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2023-08-31 13:53:06

Lose Weight While You Sleep ★ Fast & Easy Weight Loss Hypnosis

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Welcome to this progressive hypnosis recording .

This recording has been created with a positive intent to let go of excess weight easily .

While you sleep , relax and reprogram your mind for healthy , positive ways of eating and moving .

So as you can achieve your ultimate size and shape , you will find yourself thinking far less about your next meal with less desire for unhealthy fashioning foods and being very mindful of the right serving size for all of your foods .

While sleeping , you will overcome those old unhelpful negative patterns of eating and you'll become free free from the chain that tied you to unhealthy ways of eating .

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You will easily establish new wonderful and empowering patterns for eating and food choices , which will see you shed weight and become the energized , healthy and confident person in your new improved body and mind , discover all that you can achieve .

Now , this audio has also been designed to encourage deep relaxation and deep healing sleep and on finishing it , it will let you continue to rest and deepen your sleep .

So as you awake in the morning , feeling refreshed and reenergized with a clear focus and a positive outlook with new and positive and healthy feelings around food .

If this is not a convenient time for you to sleep , that's ok .

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You will still enjoy the powerful positive messages and soothing experience .

You may set a friendly alarm to alert yourself when it is the right time for you because it's a deep relaxation , encouraged by this recording .

This is not a safe time to be driving or operating any machinery .

All hypnosis is self hypnosis .

My voice is a guide to help you experience the deepest possible relaxation and positive hypnotic experience .

Please listen to this recording as often as you like to obtain the best results .

We recommend every evening for one month with repeated listening .

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These hypnotic suggestions will compound more and more over time and you will experience more intense results if at any time and for any reason , you need to re alert yourself .

You will do so quickly and easily becoming fully energized and alert .

So let's begin , find a position of most comfort and where you won't be disturbed , raise and drop the shoulders , stretching out the arms and legs and allowing them to settle comfortably .

Take a couple of full breaths in and out with a sigh , preparing the body to begin .

Go ahead and set your intention .

Now , how relaxed do you want to become ?

How much do you want to let go of all negative feelings and so on ?

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How much do you want to break free of those old negative shackles holding you back .

How happy , healthy , positive and confident do you want to feel and embrace in your future ?

Acknowledge this moment right now , being present , you are about to leave everything else behind .

Taking your focus to the body , letting the feet become very relaxed and very comfortable .

Feels the tension leaving them as they become like her and more heavily relaxed , feel them letting go and sinking down into the surface they rest on let that feeling flow from those feet into the ankles , loose and soft ankles .

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Now letting the relaxation float deeper into the body , progressing from the ankles up the large and small muscles of the legs , heading to the knees relaxation , spreading from the knees upwards through all the large and small muscles of the thighs and deep into the hips , feeling the hole of the legs just letting go every muscle and every tendon and every cell relaxing more and more the whole of the legs sinking down deeper and deeper , relaxed , softer and lighter , most heavily relaxed .

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Now allowing the relaxation to spread into the hips filtering out and spreading even more deeply through the abdomen .

And with each and every single exhalation , the body lets go a little more and relaxes even deeper and it feels so nice , enjoying the wonderful and comfortable relaxed state as it spreads deeper and further through the body .

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Learning this wonderful , wonderful feeling of relaxation flow right up into the back , just letting all of those large and small muscles of the back , relax , taking time out , letting everything soft and , and relax , allowing the hole of the back to sink all the way down .

Feeling those muscles release and soften and any tension simply floating right out of them and the relaxation spreads further now and it flows up into the chest and into the shoulders , right across the shoulders .

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Lightening , softening , let him go feeling like a weight has been lifted from the body as the shoulders drop its deepest relaxation and freedom .

Such a wonderful feeling , a beautiful feeling is the chest and the shoulders have completely relaxed .

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And that feeling of relaxation now flows all the way down the arms down , all those large and small muscles of the arms right through the elbows , through the elbows and down to the wrists all the way down the hands , through the palm of the hand and the back of the hand relaxing , softening and letting go right the way down to the very tips of every single finger and thumb .

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The hold the hands perhaps even tingling with relaxation , feeling so soft , letting go completely with each and every exhalation , the muscles of the whole body relaxing deeper and deeper , more heavily relaxed , more deeply relaxed with every exhalation , every single breath out , deepening the relaxation , creating space and comfort within the whole body .

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And this wonderful and free feeling flowing up and through the hole of the neck and all the way into the head through the scalp , even into every single hair follicle on that scalp .

Perhaps even noticing that all of those hair follicles on the scalp begin to tingle with relaxation .

Has perhaps he become aware of those hair follicles for the first time ever .

