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2023-08-31 14:30:32

How to Make Quick Pickled Carrots (Super Easy Recipe)

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Hey , everybody .

It is Randa from Randa Nutrition .

And today we are going to make some super easy , quick pickled carrots , the easiest recipe .

So I typically buy pickled carrots from the store .

This tiny jar is eight bucks .

I knew I could do this at a lower cost .

So I'm like , you know what , let's just take my pickled onion recipe and throw some carrots in .

So I took about six carrots .

This is a small batch , six carrots .

I peeled them and sliced them lengthwise .

So this is what I'm left with .

I have a 750 mL mason jar .

So it's like a taller skinnier jar , but you can use whatever jar you can .

You just might have to , you know , cut your carrots to fit them .

So let's just get started in a sauce pan .

We are going to add equal amounts of water and vinegar .

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In this case , I'm doing one cup of vinegar and a cup of water .

OK ?

Next , we're gonna add two teaspoons of salt , a teaspoon and a half of cane sugar or sugar or whatever you have handy .

And a pint of red pepper flakes .

I'm gonna put more because I want them spicy .

So you're going to bring this to a boil on your stove and stir it until the salt and the sugar dissolve .

I'm gonna do that in a second .

You will take your car and you're going to stuff them in the mason jar peeled or not peeled .

Totally your choice .

And there's a lot of nutrition actually in the peels of the car , just give them a good scrub .

You'll probably have to use a scrub brush .

So you're gonna wanna just kinda fiddle around and make them fit .

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That one's a little big .

So I actually might have to chop this guy .

They'll make some adjustments .

It's fine .

Totally fine .

There you go .

Uh , there we go .

You're gonna take a clove of garlic .

You can add whatever you want in here , but I'm gonna put in a clove of garlic .

See if I can shove it in somewhere .

If not .

Yeah , I'll just have to lay it on top .

That's fine .

And in the recipe on the random nutrition blog , I have six sprigs of dill .

This store will sell , sold out a fresh dill .

I'm gonna try it with dried dill .

It's not gonna be the same and I don't know what the equivalent of six sprigs will be , but we're just gonna say that'll do the problem with this is it's gonna get on the carrots and float like I'd much prefer fresh .

So , if you have access to that use that instead , I probably put like a tablespoon in there .

It might be overkill .

Might not be .

I love dill flavor .

So it doesn't matter .

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So you're gonna set that aside and then so bring this to a boil , stir it until the salt and sugar dissolved and I'll be right back once that's done .

So this took about 2 to 3 minutes .

It does not take long to do and just to clarify , I use distilled white vinegar .

You wanna use a vinegar with a high acidity .

So what we're gonna do is very carefully .

Of course , my toddler decides to come watch now , but very carefully pour this .

Of course , I'm making a mess .

He just wanted to cover the pickle or the carrots .

So I have a little bit left over , but that's ok .

The blog post has three quarters of a cup of water and three quarters of a cup of vinegar .

And it does work for this size jar perfectly .

But I wanted just to , just to see , you know , if you are using a bigger jar , you'll have to do more .

So again , it's , it's equal parts water vinegar and then you might have to double the seasonings just play around with it .

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So this is hot .

We're gonna let this come to room temperature .

So it's gonna take about an hour or two and then you will put the lid on and put it in your fridge .

Do not put the lid on while it's coming to temperature .

So I'm going to let this sit for an hour or two .

We'll put it in the fridge and I mean , this will be ready for tomorrow .

It's good for up to three weeks .

And I mean , it , the longer it sits , the better it tastes .

Hi .

You're funny .

The longer it sits , the better it tastes .

But it will be great tomorrow .

I love pickled carrots on my salads in my stir fry and please don't think I'm crazy , but I like it on my pasta .

So give it a try before you judge .

Um , if you want more healthy recipes , please visit randa nutrition dot com and there you will find a awesome resource library that you can access .

It has free meal plans , checklist , cheat sheets or if you wanna go direct , it's randa attrition dot com .

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Back slash or forward slash nutrition library .

So let me know if you are a pickle fan , if you love pickled carrots , if you've never made pickled carrots or if you tried this , rest me in the comments and don't forget to subscribe to my channel .

Good bye everybody .

Is it ?

Bye bye .

No .

Ok .


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