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2023-08-31 09:35:26

Drink this to SLEEP all Night_Natural Remedy for Insomnia (Sleeplessness)_Natural Sleep Remedy

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Hello , everyone and warm .

Welcome back to my channel .

I hope you're all doing well by God grace .

So today I want to share this natural remedy with you .

OK ?

So it is just targeted at insomnia .

So insomnia is when you cannot sleep .

So I hope you enjoyed this video .

Give it a try and trust me , you're going to sleep , you're definitely going to sleep because I have been sleeping .

I don't sleep .

I can't sleep and now I sleep , at least you are guaranteed at least 6 to 8 hours sleep when you drink this tea .

So I'll talk more about it in this video .

OK ?

But before I get into this video , please like this video , share and subscribe .

It may help somebody .

OK ?

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So um let's get , this is the prepping face .

OK ?

So um this video is self-explanatory .

So um I will talk less about what I'm doing and talk more about insomnia .

So basically what I'm going to be doing is to be talking more about my own experiences , right ?

So I have some mint and ginger chopped and uh so the whole one I'm going to freeze it , right ?

That's why it's there .

So what I'm doing it is blending and putting them in ice cube containers and freezing them for when I need them , right ?

So that's what I'm showing you how you can do that , right ?

So I am going to tell you um basically about my own experiences .

Ok .

So this remedy may help you may not depending on the kind of insomnia you're having , right ?

So there are different types of insomnia , acute , chronic onsets , maintenance and others .

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But this is basically what I am I suffer from is the onset and maintenance that is falling asleep and staying asleep .

Ok .

So um I recently discovered this when my sister in-law sort of visited me and she was like , oh , I'm going to do this .

Tea is good for sleep .

I'm like , oh , what is good for sleep ?

So I tried it the first day , I'm like , because I'm very tired the second day , I'm like , oh , this two days two , I was a bit tired , but the third day , four day , fifth , as I drank this day , I'm like , I drink it and I sleep , I drink it and I sleep even during the day , I drink it and I start yawning and I can go to sleep like literally .

So I thought , oh wow , this is really good one to share .

There may be a lot of people out there who may um benefit from this remedy .

So I thought I should share it .

So basically , this is my own experience with this remedy .

It may help , it may not help .

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So for me sleeping , um can because of my routine , I wake up at night to do things and when I finish , I can't sleep and I'm awake and I'm sleeping .

I don't know , I it's just difficult .

So this remedy has really helped me to and maintain that routine .

A usual routine that I have .

Ok .

So , um what I find is when you drink this tea , it helps with indigestion , right ?

It releases some stress .

I don't know , you feel stressless .

So here I'm I'm putting , you can't freeze some of the leaves , the mint leaves and the ginger whole .

So the ginger , when you freeze it in whole , it's easier to grate and you get a smoother consistency when you grate without the strings and you know things in it .

So , yeah , that's why I , I freeze it .

So if you want to go that way , that's ok .

So as I was saying , I also have a habit of eating after 12 , midday .

Ok .

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So , um , between morning and 12 and I haven't eaten , there's a lot of nausea going on .

I feel like , oh , I feel very nauseous .

So when I looked it up the properties in the mint and the ginger helps treat nausea , especially morning sickness .

Ok .

So when I drink it , I , it helps with that , right ?

I also add another ingredient which I will show you later and because of all the benefits they've all got um you know , good benefits , right ?

And with the mint and the ginger , they improve , the , both of them improves your oral care , right ?

Ok .

So they um one of the ingredients which is the mint , it helps beats stress and depression .

So that is , I think where it helps in you relaxing and helping you to sleep .

I cannot tell why it's able to help you to sleep , but well , it helps me to sleep .

Not just me but my sister-in-law as well and her friend as well .

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So um just give it a try .

Ok ?

So here are the ingredients , right ?

So we are going to make the tea .

I want you to see how I make it .

So I've chopped some of the ginger , right ?

I've put a few twigs of mint leaves , fresh mint leaves and I'm adding a third ingredient , which is green tea , right ?

Which has also amazing antioxidant properties , same as the mint and the ginger , right ?

Ginger has anti inflammatory properties .

It's like the properties and the benefits of this tea is not easy , right ?

So I've put that aside for it to brew or steep .

So if it don't have the loose green tea , you can use the tea bag of green tea as well .

OK ?

With the mint leaves and I'm grating in the ginger .

So you can see how fluffy the ginger looks after being frozen .

Ok .

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So adding hot water and you can use any sweetener of your choice and you can or you can drink it like that .

It's so refreshing , right ?

Ok .

So here I just added a sweetener .

OK ?

And that is what like you know , I use I you can also add honey which will also add to the benefit and taste .

Ok .

So this is what we froze earlier .

So just one of it in a tea cup .

Ok ?

And then you add hot water and this one , I'm not going to add any sweetener .

You can just drink it , acids , ok ?

So now um our tea has brewed nicely and this is where we add some honey , right ?

So you can make it in any of these methods and it will still work , right ?

You can just um along the way just drop in um a slice of orange or a slice of lemon to boost , you know the properties to help fight other things .

All this may help with weight loss as well .

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So if you're looking to lose some weight , it can help , can boost your immune system .

I'm going to put all the benefits in the description box for you to read .

I can't tell you all of it because it's a lot right ?

But what I know is try this and you definitely love it .

Please be sure to check the description box for information on um allergies and anything of that sort and medication and all that .

Ok .

Try it and please do let me know your feedback .

As I said earlier , it may work for you .

It may not work for you , but then it's worth a try .

Thank you for joining me and I will see you in the very next one .

Bye .


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