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2023-08-31 09:36:26

Jamaican Hot Pepper Pickle

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Today we are making Jamaica hot pepper pickle and with the famous and dangerous scotch bonnet pepper and with it .

But or this pickle has a little veggies in it and it's onion carrot .

And so other one is known as , as you notice , I made a little pattern with the carrots just to dress , you know , and I'm gonna show you how to do that .

So that , so that's part of the ingredient .

And over here we got to put some spice way .

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It's known as Pimenta seed in Jamaica and some a little sugar , a little salt .

And if you saw that a little bit of fresh ginger to get the pattern on the carrot , you got to put the carrot on the , on the board so that you don't touch yourself and you make one cut and then you go the other way and you flick it out , I'll cut it out .

No , I find it easier to do this way .

But whichever way you do it just be careful .

You don't want to get yourself cut .

I'm going a little bit deep with this , but this is the general idea and the butter fries .

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So from making these , um , cuts down the length of the carrot and you cut across after this is the pattern that you get like a little star or whatever you want to call it .

I call it a star .

This is the , the I peel it with my potato peeler wash .

This is what it looks like .

When it's peel , you cut it down the middle or the center and it , it's in half like that And there's a soft seed in the middle here .

A soft white seed .

You get you scoop that out with a , with a knife or a spoon , whichever is most convenient to you .

And then you start making very thin flight .

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This is all the stuff ready for the pickle , the carrots , the onions , the and I'm the main ingredient because it's got hot pepper .

Pickle is the scotch bonnet .

And I'm gonna tell you about how to , to deal with that .

So if you've got for me , if you got a safety pair of safety glasses so that a pepper won't bother your eyes and a pair of gloves , we cut up the pepper with a pair of gloves , whether you're making pixel or whatever .

And if it's just one pepper , you cut it up to cook something else with , then you can hold it , just hold that pepper with a tape is coming .

This is the pepper .

I think it's safe for most people to get the very small scratch garlic peppers .

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So I just got it , which is here and I got it here .

Street , I put it down and I pull out a stem .

I'm stuck .

That's for the garbage .

If you want .

Always after you cut a bit of pepper , you do , you wash anything that came in contact with the pepper .

So now I'm gonna wash the board , the knife and my hand in the glove .

And when you're doing this , this is important .

wash it in cold water first because if you use the hot water , the steam from the hot hot water pushes up the pepper , the fumes from the pepper and that can really affect you .

I know a friend who would not , she fainted from the pepper .

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So this is my mason jar that I'm going to be using .

It's uh liter size mason jar .

I sterilize it by boiling it in a pot of boiling water .

A pot of boiling water .

Yeah , for about between 20 minutes to half an hour .

Then I take it out you with tongs .

So I wouldn't contaminate it .

Clean tongues freshly washed and and um took it out of the boiling water to cool down like white vinegar because it looks better through the glass bottle and it will eventually age and change to amber after a while was initially better looking from the jar and nothing like something looking pretty .

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And here we have some salt and some sugar and all spice otherwise called in my language .

Pimento seed .

I just heat it a bit just before boiling .

My next step is layering all these goodies into the mason jar .

We're gonna start with a few carrots .

You show , show some onions , push it down a little bit .

Yeah , I lay some of them .

The bad boy .

This is the bad boy .

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Oh , look at this all layered with all the goodies .

Now , I'm gonna pour the warm vinegar mixture on it .

Here's my masterpiece , Angela .

Isn't it beautiful ?

But I made a boo boo .

I should have layered the , the , the , the as well .

And so now they're all stuck at the top .

So that's a lesson for all of you as you're layering you layer pimenta as well .

All spice .

Now you're gonna leave it to cool off before you put the lid on and then you put it in the fridge so that you will have it lasting you a long time .

This is two years old .

Can you believe that my sister-in-law made that for me ?

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And I've been using it because I'm scared of pepper myself and that's why it's I've had it so long .

So you can see it's well preserved .

Everything is , it's really nice for people who like this sort of thing .

Pepper and you know , you put a little on your fish or whatever and use the vinegar .

This is a good gift idea for Christmas , especially if you feel like um make , if you're a person that like to make preserves and pickles and things like that .

Make this size .

So go to my website , cook like a Jamaican and you'll get all the measurements and ingredients how to do that .

It's very good and easy .

I think so .

Anyway , so try it and you like it .


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