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2023-08-31 09:36:35

šŸ”µ How to Make Perfect Pickled JalapeƱos _ Better than Store Bought _ Whole & Sliced JalapeƱos

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Jalape , your hamburgers .

Jalapeno casserole .

Jalapeno salad , jalapeno tacos .

Jalapeno poppers , bacon jalapeno poppers .

Yeah , that's about it .

In case you haven't figured it out .

This is another installment in the jalapeno peppers .

We'll be doing two different styles , sliced and whole jalapenos .

I've had good years and I've had bad years growing and I would put this one in the catalog of good years .

These are biker , Billy Jalapenos .

I'll put a link down below where you can purchase it and they are fantastic large style jalapenos .

Even if you aren't growing the jalapenos in your garden , you can still go to the store and pick those up .

You get to pick through which ones you like .

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Just make sure you get the , the freshest and the most solid jalapenos in the lot .

Let's go ahead and get those jalapenos sliced up .

You know , that , uh , jalapenos have more vitamin C and oranges .

No , I didn't .

They also have vitamin A and K we thought , you know , this work for you .

Mhm .

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I'm sitting here watching the difference between that and my , they are all precise and are all thick and , and done .

Yeah .

Yeah .

But see , that's a huge fight for me as a like for me to get in my mouth .

That , that would be overwhelming in my mouth .

That's dumb .

That would be overwhelming in my mouth .

It's good to get on .

So that's just funny .

Do you like your stuff ?

Really ?

I mean , and now we make the brown .

I use equal parts white vinegar to water , salt sugar and you can avoid the sugar if you're wanting to do some form of keto jalapeno pickles .

And now while that's being heated , go ahead and stir it .

Get that all dissolved together and you'll notice in the background there that's the hot water bath going ahead and setting the boil .

We'll also be doing a hot water bath can very simple , low tech .

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No reason to fear trying this yourself .

There's plenty of creativity in this recipe room to do what you want with it .

My family likes garlic and onions .

There will be Amazon purchase links down below in the description where you can get the gear that we use in this video .

We'll go ahead and get the jars loaded up .

If you look at some of the other recipes out there , people like to throw carrots in as well .

So this style the jalapenos remain firm , especially that skin keeps a little bit of crispiness left to it .

Some people wonder whether or not jalapenos are hot when they're pickled in this manner .

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That's up to you .

If you were to rinse these peppers off .

It does take some of the heat out .

Some of the seeds wash away .

They'll be a little bit more mild .

So now we're also going to do whole jalapenos and sometime in the future we'll do a jalapeno popper video based on these canned jalapenos .

Don't be afraid to pack them in tight .

Press those little buggers right into the jar .

Go ahead and pour that warm pickle that you already prepared into each jar .

You may want to transfer it over to a large measuring cup with a pour spout , makes it a little bit easier .

A little less messy .

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Next , we kind of pack them in tighter and use this little tool to get the bubbles out and hopefully you get more pickle into the jar .

I don't get real uptight about how much goes into each jar .

I'll get a little bit of space left there at the end as everything shrinks down , it doesn't bother me a bit .

I have plenty of jars , as we've mentioned in other videos in this series .

Jalapenos are healthy .

They're higher in many types of vitamins like a K potassium .

Making sure to clean each lid off before we get our boiling lids onto each jar .

That same bubble removing tool has a magnet on the other end that you can reach into that hot water and pull out your lids .

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So this how to make Jalapeno venu into the hot water bath for 15 minutes .

They go .

So we've got some pretty cool pickling tools .

I'll go ahead and put a link down below .

If you're interested in purchasing any of the tools we use in this video , it doesn't cost you any more to purchase through the links and it does help the channel out .

Don't be alarmed when they come out a different color .

A little more cooked looking .

That's actually what you want .

They do do a little bit of cooking inside the jar .

Just look how beautiful those whole jalapenos came out .

It's a great addition for December time when you have those jalapenos come out and you get the taste of the Jalapeno popper in the previous summer .

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So youtube says that this video is perfect for your viewing habits .

This is my latest upload and over here is a Jalapeno cooking playlist .

I hope you enjoyed it .

If you did , please click like , subscribe , share and come on back for more .


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