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2023-08-31 14:30:52

How-To Make Refrigerator Pickles

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Hey guys , it's Danny .

Now , summertime has officially begun , which means barbecues , picnics and potlucks are in full swing .

So I wanted to come up with a fun idea that would capture the essence of all of that .

Yet .

Still be very practical for this quick bite .

I'm showing you how to make 10 minute refrigerator pickles .

Now , just to clarify , they do take three days to pickle , but they only take you 10 minutes to make .

So with just a little bit of forethought , you could be headed to your next summer time bash with a jar full of homemade pickles .

Now , here's all you need to do .

You're gonna grab a small sauce pan and into that .

We're adding one and one quarter cup of white wine vinegar .

Three quarter cup water , turn your heat up to high .

Let it come to a boil .

Once you've got the boil , you're gonna shut off the heat and add one tablespoon plus one teaspoon of kosher salt .

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Give it a quick stir and then we're gonna let this cool for 5 to 10 minutes .

Now , in the meantime , you're gonna need to grab a nice big jar .

My jar is 24 ounces , which seems to be the perfect size for one large cucumber .

Now , I did buy my jar , but you don't have to buy them .

If you just think ahead , you can use an old pickle jar or even an old peanut butter jar into the jar .

4 to 5 sprigs of fresh dill , two cloves of chopped garlic and then one large sliced cucumber .

Now , you could also cut this into spears if you prefer .

Just depends how you like your pickles and you wanna get in as many as you can .

There's really no rhyme or reason here .

You just want to fit them in .

Once you've got everything in the jar , we're just gonna pour that cooled pickling liquid that we made right over the top .

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And if you find you have a little extra room at the top of the jar , you could always add just a little bit more water if that would make the difference top on the lid and we're gonna pop this into the fridge for three short days .

Now , while my pickles are pickling , I have some dew props here .

I need to give .

This recipe was actually sent to me from my friend Jamie who now lives in Portland and she got it from a blog called Little Mac Shack .

Now , it doesn't look like they do a lot of updating on that blog anymore , but they do have some yummy recipes in the archives .

So definitely worth checking out then after three days and they can certainly sit in there longer .

This is what you're gonna get fresh , homemade pickles .

Mm .

They're crisp .

They're bright .

They're briny .

You guys have to try these and if you're looking for other dishes to pair them with , make sure you check them out right over here .

Thanks so much for watching guys .

I'm Danny Spies and I'll see you next time with another quick bite .

Now , after three days , this is what you're gonna get .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Check it out .

Oh , the top one's bit .


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