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2023-08-31 08:10:39

Keurig (How To Make A Cup Of Coffee)

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You fill up the reservoir with the water , light it in along the side , put the lid on top .

It's ready .

How long does it take for the , for the water to get ?

It takes less than a minute for the water to get hot and to make a cup of coffee ?

Awesome Keri coffee maker .

That what is OK ?

How you work ?

Turn on with the button here , wait for it to stay ready , ready to broom .

Turn it on .

It's so fast .

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Take a cake cup , put it there .

I sit down , choose small , medium or large cup .

That's all there is to it .

What flavor is that ?

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That flavor is butter toffee or the jean and you can have tea , Mr Ralph .

It's making me crazy .

There's lots and lots of flavors .

Fantastic sweet tea , ice tea , ice coffee , hot chocolate .

That's it .

That's it .

This is the on and off button .

Turn it on , wait for it to say ready to brew .

Once it says ready to brew .

Pick up the lover .

You can put your cup in there , cake cup or you can do it with just water and use instant or cappuccino , whatever you prefer , choose your size , small , medium large cup , you just press the button and then it comes out for a fresh cup of coffee in less than one minute .


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