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2023-08-31 09:39:51

How to Make Pickled Veggies - Pickled Vegetables Recipe - Armenian Cuisine - Heghineh Cooking Show

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So delicious and nutritious , I'm gonna rinse this and I just like to rough chop this .

I'm not overly fancy with it .

I don't think I'm overly fancy with anything .

So just rough chop it and throw it in .

And then I have several cloves of frozen peeled garlic that I always keep uh one tip that I have to make your life easier .

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I always keep fresh , clean peeled , ginger in my freezer , ready to grate for tea , soup , any salad , anything , I just fresh ginger root , well frozen but fresh ginger root over my food to get the nutrients in .

And the same with garlic .

I always keep clean peeled , fresh garlic in a Ziploc bag in my freezer at all times so that I can use these for a salad or soup or pickling kimchi anything .

So I'm actually going to throw these in whole because they're very delicious when they're pickled .

And the end result will be really good .

And again , simple simplicity is my motto here .

Um because I just like to get this done frankly .

So I just do it this way .

Now comes the brine and I use equal parts water and vinegar .

So you can use any vinegar you like .

I've used distilled white vinegar .

White wine vinegar works well .

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So obviously , if you don't like celery flavor , you don't want to add that .

And then I have black pepper a nicer thing to do .

If you have , it would be to use whole black peppercorns .

That would be great .

I don't have any , I only have the ground pepper .

So I'm going to use that and then just sea salt and it being a brine for pickles , you need quite a bit of salt .

So I don't like it too salty , but I also need it to be salty enough because I use this as a condiment , the pickled radish that is .

So I would encourage you in making your own pickles that you experiment with the brine because you will find that a lot of recipes , I have found that a lot of recipes out there are either too salty or not salty enough .

So that's why I'm not giving an exact amount because everyone's preference is going to be different .

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Anyways for the spices , of course , bay leaves a ma ingredient round um black pepper .

Another mass ingredient as I mentioned , dill seed or fresh dill , I use both of them because I have both of them .

So and my grandma used to have this as a mask ingredient and also I add whole coriander if you don't have it , never mind .

But this adds very nice flavor and garlic .

Most important ingredient I use about , well , this is not a really a recipe thing again because you will make as much as you need .

All you need to know is proportions for water and salt and all those measurements will be on my blog at dot com .

You will check that out after or before you watch the video .

Anyways for the salt choice , I would suggest to get either see salt kosher salt or uh pickling salt .

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And once this is cooled down , what I do is I cover it loosely with the cap , but I don't tighten the lid .

I let it cool to at least room temperature .

If not a few hours longer , you don't want to put this hot jar into your refrigerator is what I'm trying to say .

So I let this cool down for several hours and then I refrigerate it overnight and you can already see the color starting to bleed into the brine .

It gets very pink and beautiful and this will yield delicious crunchy pickles that I use as a condiment and you can just add this , you can eat this in the same way that you would eat any kind of vegetable ferment .

Pickles or radishes or kimchi , you treat it like a condiment .

So it's really nutritious for you .

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Usually both my grandmas , one of them used to make their , uh , pickled veggies in wooden , uh , um , how do a barrel ?

I think barrel , they , they , it's called leave .

How do we call big wooden barrel , barrel , barrel ?

Ok .

And another one of them used to make it in clay , big clay pots .

So I don't have any of those .

I noticed people make their pickled begg in glass jars .

I don't do that because to pickling veggies , I go classic traditional way , which means all the vegetables needs to go in a big pot and have space and , and , and it's easier to take them out later instead of going into jar with your hands .

And of course , some vegetables are cut very , in very big , big chunks .

It's easier to remove them .

I took so much today .

Ok .

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I just leave it there and this will cool down on my countertop .

Uh It's going to take , this is a , a pretty big boy .

So it's going to take several hours for this to pull down at least four hours I would say to cool down to where I can put it in the refrigerator .

