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2023-08-31 14:21:05

Spicy Chicken Egg Fried Rice with Chicken Pickle - Spicy Chicken Egg Fried Rice Restaurant Style

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We're gonna make awesome chicken pickle , which is my favorite favorite .

And usually if you have it at the dining table .

Wow .

Wow .

Wow .

Wow .

I love to make some fried rice with this chicken pickle .

So today we're going to learn both of them the chicken pickle , then chicken pickle fried rice .

Welcome back to another session with your washer .

First , we're going to learn how to make the chicken pickle .

Then we're going to use the same chicken pickle and make egg fried rice , chicken pickle , egg fried rice .

Awesome .

And you will thoroughly enjoy it .

I have taken the chicken pieces which have cut into small pieces and I have brined these chicken pieces in salt water for six hours .

So the chicken becomes nice and wonderful and perfect for making pickles for half a kg chicken .

We're going to take 10% of each .

This may be kind of looking unbelievable , but this is 50 g of salt .

This is 50 g of chili powder , 50 g of ginger garlic paste around 50 m of vinegar .

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So all 10% each mustard seed and me powder me gives kind of slight flavor and it's excellent .

But here , we're going to take 15 g and around 7 g of meti po .

And in this , this is additional , adding a little bit of crush pepper and also a little bit of garam masala and even a little bit of turmeric to give .

But the most important thing is the oil .

So for half a kg of chicken , you're going to use around 250 ml of oil .

First , we're going to cook the chicken in this , not the entire oil add , just let's say around 20 to 30 ml of oil in this , add these chicken pieces and almost , you know , I kind of removed much of the moisture possible from this just sort at the chicken pieces .

First thing , what we try to do is get rid of the moisture .

At the same time , the chicken pieces need to be cooked .

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What you can do is put the lid on and let some of the juices , the moisture come out in between , just remove the lid and sort it put the lid on and let it cook perfectly .

Now , the chicken pieces are getting cooked , but we want to get rid of the moisture and we want the chicken pieces to be dry .

So keep the lid open and fry till the chicken gets slight brown color .

Now add some oil , they're going to leave some oil for tempering .

If I added the entire oil with the raw chicken oil will be spluttering all over that's the reason first I cooked it a little bit , got rid of the moisture .

That's why I added the extra oil .

Later when the chicken pieces are slightly colored , only then add ginger garlic paste .

Let this ginger garlic paste also fry in the oil .

You do not want any moisture from this .

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So just let this cook along with the chicken pieces .

Once you see much of the ginger garlic paste is nicely fried in this .

We're going to add turmeric salt .

We are also going to add the vinegar .

So reduce the flame a little bit , just mix this , cook this on a very slow flame for four or five minutes .

When you see some of the moisture is reducing the vinegar .

That is when you're going to add the rest of the ingredients .

The chili powder , I'm going to add a little bit of masala powder , very little of pepper powder .

The meaty powder , be careful , always add a little less , you know , that is much better and mustard powder , the flame is so low , just we're going to mix this and it should start looking like a pickle .

If too much of moisture is there , you're going to let it cook further .

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If this becomes kind of dry , you can add a little more vinegar .

This is perfect .

The only thing you can add at this time is vinegar or a little bit of lime juice .

Bring it to kind of a slight gravy consistency there are many vinegars in the market .

Some smell really strong .

Usually they are 5% vinegar , even apple cider vinegar and those things you can use for making vegetable pickles , they will taste really good .

Take the ones which are a little mild in smell and you will get a perfect pickle , pour the rest of the oil in the pan and we're going to do it , tempering the mustard seeds , switch off the flame and in this some curry leaf for this on top of this pickles need that extra oil .

So now you will see this entire masala will be excellent .

Just look at it , much of the oil will be absorbed by it .

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And now this is ready to be poured into a jar and your chicken pickle is ready .

Look at the pickle , it is nice with all these pieces .

You can always transfer this into a jar and serve .

Usually you can keep this pickle for more than 60 days , but I have never kept it more than 15 days because I just finish it off within a few days .

This chicken pickle is so amazing , especially if you have kids who are staying in the hostel or bachelors living somewhere else .

You can make this chicken pickle and give it to them and they will thoroughly enjoy it and you won't have to feel guilty that with anything .

They can always put some pickles and this gravy sauce is also just amazing .

So that will substitute as a fantastic curry difference .

Make this pickle eat it and then you will totally love it .

Hm .

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Whenever you make the chicken pickle , get a nice transparent jar , transfer it there and leave it at the dining table and you will see it fly off .

The chicken pickle gets tastier and tastier day after day .

And we're gonna make awesome chicken pickle egg fried rice with this for making this chicken egg fried rice .

We're gonna add some oil in the pan in this .

We're going to add some mustard seeds .

We're going to add some cumin seeds to make this a little bit crunchy .

I always love to add some and also we are going to kind of get slight coloring .

This crunchiness is good for my kind of fried rice .

When this gets slightly done , we're gonna add some chopped onion a little bit salt , toss this onions till there slightly sweat .

We're going to drop in some eggs with the chicken fried rice .

I think two eggs should be good enough .

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Just scramble the eggs , take the chicken pickle and add in a few chicken pieces .

Mix this when this mixture is scrambled , just move it on the side .

Add the rice .

You have this fantastic , wonderful the chicken pickle fried rice .

Ah ha ha .

Very , very tasty .

All you have to do is I had some coriander and also maybe some chopped spring onion .

You have this fantastic egg chicken pickle fried rice when this is ready .

Let's serve it .

Once you have this wonderful fried rice , the chicken pieces and they are in a kind of pickle form .

This is what many times I love to have this in the evening or even for breakfast too .

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I did this so many times .

Dear friends .

The awesome the chicken , the pickle fried rice is ready .

Some chop , coriander and spring onion .

Are you still not happy ?

I know the trick to make you happy .

All you have to do is just 234 pieces of chicken pickle on top and wow , look at this .

This is what is going to make you super happy .

And now time to enjoy this hot one piece for me .

One piece for the fried rice .

Mm We have learned absolutely fantastic chicken pickle and chicken pickle fried rice and definitely I'm going to make chicken pickle biryani .

No kidding .

So make it eat it and mm mm .

Keep saying whatever .


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