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2023-08-31 14:29:33

Jamaican Escovitch Fry Fish Sauce (Pickle) _ Recipes By Chef Ricardo

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And this goes in the oven now it doesn't go in the oven um , with aluminum foil on .

Ok .

And you can keep it on 3 50 but just keep the good eye on it .

All right .

Baked macaroni .

101 , Gina and grandmom style .

You hear me , please ?

I know .

I know .

I know .

I know .

Girl , you outdid yourself .

I know .

I know .

I know .

I know .

Where did you learn to cook ?

I know .

I know .

I know .

Ok .

I'm being silly .

I'm putting this in the oven and I'll be right back as soon as it browns and I'll let you know how long it took to brown .

Ok , everybody a good 8 to 10 minutes .

This cheese is exactly what I wanted to look at .

Let me get , look like let me get a nice close up right here .

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That cheese was just bubbling out of there when I took it out the oven .

Look at this guys this right here .

Oh this right here guys as it .

Mm mm .

Mm .

Mm .

Mm .

Mm mm .

And we're gonna have a whole roasted chicken and I got some green beans over there .

Just a little bit of green beans because it's only me , my husband and Dakota at night .

All right .

Look at this guys and we're gonna eat on this macaroni for a couple of days and we'll send some to some some people .

Oh man .

Oh my gosh .

Would you look , would you all just look at this ?

Mm mm mm like seriously I'm gonna make a plate .

Hold on guys .

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Look at this , look at this .

Oh Yeah .

Oh yeah .

Look down in there guys , look at that and get that cheese off of there so it can stay beautiful .

Mm We're gonna dig in here in one second .

Let me take my spoon off .

Oh So much flavor guys .

Mm mm mm Here's what I want you all to do .

Mm Take a look down in there is what you do .

Look at that .

Look how creamy and look at this .

Nice , beautiful .

Let's dig in guys .

Scoot this bad boy aside .

Get on over here .

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God bless this meal .

Thank you Jesus for feeding us every day , taking care of us and blessing us .

Thank you Lord for this food .

We are going to receive .

Amen .

I'm gonna let you all taste this .

Oh I'm digging in right here .

I'm gonna dig in right here and then I'll let you all taste that crust .

Next .

Look at this .

Oh North Dakota .

Taste this guys .

Oh My goodness .

The cheesiness .

Oh So much flavor taste that I'm digging in that .

Mm mm mm It's hot guys .

Mm oh my goodness .

Mm But it's so good .

Oh It's so delicious .

This right here is macaroni guys .

If you never had it before , you gotta make you some , let them know Gina showed you how to do it .

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Look at this .

Mm mhm mm mm .

This will make you cry .

Oh Taste right there .

Mm And don't forget that cheese just dripping down .

Absolutely taste that .

Hm .

Mm mm mm mm mm .

And see not buttery at all .

Not buttery at all .

This is what you want .

If you all enjoyed this video , give me a thumbs up , make sure you all subscribe .

Don't forget to click on that notification bell and as always , God bless , have a great night .

Thank you all for watching .

Good night .

I'm gonna taste this but I'm actually full guys .

I actually just had some Captain Crunch berries and that bowl was so good .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I love this up right here guys .

I'm just gonna simply show you yourself if you're gonna angle these things , you need to oven gloves because I don't want you to touch the pepper and touch your eye , touch the own and touch your eye and touch some part of your body and it get does get messed up .

All right .

So the first thing which you wanna do , we wanna put tea in the onion and it is white onion .

Alright inside of it like this .

Let's get wanna make you guys can see let's get the white one in at the side .

All right , the next thing I'm gonna put it in there these up there the carrot .

Alright .

As you can see we don't want those shocking things inside of it things don't look nice .

So I'm gonna put in everything that you will see exactly what I'm doing .

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I couldn't wait on the maca ranch so I'm stuffed .

I'm gonna take this last bite .

Mm mm mm .

Mhm .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I get rid of all of those peppers with the gloves and everything .

You can't touch the pepper and touch the back land .

You have to be careful .

All right .

So now we're gonna get some vinegar and I'm using some white vinegar and I'm gonna pour it straight inside of it .

Like , yeah , to be honest , you can add more stuff inside of it as you can see because it's a big buckle .

Right .

Next thing .

Yeah .

Seal it .

And when you see it like this , look at that beautiful and nice guys and it built to what you can also do .

Some people put sugar inside of it .

But you know what I mean ?

Come on .

We don't need to put sugar on this .

This is you can put down this as set up to the 3 to 4 months .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And to be honest , because the vinegar , what the vinegar will do , the vinegar will preserve it because vinegar is very good .

A lot of people use vinegar to wash their meat , do all sort of stuff , use it to clean with .

So vinegar is very strong and the vinegar will preserve it .

So most time if you're washing like your fake dry stuff , you can use the vinegar and don't even wash it .

So guys , this is what exactly what I'm doing right here .

As I can see if you need a bucket for your Christmas for your Easter .

Sorry guys , if you need a buckle like this for your Easter , for your fish , let's chef and all I would def definitely make it for you .

So hopefully we'll enjoy to put some fresh time inside of it .

We have the garlic , we have the white onion , we have some mixed pepper inside of it and also we got everything inside of it just to make you guys see exactly what we are doing right here .

So enjoy it guys .

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And hopefully this will be a benefit to you with your , your family and hopefully we will see you next time .

So enjoy it .

And thank you so much for watching Chef Ricotta cooking show .

We got a lot more recipe coming up for you at this .

So enjoy it and see you next time and this is from Chef .

Bye bye .


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