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2023-08-31 14:22:04

How to make PICKLE RICK out of Polymer Clay _ Rick and Morty Sculpture

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I hope you give this recipe a try .

I hope you like it .

And thanks for watching .

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A lot of beginners will make the mistake of trying to sculpt a pickle from the get go .

But that's almost impossible .

So , what I like to do is sculpt a smaller cucumber first before leaving it in brine for several days until you've got a nice authentic clay pickle .

Once it's been removed from the brine , I'll dry my pickle off and get to work on making a face .

I'll start by poking some massive holes for the eye sockets before cutting out a big happy smile .

Now , if I were to stop here , I'd be finished sculpting a limbless sabo tender .

However , for our purposes , I'm gonna keep going by adding a few choice pickle warts across the body and then filling in the mouth with some black clay with our pickles gaping mom blackened out .

I can add in all his little white teeth .

Now , for added authenticity , I'm gonna use my smallest boal stylist to add those tiny little grooves in the top of the teeth .

After all , I can think of nothing more embarrassing than someone looking at my anthropomorphic pickle wearing a bodysuit of rat parts and said , hey , man , something seems wrong about those teeth .

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His tongue is just a red blob of clay flattened and then grooved and then jammed into the back of his mouth .

And a couple oversized white balls will function as his eyeballs and a couple of teeny tiny black dots will be the pupils , but without the extent of our pickle is done and we can get started making the horrifying Frankenstein's monster that is his limbs .

I'll start with the legs first so that he's free standing and I can work more comfortably on the rest of his body .

Now to ensure that his legs are equal in proportions , at least to one another .

I'll start by bending two pieces of wire at the same time .

Given the nature of what I'm making , I'm not overly concerned about the actual shape of the body parts .

I just want to make sure that they're equal to one another to help support the legs and make sure that they don't rotate in their pin holes .

I'll brace them with a couple of smaller support wires that can be taped to the main leg and once the armature is in place , I can start adding the clay .

Basic gray is gonna work well for the feet here .

So a couple of wormy noodles will get us started on the right foot .

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Then some small balls squeezed onto the front of the feet and blended in will be his toast and that's kind of the feet finished .

There's not a whole lot of detail to them .

They're just long noodles with balls on the ending and a little bit of ice Proble alcohol , a brush over the top will help smooth the fingerprints away and leave some small brush strokes that'll serve as a little bit of that fine rat foot hair texture .

The rest of the legs are where things get really spicy .

They're a mix of bone and meaty furry chunks held together by bits of tendon for the bone sections .

I've mixed the smallest sliver of yellow and gray into my white clay to give a nice barely off white bone color .

And then the muscle and tendon is just a red and white mix to give a muted pink color .

This just gets squished into place trying to keep a mostly anatomically correct layout for how I think a rat leg looks .

It's been a few hot years since I dissected a rat in grade 12 biology .

So you'll have to give me a little leeway in terms of my anatomical precision .

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Finally , I've left a few grooves in the muscle so that I can lay the last bits of bone into place before using my ball stylus to texture some striations into all of the muscle .

Pickle .

Rick's right leg is a bit more of a mess and includes a couple of pieces of different materials .

The first part under the knee is a flat piece of what I assume is metal .

And then the second piece is a sort of wooden set of sticks that gets attached to the leg and then stuck into the body .

I thought about making this out of toothpicks instead of clay .

Uh But then I then I didn't , I guess cool story has .

So with the legs finished .

I can start adding the pelvis and spine and ribs and et cetera .

Now , you might notice that there's fur adorning some of the muscle and I considered showing how I did that .

But given that I can't find the footage anywhere , I'm going to have to assume that I never actually hit record .

Just another example of my unwavering professionalism .

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So don't forget to subscribe for more great content that I forgot to record a nice long wormy de up the pickle's dorsal section will function as his spine and I'll carve some grooves into it to separate it into vertebrae .

The ribs will be bones of clay , rolled into smaller wormy deli and looped around the body of the pickle until they attach to the spine .

So in summation to make an external bone carpus for a pickle , take varying lengths of wormy deli and then smoosh them into place until it looks vaguely correct .

Of course , to operate this horrifying body .

Our pickle needs a central nervous system in the form of a rat brain .

Now , I am aware that this brain is uncomfortably phallic , but I assure you that this is a pretty faithful rendition of what a rat brain looks like .

So blame nature .

Not me .

After I've given Rick a a temporal lobectomy , I'll add another little wormy dely to connect the rat brain to the pickle brain .

I think that might be the weirdest sentence I've ever said .

However , I'm on to the final stages of this pickle adventure , which will be adding the arms .

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So I'll do the exact same thing I did for the legs and add some small braces to the larger wire before adding the clay base over top .

Most of the process is the exact same except for a few bits of stringier bits of tendon connecting the left arm .

And I actually managed to record the fur sculpting process for his right shoulder .

I also added a vein to what I think might be a rat liver functioning as his left pouldron to connect the arms to the spine .

I've added some nice big muscle red lettis Dorsa wings which will get the same ball stylus striation as the other muscly bits .

Then the final stage for the Gurkin Richard will be adding his hands .

The left hand is made out of pink clay is mostly a de gloved hand .

While the right hand retains that lovely fur covering with the darker fur blending into the muscly bony forearm .

I have made it a tiny bit larger to account for the fact that it's covered in fur .

I'm just kidding .

It was entirely unintentional .

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I'm just really panic keeping the same scale .

Now knowing how often I drop and bump my sculptures , I thought it would be best to wait until the end to add that tiny screw that holds pickle Rick's hips in place good with the sculpting finished .

