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2023-08-31 14:24:50

How to make Sweet Pickles - Refrigerator Pickles

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Hey , everybody for all you pickle snobs out there that think that a good Kosher dill pickle is the only pickle there is .

I've got news for you .

This recipe for sweet pickles just blew me away the first time I tried it and I wanted to share it with you .

All the ingredients are very simple sugar , pickling salt , white vinegar and the spices .

As you see here , dill seed , celery seed , yellow mustard , seed and turmeric .

Now , the method used to make these pickles is referred to as the refrigerator method and does not give you the shelf life as pickles that are prepared using a hot water bath .

All the ingredients are put together fresh refrigerated for a short time and then put straight into some sterilized jars .

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They typically will have a shelf life of about uh 3 to 4 weeks at the , at the most .

And that's in the refrigerator .

This recipe makes about six pint jars worth of pickles .

So if you're not gonna be able to consume that many yourself , you'll have several to give away to friends and family .

Believe me , they'll love you for it .

As you can see , we just have combined all our dry ingredients , the salt , the sugar and the spices .

Then we added our four cups of vinegar and we're just gonna gently stir this until we get the uh sugar and the salt dissolved into the vinegar .

Uh We're gonna slice these onions .

Um I like using a mandolin slicer .

Uh You get a nice consistent thickness whenever you use it uh to slice your onions and your cucumbers .

And uh that's definitely the way I recommend uh uh preparing the onions and the cucumbers for this recipe .

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I will also recommend that you use the safety guard when using one of these mandolin slicers um from personal experience , uh they can cut your fingers if you're not paying attention .

So use that safety guard .

Uh And as you see , you get nice consistent , even thin slices , uh both on the onions and the cucumbers .

I recommend using a nine by four inch tupperware here that comes with a lid because as you see here , when you're done slicing your cucumbers and your onions , um you're going to basically layer these in the container , one layer of cucumbers and a layer of onions and repeat it until you're all done .

Um And then we simply pour the brine over the top of everything into the container .

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And as this sits here , and I usually will let it sit anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes , um , it tends to compress a little bit and the tops of those cucumbers will just start being able to get saturated by the brine .

And , uh , I'll give it them a little help here by pushing them down into the brine just to make sure they're getting contact with some of that brine initially .

And as we go along here and put these into the refrigerator overnight to let everything , uh , kind of get soaked together .

The , they'll tend to condense as well .

So here I've got everything ready .

I'm gonna basically put the lid on it .

We're gonna put it in the refrigerator , like I said , let it set overnight and , uh , when we take them out the next morning , we'll be ready to put these into the jars .

Ok ?

These are out of the refrigerator the next morning and they are ready to go into the jars .

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Simply take a pair of tongs and get a good mix of the cucumbers and onions and place them into each jar after you're done with that .

Simply take a small measuring cup and pour the remainder of the brine into each jar until you've got it just maybe a quarter inch below the top of the jar .

After that , simply place your lids onto the top of each jar and they're ready to go back into the refrigerator .

Now , these are ready to go right off the bat .

You can start eating them and enjoying them right away .

And like I said , before , these will blow you away .

These are great by themselves .

You can add them to a salad .

They're great mixed into a potato salad or possibly a chicken salad .

They are just really versatile and extremely delicious .

Again , your family , your friends will love getting a jar of these from you .

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I am going to go ahead and post this recipe on our website , which is www dot smoke and grill dot com .

You'll see the website again in the credits , but I will post this recipe if you'd like to go and , uh , print it out from there rather than having to write it down from the listing at the beginning of this video .

Well , I hope you enjoyed this , uh , pickle recipe .

If you'd like to share a recipe that you have with the recipes , please do so on the smoke and grill message forms and we will see you next time .


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