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2023-08-31 09:40:05

How to Pickle ANYTHING _ Restaurant Style LOW CARB how to pickle recipe

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Hey , what's up everybody ?

This is your keto chef , Rob .

OK .

Pickles , believe it or not really change the way that I cook .

And for keto people like us , it's really important to know how to do a quick pickle because a dish high in fat needs that acidity .

Have .

If you have eggs in the morning , just chop up a little bit of quick pickled red onions and it adds a bunch of color .

It cuts through the fat with that acidity and it really makes your dish pop .

Let me show you how to do a quick pickle .

Let's do this white vinegar and jars are super cheap .

Any time I got some leftover veg .

I choose to pickle it today .

I'm using these little 12 ounce jars .

I think they're 12 ounces .

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Anyways , they're like the smaller ball jars and just opening up my fridge .

I see that I have red onions , uh English cucumber and some white cauliflower .

So that's gonna be the pickles that we're making today .

So to make sugar free keto pickling juice , do just straight up vinegar and we're gonna add some spices , fill the jar that you plan on putting your pickles in halfway up with vinegar and that's gonna be how you measure how much vinegar you need for this recipe .

A lot of brines use sugar .

This keto brown is just gonna be salt and vinegar and spices and it turns out really well , I've been using it for a long time .

Now .

You can go to the store and buy pickling spices and really , it doesn't matter too much .

Honestly , I kind of switch it up every time .

I don't have one recipe .

Any really woodsy spices works perfectly for a pickling spice .

Uh Today I'm gonna go coriander and a dill weed .

All spice , clove bay leaf .

I don't know all the ingredients I put them in pretty much .

You just wanna shoot for a really woodsy flavor profile .

If you're gonna be doing something like dill pickles , honestly , all you need is garlic and dill .

There's lots of spice combinations .

You got bread and butter .

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Um Obviously you would have to add some sort of keto sweetener to that .

Seriously .

This one it's easiest for me .

It's the one I always use and people tend to devour these pickles .

So maybe give these a shot , just make sure that you have fresh when I say fresh , just not like years old dry ingredients , just get them somewhat fresh .

Ok ?

They're gonna be dried but get them somewhat , you know , within the last year .

So now we're gonna go ahead and we're gonna put this on a light simmer .

And really , we just want to hydrate this and we wanna infuse this vinegar while we chop up all of our veg .

I'm gonna go ahead and just chop this up by hand and remember any vegetable really will work here .

Just make sure that it's like a high fiber , low sugar vegetable .

Remember onions are borderline but I'm just using them very sparingly .

Usually just to add a little bit of color to my dish .

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By the time you've chopped all your vegetables and you've really pressed as many as you can into these jars .

Our vinegar infusion is probably done infusing .

So just get a fine strainer and top off each jar .

It's as simple as that .

And now remember this liquid is gonna be hot going in here .

So when we put our tops on , we're gonna get a nice seal and as the liquid cools off , it's gonna create a vacuum in there .

And because it's hot going in there , we know that there's no live bacteria .

So you can go ahead throw this on your shelf and it's gonna keep for a while .

But chances are once you start handing these pickles out , people are gonna devour them because these are delicious .

They're colorful and they're such a good way of preserving some extra vegetables you have lying around .

I'm throwing this on my breakfast here , check that out .

It just adds so much depth of flavor .

One of your friends or family would love this video .

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Go ahead and share it with them .

It helps me out a lot .

As always , keep a keto .

Stay healthy , peace .


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