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2023-08-31 09:33:17

Sleep Fast® Enhanced Melatonin Spray, an All-Natural Sleep Aid

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Hi , my name is Sarah and I really just wanted to do a quick video on two of my new favorite products from Tranquility Labs .

And the first one that I'm gonna be talking about in this video is called Sleep Fast .

So it comes in a little spray bottle like this and it is an enhanced melatonin spray .

I am a full time student and I work part time as well .

So I have a lot of trouble at night , falling asleep .

It takes me forever to fall asleep and then I wake up in the morning feeling like I didn't even sleep at all .

So I really wanted to try something new .

And the first thing that really attracted me to this is that it's all natural .

It is no soy , no gluten , no dairy , no fillers , non GMO .

So I feel like I can really trust the contents of this spray .

And the second is that it's 100% risk free .

So you have a 60 day money back guarantee .

So if you try it and you don't like it , you can get your money back .

But in my case , I really loved it and I'm definitely going to be hanging on to it .

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So it comes , like I said in a spray bottle , it's a liquid formula and you spray it underneath your tongue and it absorbs into your bloodstream really , really fast .

And that's what helps you to go to sleep quickly .

So I fall asleep within 15 to 20 minutes , just like the bottle says .

And I sleep peacefully throughout the night .

No , tossing and turning .

I'm a kicker in my sleep .

So my boyfriend has been really thankful the past week that he hasn't woken up with bruises all over his body .

So that has been amazing .

And unlike other over the counter sleep aids that I've tried , you don't wake up feeling like you were just drugged .

You wake up feeling really refreshed and ready to start your day .

Um , and the other thing that I was reading about it that I'm really excited to try out is that it helps fight jet lag because it works with your body's natural sleep cycle .

So it's really awesome for people who are traveling across different time zones to help get your body back on its natural , um , sleep cycle .

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So anybody who's looking for a really awesome natural sleep aid , I would definitely give sleep fast a try .


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