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2023-08-31 09:40:13

#1 summer salad_ marinated cucumbers, onions, tomatoes

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What is the , one of the number one salads at summer time ?

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It is a marinated cucumber onion and tomato salad is one of the number one , cold salads during the summer time .

And I'm gonna show y'all my recipe and , uh , I'll get y'all down here and show you the ingredients real quick .

Now , there's a lot of recipes out there for , uh , marinated cucumbers and , uh , they're all good .

I can tell you because I've ate a lot of them , but I'm just gonna show you my recipe and just a little bit of different things that , uh , I do to it .

Now , I've got my cucumbers here and I've got two different kinds of cucumbers for this recipe .

You're gonna need about , uh , probably three good size medium cucumbers .

I've got a few tomatoes here that I've got out of the garden .

I really would want another , a bigger one , but this is what I've got .

So that's what I used today .

And , uh , I've got a , uh , two small purple onions .

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You can use any kind of onions you got , and I just sliced them up .

I'm gonna cut up my cucumbers .

I got salt and pepper .

I've got about 1/4 of a cup of sugar .

I've got a half a cup of a white distilled vinegar .

You can use , um , apple cider vinegar for this kind of a salad .

I really would rather use the white vinegar for it .

I got 1/4 of a cup of oil .

You can use olive oil .

I'm gonna use peanut oil .

If , what you use is vegetable oil you use that , uh , whatever kind of oil that you use .

And I've got a cup of water .

I've also got a little bit of deal here and I've got some lemon thyme that I've got .

Now the garden and I've got just a little bit of a sprig of , uh , oregano .

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So I'm gonna get my cucumbers cut up my tomatoes cut up and , uh , we're gonna mix our ingredients up here in a minute and , uh , we'll get it all together and I'll show you how to store our dressing for our marinated cucumbers and I've got a cup of water .

I've got a half a cup of distilled white vinegar .

I've got 1/4 a cup of oil and whatever or you prefer to use is we'll be ok .

I've got 1/4 around 1/4 of a cup of sugar .

Now , you can use Stevia .

You can , um , use honey if you want to and I'll probably do that next time .

I make it .

I almost probably make it with a little bit of honey .

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Um If you use raw sugar , it doesn't seem to dissolve and you kind of got a gritty uh texture to it .

I'm gonna put couple of about a teaspoon and a half of salt teaspoon of pepper and that's all it is .

That is your , your vinaigrette , your dressing for your marinated cucumbers .

I make a lot of different vinaigrettes and a lot of we make our own uh ranch dressing .

I make uh a homemade French , uh , or like a Catalina dressing too .

And I need to do some videos on that .

I don't anymore .

I just never buy store , bought salad dressing anymore .

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It's so easy to make up and it's just 100 times fresher and it just tastes better to me .

So we got that done .

I've got me a few tomatoes out of the garden kit up there .

Like I said , I wish I had a few more , but that's all I've got today .

The onions and the cucumbers , they find me a spoon and I've got , I had , uh , four medium cucumbers and I had two little small ones and I just went ahead and cut them up .

But you don't wanna put no more than that with this amount of uh vinaigrette .

You wanna make sure that your vinaigrettes stirred up good .

I'm gonna put my onions in here and I just sliced them up and I'm just gonna kind of separate them a little bit .

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This is such a refreshing salad this time of year .

Me and me around , we really like cold salads and we really like them in the summer time .

And I'm gonna try to do some more recipes on different cold salads for this time of year .

It's just , um , when it gets up in the nineties and hundreds , it's , it's just , it's hard on people to eat , um , to eat too heavy , to eat a lot of carbs .

Uh , so these cold salads are really good for you .

Not too heavy on the belly .

My onions come out of the garden and I love marinated onions .

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So now I'm just gonna put my vinaigrette in here , make sure I get all that sugar and salt and stuff and I'm gonna toss them around and the way I store this and I'm gonna show you here in just a minute how I store it and you want to put it in the fridge , uh , for at least two hours .

Um , if you're lucky to have any left for the next day , that's good because it really marinates , but any more than two days , it starts getting mushy , but a lot of times it gets up .

So , so let me get my container and I'm gonna show you how I'm gonna store this in the fridge .

It makes a pre presentation too .

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This is how I'm gonna store my marinated cucumbers , onions and tomatoes .

I think this is the best way to do it .

Just put it in a court jar , put your lid on it and I wanna show you , um , I put my time and my oregano and I've got my deal in here and that's just how easy that is .

Now , you can double this recipe , triple it , quadruple it , whatever you wanna do and make it in a big gallon jar and , uh , take it on a , take it to the river if you're having a , a family , uh get together or something because I guarantee you every bit of it will be eight .

It is a good , good cold salad .

So y'all need to try it and it makes , it makes a really pretty side dish too .

