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2023-08-31 13:49:40

1 Dollar Fancy Mac and Cheese _ But Cheaper

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So mac and cheese isn't really expensive when you go to the store , but it sucks .

But when you go to a restaurant , when it's great , it's this much for one bowl when you could be making it at home .

Just as fancy for this price right here .

That is , but cheaper .

So as I said , when you go to a restaurant , you get yourself a nice fancy mac and cheese .

There are whole mac and cheese dedicated restaurants and they're great .

Don't get me wrong .

I'm not trying to knock them .

They're fantastic .

You don't have to make it all sorts of flavors , but it is expensive .

I've seen $25 mac and cheese for a single bowl , bro .

What inflation is real ?

Do you read The Economist ?

I don't .

But what I do want you to know this entire pasta dish , this entire macaroni dish can be just as fancy , just as cheesy .

Just as good .

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Have that baked quality that everybody knows and loves a small price .

Don't you wanna save money ?

I'm assuming you do because you're on this series or maybe you just watch .

Hey , thanks for the dedication .

Ok .

With all that said .

Let's make this , shall we ?

This is gonna be a quick one .

So you're welcome .

We recently had a conversation of homemade pasta versus store bought .

What's cheaper ?

Is there a better one ?

Tasting ?

Blah , blah , blah , blah , blah , blah , blah bla really ?

There isn't a gigantic difference per serving in terms of price .

So it comes down to what you really want .

Texturally , of course , homemade is gonna be better , but a pasta extruder isn't exactly the most cost effective thing in the world .

So with all that being said , £1 of Mecca to me , it is uh I hope I don't need to over explain boiling pasta here , right ?

Bring a pot of water to a boil , season it aggressively with salt .

You are always going to want to season it borderline as salty as the ocean .

It is the secret of a proper pasta .

Once it set a vigorous boil , add in your macaroni and cook for just one minute under the original package directions , it's around 8 to 9 minutes .

Now , while that's going , let's make our mac and cheese sauce , which from a culinary perspective is really just a mona sauce .

So we've had this combo .

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But you know how I feel about that first in a large bowl , combine 2.5 cups or 470 g of Monterey Jack cheese and 2.5 cups or 470 g of sharp cheddar .

Now buying a whole block can sometimes and usually be less expensive than if you choose pre graded and also pre graded really sucks .

I mean , it is awful for this purpose and salsa that together until thoroughly combined .

And that's your cheese mixture .

Next in a large pot , add half a cup or 100 and 12 g of unsalted butter heat that over medium heat .

And once all that butt is hot and melted whisk in half a cup or 75 g of all purpose flour .

Let that cook for one minute stirring often then gradually stream and whisk in three cups or 700 mL of whole milk and one cup or 240 millis of heavy cream whisk that together .

And as soon as that is adding 1.5 cups of your cheese with that , an intel melted , then once uh melted , add in another 1.5 cups of your cheese whisk that an Intel melted and hot and that's your morning sauce .

So silky and cheesy .

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It's as if the drapes of cheesy valla are glazing the very earth that we stand upon then just season that it tastes with salt .

Optionally , you can add some fresh grated nutmeg , but that is completely optional and not necessary .

So I'm not adding it to the price .

All right , I'm not anyway , drain your mac place that hot mac in your cheese sauce and fold together until thoroughly combined and just lovely .

Please coat this thoroughly .

You know how I feel about having to talk about bald spots on chicken , please , please .

Anyway , get yourself a nine by 13 baking dish grease .

It lightly add in half of your mac filled by half of your remaining cheese .

Then the other half of your mac Maroni , then optionally toss the remaining cheese before you top it with two teaspoons or 5 g of fresh thyme leaves till thoroughly combined .

And then finally add all of that to the top layer of your mac cheese .

And maybe you can add a little extra cheese if you want but be aware that will cost extra because you added extra .

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Now , all you gotta do is pop set to 3 50 °F , which is also 176 °C for 20 to 25 minutes or until from there .

You can either blast it with your broiler or you can hit it with a kitchen torch until it's brown to your liking .

Now , all that's left is a big , beautiful spoon but nothing comedically large .

I beg of you don't get into your mac and observe the many , many cheese pulls worthy of an angel's tear plop that bad boy onto a plate .

And let's find out if we made a mac and cheese for this price that can hold its own against a significantly more expensive counterpart .

Ok .

So we have mac and cheese .

This is one of the most basic things in the world that already comes cheap as we all know .

Ok .

But this is fancy .

We made a root and then we made a and then what else did we make a sauce ?

I think Kraft is making a mona sauce .

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See , there's another trait about mac and cheese before I even eat it .

And it's this , by the way , all I did was this , I just picked it up and it was just like there's so many layers and experiences of cheese in this for this price per person that's better than any store bought .

Box mac and cheese .

You're gonna get , you got multiple layers of texture .

You have a little bit of chef and the cheese in the middle .

The stretch , the crunch of the caramelized cheese on top or brule , I should say .

And of course , the macaroni is cooked perfectly .

It has the right texture .

You could replace the macaroni with any other pasta that you want .

But this is obviously the cheapest option if you want to raise the price slightly , but also have a different eating experience .

You could use something like this .

OK ?

But the choice is always yours .

The the only thing I want you to consider , I kind of regret doing that .

I wanted to eat that .

The only thing I want you to consider you're just making your own gosh , darn mac and cheese .

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Of course , this is a pretty common typical recipe .

I just want you to wake up to the reality of it all .

OK .

You wanna know what else is full of cheese , pulled dreams and perfectly al dente pasta bean .

All right guys .

And that is it .

So we made our mac and if you think about it , mac and cheese is kind of like a French Italian combo , right ?

And then you put the past uh French Italian .

Wow .

One of the few things in America that's kind of got some culture to it .

Everything turned up for .

It was exactly what I wanted .

There was no difference in flavor between this mac and cheese and any other mac and cheese that I've made on this channel before and yet it was made with the thought of your wallet in mind .

No sacrifice in time that it takes to make .

It's easy .

No sacrifice in flavor and it's cheap .

What else do you want ?

We're giving you what you want anyway .

Hope you enjoyed this video .

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And if you did leave a like , subscribe and I will see you next time .


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