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2023-08-31 10:19:33

how to play minecraft on the firestick or fire tv

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What's up ?

You two .

Do you wanna play Minecraft on this ?

But all you've been playing it on is one of these crack tablets .

I'm show you , I get it on this using one of these without spending any of this .

Are you ready ?

Let's go .

Whoa , whoa What are you doing ?

You gotta let me , you gotta let me go first though .

I , I know you're excited but I , I gotta to go first .

All right .

000 OK .

What's up guys ?

Vision here ?

I can see I have Minecraft for right there , but we're gonna get it using this right here .

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The first thing you gotta do is go to settings , go all the way over to device developer options .

Make sure both of these are turned on .

Once you do that and go back to home , I'll show you how to get downloader .

Go over the apps and the feature categories .

You going all the way down to the utility .

It should be the first one up right here .

You gotta click it , you gotta click .

Yeah , but I already have it .

So I click open .

Uh I'm gonna keep , I'm gonna put the direct link down in the description down below .

You guys can download it .

I mean , copy and paste it whatever you want to do .

Put it in here , write it down whatever you guys wanna do .

I'm just gonna show you guys another way right on here .

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Just go to google dot com .

Go on .

Put your cursor on the search bar here .

That's where we're gonna type in my craft .

0.1 0.13 0.1 A BK or you can use what I put down in the description .

So Minecraft .

Bye point three one A and next go over to the magnifying glass tap deck .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

The first one click that put on the green button .

It says start download this gonna pop up if it does it's completed .

Mhm Verify .

It should start downloading right away .

Might take a little minute .

We'll just wait till it downloads .

Now .

You're gonna need a game controller .

You're gonna need one .

I have a like a play pad but you can use whatever you want .

You can just Google it using Amazon .

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Amazon makes their own game controllers and you can use that , but you're gonna need one here we are .

Here's probably gonna say something different .

It's gonna have all these permissions .

I already have it .

So it's just telling me it needs to update it , but you're gonna have all your permit .

She's just gonna go all the way down to install and click install .

I'm not gonna do it .

Because I already have it .

So once it's installed , I usually delete this .

You don't need to keep the A PK inside of the fire stick .

We'll go back to the home .

You gonna go down .

No , it's not gonna be in here right away .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

What you're gonna wanna do is go down to your apps and games , scroll all the way over to the right where it says see all and it's gonna be all the way in the bottom .

Now , once you click it from here , it is gonna be in your recent after you exit the app .

But for right now it's gonna be here .

Let me connect my controller again .

If you want to know how to connect controllers , I have um a link .

Well , no , I'll have , I have a video that you can watch and see how to connect the controllers .

But as you can see here , here's my craft , play it .

I already created a world but you can create new .

I'll just go back to my world .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

You know , guys , you're playing clay craft .

Now , if this that keeps popping up , just go into the settings , go in the controller options and you can turn that off .

It must be something with my controller doing it .

But as you can see , you can still play , fly around , do whatever you want and there you go .

There you go , guys , you have it how to play Minecraft on the fire stick , please .

Like and subscribe if you want to see more games on the fire stick .

I have um another video how to play assisted location on the fire stick .

If you want to see more , please like leave a comment .

Thanks .


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