So I'm going to clean up my kitchen now and let this cool down on its own .

So I hope you make this or any kind of pickle you can do this with any vegetable you desire .

I just happen to love radishes for their health benefits and their color and their taste and texture .

I love the crunch and I love making my own pickles .

So if you're not going to make pickled radish , choose any other vegetable and uh just pickle it , pickle cucumbers make traditional pickles at home and season it to your liking .

And you'll see how much you enjoy your own homemade pickles .

Far better than any commercial pickles that you can buy in the store and more economical too .

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And none of my Children , only one of my Children eats this pickled veggies , but I still make tons of pickled wedgies every year and I give away to my friends .

They are always happy .

They are even waiting when I'm gonna send their tattoo anyway .

So what I do , first of all , arrange your , let me put this aside , we will arrange your long pickling veggies on the bottom of the pan and then I'm gonna slice quickly .

My cauliflower just cut the root through the root .

You should be able to remove those florets .

If you wanna make them even smaller , you can do that .

This is way too big .

Mhm .

It should be ok .

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So , good luck .

And here is to your health by .

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So it has the flavor if you make them like um if you clean them in holes .

Um And what else ?

Let me cut this and be sure to wash all your vegetables , of course and slice this in a few pieces .

This is so good .

Trust me , you will love this a few slices of this squash .

And because again , if we want to make this nice red color , nice color , we need a few chances I have two of medium size root bits .

OK ?

So one will go on the bottom layer and the other one will go on top layer .

So the brand we will get even color even though at the end they will still get even color .

And what else ?

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A little bit of this .

And of course , the cilantro , no , they're not cilantro .

Uh salary slice them as big or as small as you like .

The last will go .

The cucumbers , they brine very quickly for me .

They , they are already on day three .

I already start eating my pickles .

I mean cucumbers and for cucumbers , I'm just going to slice the bottoms and set this side .

I'll place my oops , this is not at the bottom .

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And uh the one thing I forgot to get is green tomatoes or half ripe tomatoes , pinkish , almost , almost ripe tomatoes .

If you get those , you need to slice them .

I just got an episode to show you how to do that .

Just slice like this .

So those tomatoes absorb the salty water .

OK ?

So this was just to show you you wanna help mom as well as papers peppers , green peppers .

Now , if you don't like spicy to get non spicy peppers and again , you need to slice them slightly .

I gotta be careful .

Yeah , you make , you always make the loudest noise .

Why noisy guy ?

Uh-huh uh-huh .

OK .

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So we need to arrange everything and one more layer of this and I wish I had those tomatoes .

It was too late to buy .

So , but that's OK .

I'll put in the recipe .

If I can call it a recipe , it's gonna be directions how to make it .

So I'll put this one as well and of course my little bit , my good evening , my green beans , this will brind even faster because they are half cooked .

So what else ?

OK .

So I'll place this so simple , so easy .

And then another layer of garlic are , can you stop making that noise ?

A was born to make noise .

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Ok .

So that's that .

And lastly , we'll go my cucumbers and I'll prepare the brine water , brining water .

So that's that another .

And they got off , we , by the way , if you wanna eat the beetroot when it pick up because this kind , uh , when it's not cooked , it's gonna be very hard to , um , bite .

You can also cook the beetroot before you add it to your pickles .

I don't do that because I like making pickled um beetroot separately .

Just the beetroot itself .

And what else ?

Just a quick and of course another layer of spices .

See , this is just directions .

I'm showing you how to make it .

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There is nothing difficult , nothing complicated when it comes to making this simple .

It's so delicious uh appetizer should I say ?

Or side dish we serve this .

We always have this winter time especially .

We have this on our table dinner time or I have with lunch time any time with fresh bread , it's the best thing ever .

OK ?

So I'll add my greens and greens will go just like this without chopping .

Oh I forgot the cucumber .

OK .

So some of the parsley .

Yeah .

Yeah , I should be good and I missed another garlic .

