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2023-08-31 09:32:00

The CHEESIEST Miso Mac 'n' Cheese _ Marion's Kitchen

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Holy smokes .

Look at that cheese .

Shall we watch it again ?

Let's watch the cheese some more .

My God .

I really just want to eat this spoon , but I will , I will refrain .

Let's get it into the dish before I eat it off .

You got it .

My friends , we are making a creamy four cheese miso Mac and cheese .

Ok , guys , it's like my favorite day of the year .

The day we make the creamiest cheesiest most umami flavor packed mac and cheese ever .

Yes , you can tell it .

I'm really excited .

Let's get going on .

We're gonna make a beam .

So like I toyed with a whole bunch of ways to make mac and cheese .

I like the beam base .

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I think it gives you the best kind of um mouth feel and cheesiness uh and the best kind of bake as well .

So we're gonna do it that way .

We're gonna start with some milk and like because this is mac and cheese , like I didn't want this to be an overly complicated recipe , but you know , you can still add simple things that make things even better that don't take literally any time at all .

So I am going to infuse my milk with just a few times bricks .

You could use rosemary as well if you like or you could just keep it simple and leave it out , choose your own adventure .

But the main thing is though , I wanna add some like bang flavor here .

Uh extra flavor , extra saltiness , extra umami .

So I'm gonna add in some miso paste .

And the idea here is I don't want that milk to boil .

I want it to heat up just enough so that I can get that miso paste dissolving .

Uh and those time kind of flavors into the milk just need to give that a bit of a whisk help that miso along .

OK ?

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This is looking good .

It's just warmed up enough that miso is dissolved .

I'm gonna pull out those uh time sprigs .

If you leave a few in there , it doesn't matter .

And now while that milk's still warm .

So this is like the key thing .

The key to getting a really nice um creamy non lumpy beal is to make sure your milk is warm .

If it's cold , you will just get like it just will be , it will be a disaster .

Trust me , let's get the butter heating up .

Now , just when that butter is starting to foam and sizzle a little bit .

Now , I wanna add in the flour and we're just making a basic roux here .

So a roux is like a cooked butter flour mixture .

It's gonna thicken up everything .

Now , make sure you're stirring that straight away and you wanna give this some time to cook a little as you're stirring so that some of that kind of floury taste gets cooked out a little bit .

Ok ?

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Just like , you know , a minute , a minute or so is good .

And now go in with your warm milk kind of a little at the time .

Like just sort of put a big splash in and stir .

Now you want to get in here with a whisk just whisk out any lumps that you might have .

And at this point , we're just waiting for this to thicken up and get like all creamy and lush .

Now , before we get started on the rest of the meal , I'm just gonna pop my pasta into the water to cook .

Um I'm using little curly Wellies here .

You could use macaroni , whatever kind of short pasta you kind of like .

Ok , so this kind of creaminess is what we're after with our bechamel sauce .

Oh , look at that .

Just perfect .

Uh Now we wanna go on with the cheese .

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So my ultimate combo for a mac and cheese after multiple trial and error situations um Is this , I've got some go , I've got some , I've got some Swiss cheese .

Um and I've got some mozzarella .

I love all of these things because they are , they all have really good kind of stretchy qualities and as long as we don't go too high on the temp .

When we put the cheese into the sauce , we won't get much of that kind of oily business happening , which you can get from a cheddar .

Um So let's without further ado , let's get this cheese in here .

And now I get to the bit that I love , which is like creating the cheesy creaminess that we all love for mac and cheese .

Look at that .

Wow .

It's like total Wow moment .

Look at that cheese stretch .

Oh my goodness .

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I mean , literally I could like get in with a spoon right now and just demolish quite a bit of that , which is probably crazy but true .

Um OK .

I could at least stick my finger in here otherwise I'm just gonna , you know , die .

Mm Wow .

Guys , that little hit of miso is so good in there .

It's like this little background kind of earthy saltiness .

Hm .

Let's get the pasta in there though because we need to get the pasta in there .

And this is also very satisfying , you know , mac and cheese is not just satisfying when you eat it .

It's like so satisfying to cook .

Um Check this out .

Look at that pasta just oozing with that cheese .

Ok .

So you need a large bacon dish because I've literally made like enough mac and cheese to feed .

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I don't know the cast of Survivor .

Um uh Let's get this in here .

Oh , my goodness .

Look at that oozing amazingness .

It's like so stringy , OK , just spread everything up a little in there and now I'm gonna get this in the oven first .

So this is my little technique for um getting a crispy topping , a golden topping .

So I like to get the cheesy pasta , getting some nice color first before I get my bread crumbs on there .

So into the oven , about 10 or 15 minutes until you just see little golden spots everywhere .

So while we're waiting for the cheesy pasta to do its thing , let's make that crumb topping that I was talking about .

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Um I wanna start off with some panco bread crumbs and I'm gonna go in here with some Japanese um sort of chili spice seasoning .

This is called sashimi Togashi .

It has like some cool things in here .

It's got um like chili powder , sesame seeds also kind of like citrus peel .

Um lots of other little magic things that make things taste good and it's a little spicy .

It's not too heavy handed with the chili also beautiful color .

And then here's my little like secret ingredient that I like to add here and that is some lemon zest .

It kind of adds this beautiful light fragrance and freshness just at the end .

And now you want a really big hit of salt here .

So you , I haven't done any salting um in the mac and cheese part uh because we've got the miso in there , which is a little salty .

So you do need quite a bit of aggressive seasoning here .

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Alright , so we're like sort of halfway dressed for the party .

Now we've got some pretty good looking uh you know , golden bits and pieces on there .

What I wanna do now is get our bread crumb mix on the top , get a , get a like a load of that stuff on there .

That's good stuff .

Now this goes back into the oven for another 30 minutes or until everything is looking really golden and delicious .

So there you go .

Friends .

Um like some pretty awesome mac and cheese right here for my version of a creamy four cheese mac and cheese .

Oh my goodness .

I need to get in here with like the biggest piece in the world .

I'm gonna really enjoy this .

I can tell .

Yeah .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Oh That's good .

Mhm So like you know that texture is so silky and velvety and the cheesy cheesiness is like next level .

That little hint of the miso so good and of course because I mean like that little extra bit of spice .

Mm Ridiculous .

Right .

I'm done mic drop .

Even though I can't drop my mic cos it's like pinned to me .

But if I had a mic , I would drop it now and leave with my pasta .


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