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2023-08-31 08:11:00

COOL VIRAL TIK TOK TRICKS _ Easy DIY Experiments You Can Do At Home! Science By 123 GO! FOOD

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It's that time again .

What time you may ask ?

Food , time , of course , filled with cool and fun tricks for all your treats and eats .

Wow .

What a boring day .

At least I have this drink .

Ok .

Well , now what might as well look at some chemistry experiments .

Hey , hey , this actually looks pretty cool .

This book is full of fun things to try .

Hey , stop sleeping on me and look at this .

Let's try it .

You've got a drink and I've got Mentos .

Here we go .

Maybe that wasn't such a good idea .

Yeah .

Maybe you're right .

All right .

Let's try another one .

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Glue .

Huh ?

And soda ?

Oh , I don't know .

We just did one with soda .

Listen , it will be fine .

Be adventurous .

Oh OK .

Hand me the glue .

Uh What glue ?

Oh , you mean this glue ?

All right .

Time to give this a try time to add this glue just like the book said .

I think that's enough .

Wait , I have an idea .

Let's add some glitter .

Sure .

Why not ?

Science is always better with some sparkle .

Now it's time to shake this bottle .

Wow .

I really have to shake this hard .

Maybe I'm not shaking it .

Right .

Better try on this Morocco .

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That's some good music right there .

All right .

That's enough shaking .

Look , the soda changed consistency .

Let's open it .

Oh , weird .

It's like a big block .

Look how it stretches too .

Touch it .

What does it feel like ?

I want to poke it too .

E it's all gooey and sticky .

Ye .

Get it off .

Hey , look at what happens when I do this gross .

This experiment is creeping me out .

Get away from me .

I covered your eyes so you can pick one at random .

Hey , it's the manos and coke one again .

I've got the mince and the soda .

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Uh What are you doing with that watermelon ?

You already did the trick .

So now let's kick it up a notch .

I'm just going to cut a hole in this watermelon .

Perfect .

Mm This watermelon smells so fresh .

Are you ready with your spoon ?

Time to scoop out all the watermelon .

Wow .

I ate a lot of watermelon .

Hey , that's right .

We were doing this experiment .

Oh , right .

Pour that soda in while I get out the Mentos .

Huh ?

The watermelon can hold a lot of soda .

Now .

It's time for the Mementos .

Wait , remember last time .

Safety first in you go , man .

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Oh , wow .

It's like a fountain of soda .

Is that all of it ?

It's all over your face .

Still bubbling up .

Hey , it tastes really good .

Try it .

I'm not going to lick your face .

You're ridiculous .

Oh , Snow Globes are so pretty .

Look at all that sparkly snow .

I wish it was snowing here right now .

Hey , look at this .

We could totally make it snow .

Oh my gosh .

Yes let's make it snow .

Alright .

We both have our containers .

Now all we need is our soda and corn starch into my container .

You go starch now to add the Sprite .

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Mhm .

Ok .

It's fizzing up a bit .

Wait nothing happened .

I want snow .

Not starchy Sprite .

Oh , look at mine .

It's all snowy .

No fair .

How come yours worked ?

And mine didn't tell me how you did it .

It wasn't even hard .

I'll show you .

I wasn't sure that regular old corn starch would work .

But you know what would work ?

A diaper ?

I just took a scissors and cut it open all the weight across the bottom and then I dumped the filling into my canister .

There was more than I expected .

And then I added the Sprite .

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It turned into snow right away because diapers are made to absorb liquid .

Ok .

I thought I had made a mistake .

Hand it over but it turns out you totally cheated .

Enjoy your snow experiment .

Cheater .

Stop .

You're pouring snow everywhere .

That's what you get for .

Not sharing your secret earlier .

I would have picked the next one .

You just picked one .

It's my turn .

Oops .

That looks like it hurt .

No , it didn't .

I'm fine .

We're gonna do this egg experiment next .

Look , I have the egg and vinegar .

Right here .

Ok .

I've got a glass we can use .

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Oh , why did I smell that ?

I don't wanna smell it .

Pour it in the glass .

All right .

Time to add an egg .

The next step is just waiting for the vinegar to work .

Yeah .

You , it's definitely bubbling a lot .

I think it might be done .

Yeah .

Nope .

Not yet .

Maybe we just need to wait a little more .

This is taking so long .

I'm awake .

Oh , right .

The egg .

I'll check it .

Yes , it's done .

The experiment worked .

We got the eggs done .

Can in there .

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He was a glove safety first .

Got it .

I'll take it out weird .

It's all squishy .

Oh , let me feel it .

Look .

It's bouncy too .

Ok .

Let's see what happens when we use a flashlight on it .

Look , it lights up and glows .

It's like a little eggy night light .

I think it was our best experiment .

Would you cut open a diaper to make fake snow ?

Let us know in the comments and don't forget to share this video with your friends and subscribe to 123 Go Foods youtube page for more great videos like this one .


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