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2023-08-31 09:39:50

QUICK & EASY Homemade PICKLED Radish - Amazing HEALTH Benefits of Radishes

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I'm going to show you how I make one of my favorite condiments , which is pickled radish .

You can do this with any vegetable actually .

But I love radishes .

And I have a whole bunch of farmers market , fresh organic radishes that are beautiful .

And one tip on keeping radishes fresh for a long time in your fridge is when you bring them home , either from the store or the farmers market , trim them , clean them and then keep them in a glass container and fill it with filtered water to submerge the radishes underneath the water .

And that's the secret to keeping radishes crispy and fresh for weeks .

I usually consume them quicker than they can even spoil .

But I've tested this and you can keep radishes fresh for several weeks with that method .

So that's one tip and I'm going to get started .

I've already cleaned my radishes .

You can see how beautiful they are .

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So I'm going to get started slicing and you can use .

Of course , let me show you what I'm doing .

You can use of course a mandolin for slicing , but I'm doing it the old fashioned way .

Number one , because I don't have a mandolin and number two , mandolins frankly make me a little nervous .

So probably why I don't own one .

So I just use the knife and you just wanna slice them .

You can of course , leave them whole too .

That will be delicious .

You can leave them whole .

I prefer using this as a condiment .

So I like having the thin slices and it's all down to your preference .

Really ?

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I was asked to make tutu which is in English pickled veggies .

And um , I like making my pickled veggies slightly colorful quickly about ingredients , vegetables , of course , vegetables and the ones I used to like most when I was a child .

Um , green beans .

And of course , um because these are not cooked , probably this will be the only vegetable that needs slight cooking before we start brining .

And I already started boiling the water .

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Um , I just have these jars for Kimchi and pickling and I'm going to fill this up and whatever I don't use , I'm going to put back in my refrigerator so that I can put water on them , like I said , and keep them in my fridge just for salads and things like that .

So I'm gonna see how much I can put in this jar .

Ok .

So this looks about good for me because I wanna add some onions and garlic to this .

So I don't want to overfill it .

So that looks about um sufficient for me and I'm going to add some onion .

So I love onion .

And if you've never had pickled onion before , it's delicious .

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Only a few minutes .

You don't wanna cook it too long , probably five minutes while I uh show you the rest of the ingredients we need celery , a must ingredient .

My favorite .

I , I must say my favorite for all of them cabbage , fresh cabbage , cauliflower , another of my favorites and of course , cucumbers try to get the kind that's good for pickling .

I think these are called Kirby potatoes cucumbers and make sure that they are um very uh hard and not soft because they turn out even softer when they uh stay in and fresh green peppers , spicy or not , not spicy to your taste .

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Um This is , doesn't , this doesn't have to do anything with armin kind of , but I tried this a while ago in somebody else's um house and I loved it .

This is a squash and it's , when it's brined , it's crispy , crunchy , so delicious .

So I would suggest this , um to add to your , um , pickled veggies , fresh greens .

I like using dill and again , this is a must deal .

Um And also I'm using dill seeds too .

Parsley , uh mi carrots or just regular carrots , just make sure to make , uh , slice them into pieces .

And what else ?

And because I like the my pickles to be to have nice and pink color .

I'm using fresh beetroot .

Yes .

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You can use red wine vinegar , rice vinegar .

I'm going to use apple cider vinegar because that's what I have and then equal parts of filtered water .

I have a little over a cup of filtered water .

I'm going to add the same amount of apple cider vinegar .

It doesn't have to be exact .

Just roughly what ?

And then to the brining liquid , you can add any seasonings you like .

Again , I like it very simple , just salt pepper and then I throw in some celery seed because it gives a nice depth of flavor I find .

But obviously you can use whatever you like .

So I'm going to Sprinkle a little bit of celery seed .

Not too much , it's potent .

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This is not an must , um , option for the salt .

But if you can get this , this is the kind of salt that melts faster .

And if you're not using this kind of salt , you choose to be sure to .

Uh , first of all , let me turn this off , be short .

Long use a little bit hot water to me , melt the salt and then cold water for the water , use filtered water .

I think that's it .

Yes , that's it .

Ok .

So I'll put some cold water on this , uh , beans .

So they don't overcook .

Um , set this aside for a second and we need a big jar .

Big park .

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So I just salt it to taste and then I stir this and then I'm going to boil this on the stove .

I decided I wanted to add some ginger to the pickles .

I have my frozen ginger and I'm just going to grate this and this was a fairly small piece about an inch and a half .

So I'm gonna use the whole thing and now I can add my brine , the vinegar brown is boiled and you just add this , you just pour this over and you're done .

You can make sure that all of the goodies are submerged in the brine .

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So this will go on the side and of course , we need a heavy something .

So either use a weight or um something heavy because we need it .

I'll show you why .

Ok .

So I'm going to start by slicing the vegetables and as I mentioned , we need a big pot and what I do first go the vegetable that grinds uh the longest and cucumber .

No , cucumber will be the fastest .

Um , cabbage will be the one that , um , pickles for a long time .

And usually pickling takes about a week or more in room temperature preferably .

And the way I do this is , and this is only a small portion of the pickled vegetables that I usually make .

I don't know why .

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And if you didn't know radishes are extraordinarily healthy and in my opinion , very underrated radishes contain a compound , a sulfuric compound that helps loosen mucus and congestion .

So if you suffer with chronic congestion , eat radishes , they are very high in vitamin C .

They're anti cancer .

And they also support healthy liver and kidney function and they also support lymphatic drainage .

So they're really good for the lymphatic system and they help the body regulate um fluids .

So eat your radishes because uh I think people , I see people overlooking this beautiful vegetable .

So I guess I want to give it my um attention and this is going to be really good .

Uh Tomorrow it will be really , really good .

It's very hot .

So again , I put the lid on but I don't tighten it .

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So that's that .

And I'll arrange another layer of this long taking vegetables on the bottom like so this we don't need and with each layer , we will add a few leaves of bay leaves .

I don't know if I mentioned bay leaves .

I think I did bay leaves .

A few of ground black pepper , a little bit of these seeds , the seeds and then my ground cilantro coriander and then a few garlics and very important if you wanna make your to slice the garlic .

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A little bit of this .

And of course , the cilantro , no , they're not cilantro .

Uh salary slice them as big or as small as you like .

The last will go .

The cucumbers , they brine very quickly for me .

They , they are already on day three .

I already start eating my pickles .

I mean cucumbers and for cucumbers , I'm just going to slice the bottoms and set this side .

I'll place my oops , this is not at the bottom .


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