I can get started painting in all the little details .

Now because of the colored clay , there isn't really that much I need or want to add .

However , I will paint all the exposed muscle with a red wash to add some shading to the grooves and recesses .

Unfortunately , I was too quick in the removal of my cucumber from the brine and I never developed that lovely pickle green that I was after .

So I am going to repaint the pickle with a darker tastier pickle , appropriate green .

Then all the fur will get a light dry brush of gray to make the ridges pop and I'll go over all the pink muscle and organs with a glossy varnish to encourage a nice healthy shine .

Then I'm gonna stare at the pickle for a while before deciding that yes , pickles are generally shiny as well .

So I'll coat the entire body in a gloss varnish too .

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Then the only thing we have to do is add the little ketchup splatters that adorn our Gurkin hero .

And with that pickle Rick is finally finished .

However , this doesn't really feel like enough to me .

So I'm also gonna make Rick's beer bottle birthing pod for the sake of authenticity .

I wanted to make the pot out of a real beer bottle .

But for scale , I would have needed to use something like a big bottle of Schlitz and even I don't hate myself enough to have those on hand .

So instead I'm gonna be using one of these cheap and cheerful N jean bottles that I found conveniently sitting on a shelf at my local pound land .

All I need to do is chop top off using a fancy saw .

Then I can use a smaller saw to cut the rest of it out .

Or rather I can try a saw and fail than attempt to get with the knife before turning to my tried and true wire cutters .

Fortunately , these left me with a pretty gnarly looking broken glass edge .

So once I've done the necessary protective equipment , it's glass smash in time .

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Now , while it's not glass , it's still pretty sharp .

And the idea of bleeding out on my studio floor as a result of making a pickle Rick Diorama for the love of internet , strangers doesn't really appeal to me .

So I'm gonna sand all the sharp edges until they pass the thumb safety test .

Of course , while the shape looks good .

Now , I need to give it that patented beer bottle , brown coloring to do that .

I'll turn to the airbrush .

I think you could probably get away with spray painting or even using a paintbrush .

But I wanted to keep a tiny bit of translucence and the airbrush gives me a little bit more control .

I've drilled a couple of holes into the side of the bottle and I'll use this cardboard tube to make some tubes .

I guess these get friction fitted into the holes and then I can paint them with a nice shiny gun metal gray to make the little seat in the back .

I'll chop some popsicle sticks into a couple of lengths to act as the seat and then I'll make some tiny metal pipes on the bottom out of armature wire and heat shrink tubes .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I've used these in a lot of projects in the past and they work wonders for adding a little bit of Laron dimension to tubing without having to faff about with ties and clays .

This will get painted in that same gun metal gray and then glued on to the back side of the bottle .

I'll also paint it with a little bit of brown wash to make it a tiny bit grimier .

Finally , given how often I cut my fingers and hands .

I've always got band aids or plasters in easy reach .

One of the smaller ones will work perfectly as a tiny bit of adornment .

I've also made some random tubes and wires and out of an old computer cable and that will just get glued into one of the metal pipes .

The intestines hung from the top of the bottle are made of wound wire , which I then chop down into roughly equal lengths and I'll cover them top to bottom in red heat shrink tubing , the tubing kind of max as a skin over the wire and retains the shape but makes it a little bit more fleshy .

So that once I apply that brownish red wash over the top , I'm left with a bunch of these gross looking bendable intestines .

I'll feed them in clumps through the holes .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I've drilled through the top of the bottle and then I can bend them into whatever shape I want .

I pointed them downwards now , but in the end I'm gonna decide that they ought to point upwards .

I wanted to make a chunk of sewer floor to set the bottle and a pickle on .

So I'll turn to my old friend xps foam .

I can texture it using a little bit of rolled up aluminum and then a base coat of black Mont po to protect it before applying on a nice gray to give it a bit of a dirtier danker appearance .

I'll literally coat the entire thing in my homemade black wash .

Usually I use wash to make my cracks and bumps stand out a little bit better , uh phrasing , but it also works really well for dulling brighter colors .

I'm always a little apprehensive gluing plastic with hot glue , but the heavier plastic , the bottle should be able to withstand the heat from the glue without deforming .

I also wasn't sure how best to fill in the empty space around the floor , but I didn't want to leave it blank .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So I made a bunch of meaty chunks finally to really sell it as a sewer floor .

I'm gonna dig deep into my tmnt phase and add some radioactively green goo as a child of the nineties , I can't think of the floor of a sewer without picturing green goop .

Of course , I don't want any radioactive goo .

So I'm gonna try and make it look like mold do this in .

I'm gonna lay out some UV resin and then add a little bit of green paint on top by mixing it this way .

Instead of before pouring it in , I should be able to keep it from developing a consistent color which should help make it seem more like moldy growth and less like a spilled bottle of Mountain Dew .

I'll do the exact same thing to the other side and then cure the entire thing under my UV lamp .

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733.0 --> 809.94

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

There you go , folks .

I hope you like this one .

It's my first dip into Rick and Morty .

So let me know what you think as always a big thank you .

Goes out to my newest patrons , Stink finger Tom Skews Natasha Lame George , a cup of tea with sugar , Adam Schwartz Dodger Flem cat and Kendra Miller .

The continued grease of these ridiculous models wouldn't be possible without your support .

If you'd like to help out , then you can find the link to my Patreon in the description .

Of course , subscribe and commenting and liking , make a huge difference in the success of this channel .

So if you like what you saw here , share with your friends and if you didn't like what you saw , then share it with your enemies .

Otherwise we'll see you next week .

Cheers .


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