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2023-08-31 14:21:25

How to make Homemade Cucumber Pickle

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Hello , friends .

Welcome to Best Persian and Turkish recipe .

Today , we are going to show you how to make a yummy homemade cucumber pickle .

It's very easy .

So let's just start with the ingredients .

One kg of cucumber , washed and dried completely salt .

One full cup , two liters of water for boiling one cup of apple vinegar .

You can use it organic if you like two full heads of garlic , six pieces of green chilies and a bunch of fresh dill .

At first , we put the water on a stove on a high temperature .

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We add the whole salt inside the water as well as the vinegar and we let it boil after the water is boiling , we switch off the stove and we let the water cool down in a room temperature .

As you see , our water is already cooled down the temperature of the water .

It shouldn't be so cold and not so hot .

It has to be the way that when you put your finger , it feels like a luke water .

Now it's time to put all the cucumber with all the ingredients we have inside the container for this .

We first put some garlic , some green chilies and some of the deals at the bottom of the container .

Then we start adding the cucumbers in a nice order in the middle .

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Again , we put some garlic , fresh dough and green chilies and again , we start arranging and putting the rest of the cucumber until the container is full .

After we put all the cucumbers and everything inside , it's time now to pour the water inside the container .

As you see this way , we are pouring the water inside the container until the container is full .

At the end .

We see if we have more space , we try to fill all the space and we should not keep any space available .

Now , we have to just airtight the lid for this .

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We take a plastic freezer and we put it on the top of the container and after that , we close the lid of the container and this way our pickle is ready to be kept outside .

You can keep this pickle outside in the shadow or in the sun .

It is up to you .

If you keep it in the sun , the color of the pickle will be darker .

If you keep it in the shadow , the color will be lighter .

And uh we keep this one for a minimum of two weeks outside and after two weeks , it's ready to be consumed .

Now , as you see it , after almost three weeks of the time that we put our pickle outside , and this is what it is look like it's ready and , uh , you can just open it and take some of them wash it a little bit , probably on the top .

Maybe there must be some , uh , water with salt .

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So you might want to wash it and it's ready to be consumed .

This is how the pickle will look like when we take it out .

As you see , the color is not so dark and it is not so light because we kept it half in a shadow and half in the sun .

So I hope you enjoy this show and I hope you make this fun and this is absolutely delicious and uh you can make it your own homemade pickle and I hope you enjoyed it .

And uh until then happy cooking .


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