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2023-08-31 09:26:24

How I grew to 6'2 with short parents only 5'6 and 5'4!!! START BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!!!

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Bro .

He is like only genetics , bro .

No matter how much I eat , no matter how much I sleep , I can never grow , hold up right there while he is 70% genetics .

You can definitely still do the other 30% correctly to grow taller .

Maybe it's just a few more inches for the basketball team .

Maybe it's just a few more inches to just be as tall as your dream girl .

So at least you will actually have a chance .

And if you're a girl , you don't want your boyfriend to be double your height , right ?

That would be very embarrassing if you guys like hang out a shopping mall or something in this video .

I'm gonna share with you guys my experience on how I grew to 6 ft two myself with my parents being 5 ft six and 5 ft four respectively .

Also , I'll give you guys some tips from a pro basketball player who is 6 ft six .

So stay till the end .

Now .

There's probably a lot of you guys out there who are taller than me who are probably going like you only 6 ft two .

That's tiny .

Ok .

Yeah , I get it .

I'm shorter than me .

Oh , my parents are tiny now .

Without further blabbing around .

Let's get right into it .

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I will really , really appreciate it .

Tip number one stuff .

Your face like a pig .

So , how much exactly do you need to eat ?

Well , that's a very good question .

I'll tell you how much I ate easily , easily 6000 calories on a daily basis for around 2 to 3 years .

If you wanna be over 6 ft and your dad is below 5 ft 10 , or your mom is below 5 ft five , then you better be prepared to stuff your face like a pig .

But what if I get fat ?

What if I actually become a pig ?

Well , the answer to that question is the fat you gain in these years can easily be shed off once you stop growing .

So think about it .

Short term chubbiness against long-term alpha male .

Which one would you choose in those years when I was growing ?

I ate four or five of my friends lunch , like every lunch .

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And just on the side note to all of those friends who I ate all of your lunch .

Thank you .

Thank you so much .

You guys gave me my 6 ft figure and I will never ever forget you .

Now , you might be wondering what if I don't like this ?

I don't like that .

I don't like pasta .

I don't like bread .

Well , that brings us to our next point .

You don't choose the food , the food , choose you back to me eating my friends' lunch .

Well , I live in Australia and all my friends come from like different countries around the world and they would bring all kinds of lunch to school , whether I liked it or not .

I took all of it at home .

I ate whatever my mom cooked .

Whether if it's like broccoli , tomato , I ate everything .

Now look , junk food is debatable .

I know I said that we have to eat a lot .

I meant a lot of nutritious food , not junk food .

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However , after a nutritious meal , if you still feel hungry and you don't have anything left but junk food , then by all means , go ahead and eat junk food because all that excess carbs , even though if it's bad , it's still going to give you more nutrients for your body to develop .

Now , my overall point is eat like you're trying to survive .

If you don't eat enough , think that you're gonna die .

That's how you're gonna grow to 6 ft .

Even though your parents are short .

Now enough about the dietary aspect , let's move on to the next aspect .

Tip number three , exercise , exercise , exercise .

Now , look by exercise , I don't need a casual walk around the park that is not exercise by exercise .

I mean , full contact or sweaty exercise , not only does games like basketball , soccer and football sports that involve high volumes of jumping , help your burns develop and grow longer .

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They also make you go outside , which means sunlight , which means vitamin D and calcium , which would also help you grow .

I don't want to be a sweaty fat dude in front of all the girls .

That's disgusting .

I don't get any girls .

Well , my friend , the choice is up to you again , short-term , sweaty fat dude against long term alpha male .

Which one would you choose ?

Now , what about body building ?

It's also a form of exercise , but it hinders your growth .

I'm not telling you don't do it .

I'm just saying doing it will make your muscles tighter which will hinder your bones growth .

Well , once again , the choice is up to you .

Do you want to be a really wide dude or do you wanna be a tall slim dude ?

Now , personally , I just ran around the year 1 to 7 playing tag .

And after that , I started playing basketball and along the way , I also did taekwondo and um kick , kick boxing .

So even though I was a pretty chubby dude , but I was definitely active .

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Also , weight free exercises are actually beneficial for you .

