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2023-08-31 09:25:56

How to Grow Taller with Yoga _ 30 Day New Year Challenge _ Day 21

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If you want to grow taller , then I have the best height increasing yoga exercise for you in the short yoga video .

Hi , I'm Melissa from yoga with Melissa .

I offer real yoga for real people .

We're all about connection , connection with the teacher and teachings that allow you to connect with your true self and to a community of people who support each other on a genuine path , spiritual transformation .

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I am putting out a brand new video like this every single day for our new year 30 day yoga challenge .

On day 22 there's going to be a video on how to improve your eyesight with yoga .

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And then on day 23 we're going to have a much requested video on foot pain relief with yoga .

If you stand all day .

And then on day 24 we're going to do a video on back pain relief with yoga if you stand all day .

So if those videos sound interesting to you and helpful to you , then when you subscribe and press that little Bell , those videos will show up in your subscription feed so that you don't miss a single video in our 30 day challenge this month .

Now , before I show you the best yoga poses to increase your height , I want to point you to some additional resources .

Basically , there were so many poses for me to include in this one yoga video .

So I'm going to make another full length yoga video uh at some point to cover this topic in the future .

But until then , I'm going to recommend how to do sun salutations for beginners .

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And I'll put that link in the show notes if you click show more underneath the youtube video because every single yoga pose in sun salutations will help you increase your height .

So this is a great series for you to learn and practice if you're interested in getting taller .

And when I make the next video , I'll go into more detail on that in our membership community .

We have a whole series of classes dedicated to the first pose that I'm going to show you to increase your height , which is cap pose .

There are seven classes on cap poses in the series in our membership community that go over the benefits of cap poses modifications , connective tissue practices , brain yoga , traditional Chinese medicine , meridians , Ayurveda and a so I will put the link for members in the show notes and also a link for you to join our membership community .

If you're not already a member .

OK .

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So the first pose that I personally think is one of the best poses to grow taller and increase your height is cat .

Each time you flex and extend your spine , you are creating more space between the intervertebral discs of your spine .

Thus making yourself taller .

Additionally , this pose will improve your posture by opening your chest and your shoulders , which will also increase your height .

The second type of pose that are useful are side bends .

Now , side bends are one of the best ways to get taller with yoga .

They lengthen your spine and your side body while opening your chest and your shoulders .

So they make you taller as well .

Today , I am going to show you and demonstrate one of my favorite standing yoga postures , side angle pose .

Another type of pose that I find is really useful for getting taller twists .

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They're a great way to increase your height naturally because they stretch all the little tiny muscles that run along your spine .

They're called your super spit muscles .

And so those also help to make you taller .

Today , I'm going to demonstrate a simple seated twist called easy twist .

That is fabulous for that .

The third type of poses that are very helpful for making you taller are back bends .

Uh They will help you grow taller , they do this by improving your posture again , they open your chest and your shoulders , they lengthen your spine .

So together , these things will help to improve your posture and they'll help you to grow taller with yoga .

So today I'm going to demonstrate a back band called Locust Pose .

Now , if you made it all the way to the end of the video , put , I'm so much taller in the comments and thank you so much for pressing that like button .

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If you know somebody who would benefit from this video , then please share it with them across all your socials and remember to subscribe so you can improve your eyesight with yoga tomorrow .

Now must stay .


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