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As it senses you beautiful rays of healing energy , touching every part of the body , feel that warm feel and see those raves as they radiate a warm and golden color , feeling warm and wonderful sainted and at peace .

And now as I count down from 3 to 1 with each and every number that I say , feel yourself drifting deeper , every muscle in the body relaxing further .

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And by the time I say one , you will have doubled with the relaxation that you now have throughout the whole body .

And as your body settles and relaxes even deeper , your mind will ease and relax with it .

And three , the relaxation is starting to double the body becoming loose and limp , more comfortable and even more deeply relaxed .

And two , the relaxation is doubling more .

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You are becoming so very , very comfortable and so very , very relaxed .

And one , the relaxation has doubled completely .

Now throughout the whole of the body , the nerves calm the mind , clear body tissues rejuvenating in this relaxed and a free state .

Feeling absolutely wonderful as you drift deeper into this pleasing relaxed state where the mind and the body are now working together in perfect balance , the muscles loose and limp .

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The nerves calm tissue , rejuvenating blood flowing freely , carrying fresh new oxygen to all parts of the body .

The mind is passive and clear , allowing the mind to guide you deeper into this deep relaxed state .

And you find now that you feel so good , so comfortable , so relaxed , they don't care what day it is or what time it is for time itself no longer exists for you .

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And so now as you continue to relax , you use the power of the mind to feel yourself walking along a path through some very beautiful gardens , colorful flowers in full bloom .

And you can almost smell the scent of their perfume and it's a lovely day .

The sky is blue and you may be able to see the occasional butterfly flick gracefully past feeling the warmth of the sun against the face and the arms that gentle breeze blowing through the air , gently rustling the leaves of a beautiful canopy tree .

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Hearing the sounds of happy birds chirping close by all of these sights and all of these sounds cause you to relax more and more .

One step forwards after another through this beautiful and peaceful garden .

With every step you drift deeper and deeper , relaxed .

And as you are relaxing there , the sun shining brightly above feeling the warmth and the skin , you begin to feel something changing .

Something deep inside of you is altering how you feel .

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And you can think about tomorrow , about what you will be doing tomorrow and think about how and when you are going to be eating tomorrow and how tomorrow will be different tomorrow , you will find your habits changing , changing for the better , more positive , more powerful , more healthy habits and you will lose all interest in eating between meals .

It's not necessary .

He doesn't serve your greater goal of becoming healthier and slimmer .

So you simply forget about eating .

You'll have your breakfast and your lunch in between these meals .

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You forget all about food and tomorrow , you'll find that you have no interest whatsoever in any snacks .

And as you no longer have any interest in snacking , as you truly recognize at the very heart of you at snacking doesn't fit at all with a new and powerful and healthy identity .

The real you , the you that's being buried , which is revealing themselves .

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Now that strong and confident and independent , healthy , energized , slim and focused person and this healthy and slim and focused person , there's not snack between meals does not even think of food between meals .

And if there was any chance whatsoever that any food was to enter the mouth between meals as a snack , that food would taste like a lump of lard in the mouth , that food would taste like the food that you hate more than anything else .

And it would cause you to feel sick in the mouth .

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The taste being so hard and every bite that you took of this snack is strange and unpleasant and it leaves a strange and unpleasant and foul feeling in the mouth .

And even just the very idea of snacking leaves an unpleasant , uncomfortable feeling in the stomach in the mouth .

And even in the mind , the very idea of eating outside of specific meal times of breakfast , lunch and dinner just makes you feel queasy those things .

Snacking is no longer on the menu .

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It is a behavior of the past that only led you down a dark and dirty path where you were unhealthy on the inside and it reflected on the outside and there is nothing at all that is right about that .

It is all wrong .

And so the idea of eating at any time of outside a meal time , the idea of snacking , he's just wrong and you push it right out of your mind and you're in no way allowed to enter or stay or give any hate to it .

It's so clear , so very clear .

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It doesn't not fit at all any part of your wonderful , healthy , happy identity .

Like a slim and strong and confident person .

You are in control of the food you ate and when you ate it , you are no longer controlled by food .

You are in control of it and you are in control of your mind and your mind knows that's snacking is a thing of the past .

Snacking is not part of the present or future .

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You and you listen to your mind and from now on you enjoy your meals , those healthy meals meals , you eat slowly and that you appreciate meals that you eat at the right time , the right place .

And you really find that you really like having a good healthy meal .

Nothing feels as good as a good healthy meal feels and thinking about that .

Now you are thinking about how you will enjoy your regular meals , eating the right food at the right time .

How easy life becomes when you eat your regular meals .

At the right time , when you eat the right food , everything becomes so much easier , so much more natural .

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It feels so right and nothing else interests you more about snacking .

Extra food just makes you feel bad and uncomfortable and it feels so much better to be able to forget , to forget about snacking like it was never there .