Garlic can be to your taste if you wipe it very strong flavor and go for to um garlic heads .

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I don't know how you say it anyways .

So that's that and a little bit more of those juices .

It gives such a good taste of , uh , pickled wedges .

What else ?

I hope I didn't forget anything .

No .

And when it comes to making the brown water , it's just simple salt and water .

I already premeasured and I'll put the measurements on my luck for sure .

So you can look that up .

Oops , I didn't expect it .

Was that so ?

Ok .

And yes , be sure that this salt is melted very well before you add it just feel it .

This one is pickling salt because , er , that's why it will melt fast .

We want to cover our vegetables entirely .

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So this may not be enough of my brush addition .

I think this should be , I should cover all one more .

We'll add the last waters and we'll cover it with something .

Come on , you wanna help ?

Ok .

Ok .

So that's that you wanna cover it entirely the way to check .

If it's enough water , you will simply place a plate on top and squeeze it .

If the water comes up , that's , it means it's good .

So the water should cover the plate as well and because it will float will , um , on the top , that's why we need something heavy .

That's why one of my sons weights .

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We'll go on top of our pile .

You wanna put this on top ?

Ok .

Got it .

It's heavy .

Ok ?

You do it .

Good job .

Ok .

So this is ready .

It may not cover entirely at this time but when a few days will pass and , uh , everything will go a little bit .

Um , I don't know what , so it will be , it will be easier to cover the path .

Ok .

So that's that and room temperature about seven days after seven days , uh , check and see if you like how well it's pickled .

If it's , you think it still needs some , a few more days , let it sit a few more days at room temperature .

Um , after , as soon as it's ready , you can then transfer into jars and save it in fridge .

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So it doesn't continue pickling and becoming very , very um sour and very um pickles may go even more um soft when they pick away too much .

OK .

So that's that .

And let me show you the one I made .

Uh it's been almost eight days since I made that one and it's ready and I would suggest have OK ?

I once in a while I just shake it like this .

So the wire turns the pink color evenly .

But if even if you don't do that , it's not still .

I have , I have so and put up so , but we're done .

So that's that done .

Yes , almost done .

OK .

So this is the one I made earlier and by the way , start making your tattoo already because I'm planning on making the Harissa video .

Armenians already know what Harissa means .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It's um very delicious pudding made with uh wheat .

I think that's how they call it peeled with .

Anyways , the two goes with Harissa .

So , well , so it's a must to have with your Haris .

Ok .

Let me just get a few so I can show you how it looks .

Actually I would use tongues or something .

So your hands don't get salty .

And this is , if you don't like to have your mom , uh , pickles that color , you can make a , another separate one with , without a beetroot .

Ok .

And with this one you like that lip ?

Yeah .

And I have some tomatoes with this one .

There are mini tomatoes .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I don't always see these half fried mini tomatoes in stores when I saw them .

I thought it's the perfect thing for tattoo .

OK .

And this is how my cabbage looks gorgeous pink color and it tastes amazing .

And the best thing I like to have my tattoo with its fried potatoes , french fries , homemade fries with French fries .

OK .

So this is so delicious .

I hope I didn't forget to say anything .

It's delicious .

OK .

Right .

OK .

So Right .

So people will be on my blog at dot com .

Try this .

You try to make your own tattoo pickled veggies ones .

You will never buy it from store .

The one they eat vinegar or I don't know what they eat .

It doesn't taste the same as you make at home .

OK .

I think that's it .

Thank you everyone for watching .

Remember to subscribe to my channel .

Remember to like the video .

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Remember to share my videos .

I really appreciate that .

That's it .

Right .

Yeah , that's it .

And we can put it down to our french fries is ready so we can , I can put it .

Yeah .

And that's my favorite .

And she doesn't like eating them anymore .

Ok .

This is the best thing ever .

So .

Ok , I'll see you very soon .

My , all of them all on that and .


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