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I hope y'all like this recipe and I hope y'all try it because it's delicious .

If y'all like this video , please give me a thumbs up , subscribe if you haven't subscribed and uh there's some people that's having trouble finding my recipes .

So at the end of this video , uh I'm just gonna show you just a little tidbit of how easy it is to go to my description box and to find my Amazon shop store and to uh to find the recipes and to be able to find my , the rest of my videos .

Ok .

So we're gonna show you maybe if I can how to find a lot of hauler videos and everything that's in the description box .

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And if you go to holler and right here you click on holler instead of , it'll have , uh , recipes and videos down here .

But you go up here to holler and you click on it and it's gonna go to the main page and it's gonna show you videos and it'll show you every video that's ever been done .

You click on that video and it's gonna have every video , have all of them listed one that's ever been done .

And you can go through there and watch what you would like to watch .

They also have that playlist too .

Now , I don't have my playlist updated right now .

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I just haven't had time but the playlist , like if you're looking for a canning recipe , you can click on that on the playlist and uh look for canning , click on canning and it'll play out .

You got canning , it's got your Meatless Monday .

It's got different things .

You don't have to click on it though .

But so that's your playlist .

The reason we're showing this is I've been getting a lot of comments , people having trouble not being able to , you know , where's all your videos ?

I don't know how to get to them .

And then one of my biggest questions is how do I get to your recipes and your description box for your Amazon store ?

So , so click on that one .

We're gonna click on our , the latest video .

You see how fast our internet is ?

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Yeah , we got good internet and there's a commercial .

But anyway , we're gonna go right here under the video is the description box where the , where the comments are right ?

And you have to be subscribed to the channel to uh to be notified and to be able to watch .

I mean , some of it .

Yeah , if you're not , I know some people are like , I , I don't know how to get to it , but if you're not subscribed to the channel , you're just uh you can't see the comments and you can't comment and you can't get to the description box .

You subscribe is right here and I'm gonna unsubscribe when you're unsubscribed .

Normally your box is red .

You see the subscribe right there .

So you wanna click on that , subscribe and then it has a little bell right here .

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It's a notification bell to let you know when there's been a new video put up .

So you want all .

No , you can , you can personalize , personalize it , but you want all to pop up and it looks like that .

Now , this is for any channel that you're watching .

It's the same thing .

So the same thing now sometimes somehow or another your notifications may not be letting you know .

So you go back and do this over again and it should start again .

OK ?

Where it says show more right , right here where it says this is just in the description box , it says show more .

You click on that and that should have your recipe .

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It'll show your recipe , it has her gmail it has , uh , Amazon shopping where you can shop through her to buy something , which doesn't cost you anymore .

But you can use that app right there and click on it and do some shopping and it helps our channel out a little , uh , that's silly cameras going in and out , in and out .

Ok .

But anyways , that's the gist of it because we , we just , and I know that if you're , you know , new to youtube or just like me and not real astute to , you know , stuff like this .

It's hard to know you got to be still because the camera's going in now for some reason .

It's silly , ain't it ?

Yeah .

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But anyways , we just want to show y'all and this is , is with any channel , this is how you'll get to the different videos and how to get to the recipes .

I'll show you one more time .

You said show more right there .

Now on my phone , when I'm looking on my phone , it doesn't say show more .

It's just a little arrow but on computer , I guess , um , it says show more and that shows you the recipes and sometimes I have different information on there .

So it's that easy .

And then right here is a little trick that mine has sort by on your comments if you want , if you're reading comments , like we do all the time , 24 hours a day seems like which we really enjoy them .

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It has the newest you can click on the newest comments and it will , mine will bring up the one like this one right here was three minutes ago .

It'll start from the newest and go back to the oldest , which helps me because I've done read a bunch of them .

Ok .

But anyway , that's pretty much the gist of it .

Go back to our , uh , page .

So that one more time back to the page .

Oh , I did .

I went way back .

You went back too far .

We won't give out that information .

Y'all .

Look at my man .

Isn't that pretty ?

I was feeling really patriotic .

Put me up a little bit .

Are you ready ?

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Well , I'm gonna go up here to my search bar on youtube and it says a wheel hauler right here and if it doesn't come up , Whipper Wheel hauler , you type in whipper wheel holler and it's gonna go up to our home page and you click right here .

I mean , it goes , it's gonna show you several videos but it's not all of them click right here on Whipper Wheel holler and that goes to a home page .

And if you wanna watch , look at all the videos , but she's got 250 something .

I believe you click on videos and that's gonna show you all the videos that she's ever done .

OK ?

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We just wanted to , uh , to help some people that's been asking we're here to help .

So guys , y'all have a good week and I hope this helps some of y'all out and , uh , we'll talk at you later .


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