And so as you continue along this wonderful healthy and healing path , you feel as if a weight is lifting from you and you acknowledge that change is beginning already .

You are beginning to change in the most positive way .

Each step taking you deeper and deeper relaxed your identity is changing .

Your identity is now that of a healthy person .

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Friends and family begin to see you and define you as a healthy , a healthy person , a healthy eater , a healthy mindset , health conscious .

You notice that your unconscious thoughts are healthy .

You notice that you love and respect your body .

Your body radiates health .

You are healthiest are your target weight .

You choose to eat healthy food that promotes a healthy body .

You love and improve your body and you value health .

You lose weight easily and you enjoy losing weight and gaining health .

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And as you continue along this path of health , you begin to notice images appearing along this path and you are in these images and you see reflections of yourself and you are smiling and happy and you notice you are exactly the size and shape that is right for you .

You are slim and your skin glows with health .

Your smile is large and welcoming .

You are full of energy and radiating health in these images .

You are doing exciting and fun things and you are with people that bring you the most joy in life .

These are wonderful images and they make you feel good inside .

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They bring a smile to your lips and you enjoy watching them .

This is your future .

You begin to feel healed inside and out , free and uplifted , knowing completely that the time is now , you can be pleased now to know it is ok to let that old unhealthy weight go .

But all the subconscious patterns of negativity go .

These old unhelpful patterns of eating are stored in a box within the mind and you can close the lid on this box .

Now take the key that hangs off the lid and pull the lid firmly shut and lock it with the key .

Now , turn and throw the key into the universe .

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You have closed and locked out the negative aspects of your past .

Never again .

Will you need to open that box ?

What occurred is now over and in the past where it can remain safely by closing the lid on the past , you have prevented any negative aspect of the past from influencing your current and future life .

Let it all just go take a moment now to relax even deeper .

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Feel a warm glow now rising up within your inner soul and feel the strength and power of living in a positive way of embracing all that is good and encouraging increasing confidence , desiring only healthy nutritious foods and excess weight simply melting away , full of energy and happiness being the best version of yourself becoming exactly who you are meant to be .

You are finally in forever permanently deleted .

All subconscious negativity around food and eating and there is nothing now to hold you back as you are now your lightest self , you will move forward to living a happy , fulfilled , centered and peaceful life .

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Your best version of yourself feeling weightless , like floating free through the air .

So peaceful , the whole body relaxing even more deeply flying and floating .

Weightless .

You are changing .

You are filling up with positive energy , healing down to the deepest part of you has the ties to that old pattern of unhealthy and overeating and breaking , permanently severed , never to be reconnected .

And you now feel whole and complete .

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You have now firmly shut and permanently closed the lid to the pass ways on unhealthy eating once and for all you are creating a new positive individual , an individual who is full of health loves life , who feels good , who is mentally and emotionally loving .

You can see a bright future for yourself .

Things are getting better now .

And as you find yourself repeating randomly throughout the day , as these thoughts just pop into your mind , I love and respect my body .

My body radiates health .

I am healthiest in my target weight .

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I choose to eat food that promotes a healthy body .

I love and improve my body .

High value house .

I enjoy losing weight and gaining health every day .

And in every way , I am getting better , healthier and leaner .

I am lighter and becoming stronger .

My insides are healthy and strong as I treat my body with the respect it deserves .

And now that your identity has changed permanently to that of a healthy body .

And you are now driven by positive behaviors and thoughts .

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You eat three healthy well proportioned meals and you do not waste any of your precious time or energy between meals , snacking , or even thinking of food .

You are now a wise and healthy person always embracing new learnings .

Your self esteem is increasing , your confidence is increasing .

A happy self assured .

N eu has emerged day by day in every way , your life is getting better and better .

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And as you drift off now into a deep and restorative slumber , feeling relaxed , safe and secure , a gentle Peacefulness will float through you happy in the knowledge that you had changed .

That positive change is welcome within you .

And when you awaken at your usual time in the morning , you will awaken deeply refreshed , revitalized , calm and strong alert and confident .

You will feel a positive inner strength vibrating through you as you move throughout your day , achieving all that you need to and all that you want to .

You become healthier every day , you reach your goal weight and you feel great .

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And as you find yourself for no apparent reason other than it's a part of who you are now .

It's a part of your identity .

And as you find random thoughts entering your mind around health and focus and energy .

You grow stronger and stronger and your healthy identity shines brightly .

You love and respect your body .

Your body radiates health .

You are healthiest .

Had your target weight .

You choose to eat food that promotes a healthy body .

You love and improve your body .

You value house .

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You enjoy losing weight and gaining health .

And as you find yourself thinking more and more I am , I am health .

I am .


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