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2023-08-31 09:35:40

How To Install Mods On Minecraft PC (Guide) _ Download Minecraft Mods

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how to install mods on Minecraft .

PC is the topic of today's video .

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So this tutorial , I'm showing you the full process of getting Minecraft mods from finding Minecraft mods to installing them .

It's all in this video , so any further ado , let's go and get into this .

As you can see , I'm now on my computer and let's go and continue with this tutorial .

So the first thing you want to do is go and open up a new Internet browser .

So I personally use Google chrome .

So I'm gonna come to Google Chrome .

And as you can see , I'm on Google and the first site you want to go to is called Forge .

Now , essentially , Forge is the first part of how we install Mods .

Forge is sort of an add-on for Minecraft , which you can then use forge to run the Minecraft mods , so not forge .

We can't run any mods , so let's go and get this .

So you want to come to Google ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I know you need to attend to Forge , but do keep watching as I'm showing you the full install process and much , much more , as you can see .

Then when it come to files dot Minecraft forge dot net Click there and I'll click .

Accept .

And as you can see , we've now got these two options here .

As you can see , this is download to Minecraft Forge , MC 1.16 0.4 Therefore , we need to go and make sure we have ran this version of Minecraft on our computer .

So I'm gonna go and open up Minecraft .

So you want to open up your Minecraft launcher ?

Uh , open it up , and then once it loads common installations and click new Now , obviously this is only applying , um , for the for the version it says here .

So it's probably gonna be a later version when you watch a tutorial .

So because of that , you then need to go and match the same version .

So currently it's 1.16 0.4 .

But it's gonna be different for you if that makes sense .

So , yeah , um I'm just gonna go and new this test .

And as you can see , 1.16 0.4 click , create and it's now gone and added it down here .

Hopefully , boom !

There we go .

So I'm gonna go and click play , and it's going to actually go and download it .

It's preparing it .

It's probably gonna download it quickly .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Um , and all I want to do is quickly run it .

Um , just so it's ready for forge .

OK , now I've opened it up .

That's absolutely fine .

So now we've run the version of Minecraft .

You can then go and choose which one you want .

I'm personally use the recommended one , and all you want to do is go and pause a book .

I'm gonna click always and then go and click on the installer .

And now it's going to go and start the downloaders .

You can see you've just got to watch five seconds of ads and then we can go and get the download of Forge .

So as you can see , it's now downloading and you're going to get this pub saying this of a fault can harm your computer as it's a Java file .

So then what we want to do is go and click .

Keep now , if you don't see this sort of coffee , um , Java logo .

You need to go and get java to do this .

What you want to do is simply go to Java , Google , Java .

And as you can see , it's java dot com and you need to go and download java .

Uh , for this to work , otherwise you may not be able to run the files .

Um , so make sure you have done that .

Anyways , Now we've got Forge , let's go and run it .

So what I do is click on Forge , and it's going to open it up .

And as you can see , we've got this option here .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

We want to install client , so we want to install the client version , so that will be already selected .

And then you need to go and choose where Minecraft currently is .

So this is my path , and this should be the default path .

Um , but you need to change that if you get an issue and you've moved micro somewhere else .

So I'm gonna go and click , OK ?

And as you can see , it's now going downloading everything , um , getting everything ready , and you just gonna let it do its thing .

Basically , as you can see , I've now got this pop up saying Successfully install the client profile for version 1.16 0.4 .

So go and click OK , and there we go for is now installed .

So we'll go and check this .

So all you want to do is open up the Minecraft launcher .

So I'll click mine down here and it's going to go and open up the launcher and all I want to do is click on this tab again and simply scroll down until you see Forge .

So I'm going to look for this .

As you can see , 1.16 0.4 Dash Forge .

That is the one we want , and it's got also the logo as well .

So click there like so , and then you can go and click play .

And as you can see here , you're about to play a Minecraft job reddition installation that has been modified .

So that's fine .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Just make sure you understand it and click play , so it's gonna take a minute to load .

As you can see , it has to do a few downloads .

So that's just one thing to consider , and it's now opening it up .

As you can see , it does look a bit different , but this is completely normal .

So don't worry .

So wait for it to do its thing .

It's just doing scans and stuff .

So you just gotta wait .

And as you can see , it's now going and running .

So it shouldn't be too long until we get to the home screen .

Hopefully and then I'll be going and showing you the next part .

So then , once you're on Minecraft , you're gonna have this option here .

You've got mods , So click on mods .

As you can see , we're now in the mods part of Forge .

So the next step is actually go and clicking Open Mods folder So it's now opened up our Mods folder Now , as you can see , we can go and drag mods We want into here So let's go and find some mods Now let's go and download some mods .

There are many different sites where you can get some Minecraft mods .

Uh , I'm gonna go and personally use one site called Curse Forge Minecraft mods Uh , just like so Curse forge Minecraft , mods !

And all we're gonna do is come to this site here , wait for it to load .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

As you can see , we're now here .

Now I'm gonna go and test out just enough items .

So click on it there , and then it's gonna take you here .

Now go and read out the description .

You can see everything this does .

This basically helps you find recipes for certain items in Minecraft .

So for them to go and find the right version , you need to come up to where it says description to the right .

It's gonna say files .

Now , when you click on files , it's gonna give you a tonne of different versions and names .

Now , just make sure you download the right version of Minecraft basically .

So I'm personally using 1.6 0.4 .

So I'm gonna go and hit the download button just here , and it's going to go and start downloading as you can see , a few seconds and it's hopefully going to drop down here in a minute or two .

So , yeah , as you can see , Boom , it's now downloaded .

Click keep .

And then I'm going to go and find my Mods folder and drag this in .

So I've now got a Mods folder open .

As you can see , I'm gonna go and drag it in .

So I'm gonna grab it here just like so and drag it into my folder .

It would have just gone off my screen a bit .

As you can see , it's now in there .

So I'm gonna close this and then go and open up Minecraft .

So I'm gonna click on the launcher again .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I'm gonna make sure it's gone and running on forges You can see and go and click play and then run it through and I'll show you once it's ready .

So as you can see , we're now on the Minecraft home screen Let's go and click Mods and Boom !

As you can see just enough items .

That's exactly what I downloaded .

So I'm gonna go and click on Done and then go and show you into a game So I'll click single player and go and click Creative and let's go and check this out so it will take a minute to load , and then I'll show you what this does .

So this is gonna work with literally any mode .

Like I said before , um , which is on the same version ?

And as you can see , I click E and boom we get all the recipes , so let's go and find an item we could craft .

So I'm gonna keep looking so we can do a sign .

So click on the oak sign .

Boom .

As you can see it then tells you how to craft it .

If you go and click on a bed , it's going to tell you how to craft it .

And then if you say you want to know how to cross wool , you click on it and it shows you how to go and make yellow wool .

And then to go and make white wool , you can go and use string .

So , guys , I hope you did find that useful .

I uploaded so many different Minecraft tutorials on this channel , so I really would appreciate it if you could go and check the more of them out .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And I'll put them on the screen in just a moment .

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But also , guys , if you have any specific ideas you have for tutorials regarding Minecraft or just any , uh , technology , please do leave them down below as well as it means I can make specific tutorials which you guys actually want to see and that I can help fix any problems you have with that .

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But I really appreciate you watching this video .

Have a very awesome day .

And I hope you're going to go and enjoy Minecraft with a tonne of mods .

Peace out


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