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2023-08-31 13:50:21

How To Grow 3-6 Inches Taller Properly! No BS here! Video Proof! Week 59!

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Yo , what's up , everyone ?

It's the GTG come to you from the UK all the way to the end .

Well , let's see and welcome to Week 59 of Harry and James using Go to little secret .

How if you want to take your shoes off No messing around this week straight on with the heights because I think someone commented last week saying , You waffle too much .

So I'm not gonna to waffle this week , and I'm not gonna do loads of promos .

And no , we're just gonna get the hearts done .

Maybe a little hint of promo .

Ross , you're just going dead , OK ?

All right , let's see .

All right , we got we got OK , right ?

Shoes over there .

OK , all right .

So Week 59 Harry is 179 .

In fact , it's pretty much 180 , actually .

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Tell Li it's 180 just on just on this , like kind of 179.5 which is just a notch on the 5 11 .

Sweet man .

Sweet holding it high , Harry holding that heart .

Hi , James .

She was up on the study .

We said I completely forgot to do the ETA S today .

It's Sunday the eighth of June 13 , 17 , 17 minutes past one .

And I'm trying to do a hint of promotion just because if you were watching the video last week , basically the good news is I've got some Iver back into stock .

I'll leave the link in the description box , but basically you can get every product I've ever made .

Plus some IAVI pills , which Harry and James have took a one month course of .

And it's all less than the cost of one bottle of Io verdict .

If you could get it at retail price , that's if you can get it .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So basically , you get all this stuff bites if you wanna do .

I carry James bites right for our jeans with there Definitely taller .

You're definitely , definitely taller .

Have a lovely day .

All right , so shoes over there .

All right , cool .

All right .

So Week 59 James is 190 point nothing , which is pretty much just of 63 .

So you're exactly 10 centimetres tall .

And Harry , there's a fact for you .

Cool , cool , holding the hats and that's it for this week .

We're not gonna mess around with any waffle because I know that people just want to see the heights , and they don't want to see any promotions .

So thanks for watching Speak to you next week .

Hope you have a lovely week .

Goodbye .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

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Thanks , guys .


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