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2023-08-31 14:23:37

How to Quick-Pickle Veggies – It's Easy AF!

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Hey , it's Amanda and you're in my kitchen with me making something .

I absolutely love pickles or today it's gonna be a quick , you know why it's easy .

A s OK .

So when I said quick , I meant a quick pickle because we're not going to seal these in a mason jar and boil them and store them in the pantry .

These are gonna get stored in the refrigerator after we pour the pickling liquid over them and they'll be ready hour , two hours overnight .

Whatever you like so quick pickle can be done so easily with water , vinegar , sugar and salt .

That's it .

And then you can spice it up with whatever else you like .

I already have water in here .

I have about two cups of water .

So the ratio is gonna be 2 to 1 .

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You need lots of vinegar for this because you want it acidic and that does the work for you .

It does all the pickling , it does all the delicious work to make it acidic .

Now , you can use regular distilled white vinegar , which I like to use because it just is neutral and it takes on the flavor of any vegetable or I'm gonna spice it up with a little champagne vinegar here .

You can use red wine vinegar too .

All right .

So we've got lots of pickling liquid .

What we have here is a sliced cucumbers , regular cucumber .

This is actually an English cucumber .

It's seedless carrots and red onion , which always need to be treated .

Somehow .

I love pickling red onion .

Now , I have some raw garlic which I'm gonna add to my carrot .

I have add some bay leaf , which I'm gonna put in the water .

So not only am I gonna add sugar and sauce , but I am gonna add some spices .

This is about a half to a quarter cup of sugar .

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I like it a little more savory .

So I go with a little more salt , two or three teaspoons , tablespoons , I mean coriander seed , fennel seed , mustard seed .

You could put black pepper corns , you could put herbs in here , anything you want .

And what I encourage you to do is actually taste this before you pour it over your vegetables .

Because if this tastes good , then your veggies are gonna taste good .

What else could you do this with ?

I do pickled jalapenos as you can see , I do these at home myself .

I have pickled carrots in here mixed with some jalapenos , which is so delicious .

I love to make pickles , pickles .

They hang out in my fridge and I eat them with sandwiches .

I put them on fish dishes .

I just eat them on their own .

OK .

So this is gonna come to a boil while I add some garlic to my carrots .

You can pickle peppers , you can pickle just about anything you like .

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I'm gonna add the garlic to the carrot because I find that the carrot needs a little punch .

All right .

So let's go ahead and taste this .

This should come up to a boil .

I know it seems weird to taste this but you have to because you're not gonna know because you have to sit for a little while .

Oh Yes .

It has an acidic punch .

It's a little bit sweet .

It's a little bit salty and you bring it up to a boil and we're gonna pour it over and that's it .

OK ?

Our pickle liquid has boiled and we're gonna go ahead and take it and distribute it over each vegetable and that's it .

You can let them sit until they cool , then put a lid on it and throw them inside of your fridge and each one , like I said has different flavor .

We've got garlic with our carrot .

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Our pickle liquid base is all the same , but the onion is gonna give up its flavor .

Cucumbers are gonna give off their flavor .

You can even put dill inside of the cucumber , put a bunch of dill with those cukes and then the carrot .

I always love adding jalapeno with my carrot , but this is just gonna be straight up and that's , that's your quick go .

I can't chase them because they're not ready yet .

But as you see , they're easy .

A I but wait before you go , I have an extra tip for you .

If you're not ready to make your own pickle liquid , when you're done with your corny shaws or your pickles , don't throw away the liquid .

Take that , bring it to a boil and pour it over your favorite vegetable .

This is valuable pickle liquid .

This is a great tip .

A trick to make your own pickles .


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