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2023-08-31 14:36:43

HOW TO Make Pickled Red Onions _ Preserving your Harvest

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Well , we're back in the kitchen doing another preserving video for you guys .

And it's just one simple way that you can extend your harvest when it comes to your onions .

Last year was my first ever successful onion harvest .

I was so proud and I really thought that we would go through them way faster than we have been .

Um We've definitely used a ton .

I have no white onions left .

Thank goodness because they definitely didn't store as well for me .

They started sprouting sprouted real early .

Yeah .

So uh my red onions however , have stored , I harvested my onions in like late July , early August .

Maybe I can't quite remember .

I'm gonna throw that video in the description or one of the end cards for you guys .

But I noticed looking up that uh my red onions had started just to sprout and we have so many left .

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So we're going to preserve those today and make a quick pickled red onion for you .

So there's a little Mexican restaurant in the town where we live .

We go there once every couple of months , maybe once every six months .

And the last time we were there , I don't even remember what you ordered .

But as a side on the side of the plate , as a garnish was pickled bread onions .

And she tried them and she was like , oh my God , you gotta try this .

And I did and we're like , oh , those are good .

So we asked the waitress about them and she's like , yeah , we make them ourselves .

Well , I didn't even know what it was .

I mean , I knew it was onions , but I didn't know what to call it .

I was like , what is this ?

Yeah .

And she said , yeah , we make them ourselves here .

It's an old family recipe that we use .

And we're like , ok , when we have a large surplus of red onions , we're going to make some of that .

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So a little bit earlier , I pulled down one of the bundles of onions that Rachel has had stored above our window here in our kitchen since the fall and got to chopping .

And I don't know how many pounds of onion .

This is one of those huge stainless steel court bowls and we literally almost filled it out .

Yeah , maybe like almost £10 of onions .

Got them all chopped .

It was quite an arduous process to the point where , well , I had to go down in the basement and get a fan just to try to blow some air around .

But I'm pretty sure like most of the onion , the reason onions make you cry is they give off a gas , the , the moisture in the onions gives off a gas .

And when it wrecks with the tears in your eyes , it forms an acid and that's why your eyes burn .

So , I went and got a fan .

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So we had fresh air blowing on us to try to blow that gas away by the end of it though .

He said , ok , um , uh , Mandolin is going on our Amazon shopping cart .

So I think the appealing part was the long one .

Yeah .

Anyway , so , um we're kind of using a mix of recipes for , for this .

Just what I understand .

We watch lots of youtube videos and I researched in my ball book .

You're gonna pack your onions with a generous half inch head space just to let you know .

Um So I do have my pickle packer and I think we're gonna need more jars .

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Um And then we're doing a red wine , part red wine , probably two parts red wine vinegar , one part apple cider vinegar , um sugar , a little sugar and salt as the base .

And Todd wants his spice .

So he put , what do you put in yours ?

Um Each of my jars in the bottom has six peppercorns .

One whole clove , one whole all spice berry and a bay leaf in the bottom of each of my jars .

Ok .

I don't want mine spice because they weren't spiced when I had them .

They were just sweet yummy pickled red onions .

Um I'm gonna have to go get us more jars .

How about that ?

Hm .

We're gonna have a lot .

Hope we got enough broth .

Well , maybe we should wait and see how far the broth goes .

Ok .

Uh , we could eat these later if we , yeah , we can always freeze .

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I was kid , I was just kidding .

I'm not gonna eat this , but to that point up here in this window behind me is probably another £20 of onions that need to be processed before I lose them .

So we're probably , um , as we get time gonna start taking them down and chopping them and bagging them up and freezing them .

So now I know how many onions to grow next time .

I don't quite need this many but , you know , have never grown them successfully .

It felt like we went , there are a lot of onions in it in our family as we cook a lot on one day .

Yeah .

But no , I just mean in general in our cooking style .

Yeah , we use a lot of onions , but I didn't know how to quantify that , you know , going to the grocery store and everything .

So we obviously don't use as many as I grew .

I do .

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So we were able to fit all of the onions into the jars that we had planned except for this small amount .

So I took advantage of the hot water .

Rachel has going for the water bath canner .

I blanched these onions for about 60 seconds and we just happened to have a jar of Rachel's favorite pickle beets in the fridge .

There's no beets left in there .

It just juice .

So these onions we're just gonna toss in here .

Stick them in the fridge .

Wait about a week and then eat them .

Ok .

The brine is done .

The brain's pretty itself .

And whoops .

But I know that my gosh , vinegar .

Cleared my nose .

Wow .

It smells like Easter .

Easter .

Yeah .

Wow , that was strong .

So a half an inch , a head space spa half an inch .

Mhm .

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I'm definitely the beginner here .

So , and we'll have to air bubble them to like put a , one of our big picks down in it .

Did you already do the beef beef onions ?

No , I'm gonna let them cool before I try to grab them and shove them in that jar .

So , does that look good for head space ?

Just pass this lip .

So I'm excited because this week on the menu is um , some barbecue or grilled pork chops .

And I have every intention on eating some of these food .

This is one of my quick , easy cheat ways of de bubbling .

I just bounced the jar just got done wiping the rims so that we can put the lids on cleanly .

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So funny story , I went to get the water bath , canner water going and my stove wouldn't light and then I noticed like , why isn't it lighting ?

There's water all over the eye my water bath canner had a hole in the bottom of it .

So I gave myself a pat on the back .

I use that canner so much .

I rusted out the bottom .

So we're having to use our pressure canner back here .

We won't pressure can it , we'll just use it to water bath .

Ok .

Time to load up the canner .

Now , these are going to water bath can for 10 minutes .

Ok .

It's been 10 minutes .

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Take this beauties out and see how good they look so , pretty , so quick and simple way to extend your harvest is when you think um your produce is going bad , your dry goods that you've stored .

Um , think about the next thing that you can do with it before it goes bad and uh you lose less and have less food waste .

And that's always the goal when you are home studying is to use up everything that you've grown .

So , thanks guys for watching and maybe in the future you'll see us using these in a great recipe .


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