So as long as you don't go like 203 £100 or like what 100 kg on the bench press and the leg press , you should be fine .

Tip four is that you've got to sleep at the right time .

Now , what do I mean , by that , you can't sleep at 12 o'clock at night and then wake up at , what , 12 o'clock in the morning and say , oh , I've slept for 12 hours and I'm gonna grow tall .

No , that's not gonna happen every night before 12 o'clock .

That's when your body develops the most efficient way .

So , you've got to sleep before 12 o'clock .

Now .

Just how much did I sleep to get this tall ?

Well , I slept from prep to year one .

I slept from 7 45 every night all the way till eight the next morning .

And from year two to year five , I slept at 8 to 9 at night and I woke up 7 to 8 the next morning .

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And also , uh , from year six on , I basically slept at night and woke up at seven and then from year eight or year nine on , that's when I only had nine hours of sleep every night .

But by the time when year nine finished , I've basically stopped growing .

So it's not no longer important .

So , yeah , an average of right around 10 to 10.5 hours of sleep every night for those periods of time .

And also don't set alarms when you're too young , allow yourself to sleep and wake up naturally .

Because if you set an alarm that's gonna disturb the body's process of trying to build , build itself , you know .

So basically to sum it up sleep early sleep a lot , allow yourself to wake up naturally .

And these are the three sleeping tips that you , that I did and that you need to know .

But if I sleep too early , I won't get to go to all the parties at night .

Well , my friend let me present you with a picture of me and my friends at my birthday gathering and here it is .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Now , this is me on the left hand side , the tallest out of everyone .

Now , this guy , he played a lot of games and he didn't sleep much .

But his parents were told him mine and this guy , he partied every weekend and played games and he also have short parents .

Think about it .

Now , the two boys on the right hand side , their parents were like the same height as my parents .

But guess what ?

They slept four hours every night .

Well , it's getting a bit cold .

So I , I just put on a jacket but you get the point if you wanna grow and you have short parents , you better sleep like I did 10.5 hours on a daily basis .

Ok .

Now , tip number five , you've just gotta be confident .

Now , what if I told you that if you had correct a posture , straight posture , it could actually boost your growth in terms of height .

What that means is that as cliche as this may sound , being confident can actually make you a bigger person .

Think about it .

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The human body is not designed to be for you to be hunched over .

It's designed for you to be straightened up .

So when you straighten up , your bones will be aligned correctly and that will hence help your bodies to grow taller .

And plus straightening up and being confident can give you at least at least a few more inches of height .

Because think about it , when you straighten up , you're taller .

I have a friend who is a lot taller than me .

I think he's 64 or something , but he is always hunched over .

So everyone thinks that he's shorter than me , but he's actually not .

Now , my point is you've just gotta be confident , even if you're 5 ft or even if you're 4 ft , just be , gotta be confident , straighten your back up .

Look everyone in the eye .

Ok ?

Never hunch over .

So my overall point is you've got to eat a lot , you've gotta eat the correct food , you gotta exercise , you've gotta sleep , right ?

And you've gotta be confident .

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Now , let's move on to the next part of the video , which is probably the part that all of you guys have been waiting for , which are some tips from a 6 ft six pro basketball player .

Now , I definitely don't have the footage of the pro basketball player himself , but this is my friend who is his son and he is right around 178 centimeters , which is about 5 , 10 .

Now , his mom is my mom's height , but his dad is at least a full head taller than my dad .

So why is he so short ?

Now , what the pro basketball player told me was that genetics is definitely most of height but sleeping well , sleeping for a long time definitely do impact your growth .

I remember when I went to his house when I was young and at 8 30 I will call my , I will tell my parents to go home because I was tired .

I wanted to sleep , but he was still very energetic .

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So he definitely didn't sleep as long and as well as I did .

So basically to sum it up , what he told me was that sleeping well is definitely the most important out of all the other aspects of growth if you guys are , you know , aiming for extra inches .

So definitely definitely sleep .

Well , take note of that .

Now with that being said , that's gonna bring us to the end of this video .

I hope you guys liked it .

I hope you guys enjoyed it if you did make sure to give me a like , subscribe to me and share the video and thank you so much for watching once again .

And yeah .


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