I'm so excited .

This is absolutely delicious and I cannot wait to enjoy it after it has matured well .

And if you want the full written recipe , don't forget , hop onto my website plating it with Wendy dot com .

Thanks for watching .

See you soon .


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