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2023-08-31 09:31:10

EASY VEGAN CHEESE SAUCE (for Mac & Cheese, Nachos & Whatever You Want)

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Hello , everybody .

Welcome back to cheap lazy vegan today .

I'm showing you guys a really easy vegan cheese sauce that you can use for mac and cheese nachos as a dip or whatever you'd like .

It's super easy .

It's healthy , it's vegan and of course , it's delicious .

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Yes , guys .

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All right .

Now let's make our cheese sauce .

As always guys , I will have the written recipe in a blog post linked down below .

So don't forget to check that out for the ingredients list and the measurements .

So we are starting off with two small peeled potatoes and one medium sized peeled carrot .

We're just going to roughly chop these so that it cooks faster .

So we've got the carrots and potatoes chopped and we're also going to add some cashews as well .

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So what we're going to do is we're going to bring all of this to a nice boil in a large pot .

So what we're doing right now is just softening everything so that it blends nicely .

So we're going to cook this for a while , maybe about 15 , 20 minutes or so or until the carrots and potatoes are completely softened and you can stick a fork in and it is super , you know , soft .

OK ?

You know what I'm saying ?

So that's what we want to do .

So you want to be able to stick a fork in and it just goes in smoothly .

Ok ?

Ok .

So once everything is cooked and ready to go , you're gonna drain it and then you're gonna add the contents into a nice blender and into the blender .

We're also going to be adding a quarter cup of nutritional yeast .

One tablespoon of lemon juice , half a teaspoon apple cider vinegar , one teaspoon of garlic powder , one teaspoon Dijon mustard .

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And I started blending this without realizing that I forgot to add the non dairy milk .

So we're going to add a quarter cup of non dairy milk and then we're going to blend it on high .

Be patient , my friends be patient .

Blend it nicely .

You might want to , you know , mix things around after a while .

Just be patient .

It'll work .

I promise , I promise if your blender is having a really hard time , you can keep adding small splashes of non dairy milk or water to see if it helps the blending process , but you shouldn't have to just keep blending it , mixing things around so that it makes the blender job easier .

Yes .

OK .

So once the uh blending is uh finished , why can't I talk properly ?

Once you've blended it , it's pretty much ready to go .

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You can also give this a taste and see if you want to add some salt and pepper , but that's pretty much how you make this sauce .

It's super thick and super gooey .

And I was really amazed myself when I made it .

I wasn't expecting it to have such a texture , but it did and it's really yummy and it's so good .

I highly recommend trying this out .

And of course , guys , you can throw it in with some macaroni for a very easy mac and cheese .

So you can actually make this in advance and keep it in the fridge in a tightly sealed container .

It'll last at least a few days in the fridge .

So whenever you feel like having a little bit of mac and cheese without the cheese well , you can do that super easy .

It's healthy as well .

And um there's really nothing bad in this recipe , which is amazing as well .

So , feel free to share with your friends , share with your family .

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You can also top this with some parmesan , which I'll link a recipe for you down below if you guys are interested .

But that's it super easy .

I also think this would go really great on top of some nachos .

I mean , you can do whatever you want guys .

So that's it .

You guys , I really hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did enjoy it , make sure you give it a big thumbs up .

If you're new to this channel , don't forget to subscribe .

And of course , once again , do not forget to check out the vegan Health and Fitness bundle , which is only available until August 10th .

The link is down below for you to get 60 vegan ebooks for only $50 .

It is absolutely insane .

It is such a good deal .

So don't miss out on it .

Thank you so much for watching guys .

I'll see you in my next video .

Bye .


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