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2023-08-31 14:17:14

How to Make Simple Stovetop Ground Beef Macaroni and Cheese

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Everybody .

Thanks for stopping in today .

I'm gonna do a quick hamburger mac and cheese dish and it'll only be like four ingredients plus a few seasonings .

So let's get cooking real quick .

Here's my ingredients .

A pound of 93% lean 7% fat ground beef .

And I'm gonna use um just regular elbow macaroni and I'm gonna boil that over here .

Um I can't decide if I should use a cup or two cups .

So I'll just split the difference and boil a cup and a half and we'll see how that comes out .

Ok , for cheese , I'm gonna use Velveeta .

Um What I like about the Velveeta is it melts real well ?

And I can get a little eight ounce box of this at the grocery outlet rice shop for 99 cents and it doesn't have to be refrigerated .

So that keeps in the cupboard until I'm ready to use it , which is nice .

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And then we may have to add just a little bit of milk to that , to thin it out a little bit while I'm waiting for the water to boil for my noodles .

May as well get the ground beef browning up over here while the noodles , noodles are boiling over here .

Let's season the ground beef a little bit , just a little bit of salt .

Not too much .

You can always add more if it needs more at the end and a little bit of onion powder , which is pretty good and just a little bit of pepper .

And um , we'll just let that brown and then we'll add the cheese .

The noodles are almost done .

The hamburger is browning up nicely here .

And one reason I always buy the lean ground beef is because I don't have to drain it .

It's so lean .

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There's not really enough fat to have to bother draining off .

So it's a little bit more expensive , but it's easier to use .

And uh , you're not paying for a bunch of fat that you have to pour off either .

My noodles are draining in the sink and my hamburger is all browned up .

So I'm just gonna start crumbling in this Velveeta cheese and I'm just gonna put this whole eight ounce uh package in there .

Have the burner turned way down low for this because I don't want the cheese to burn .

And I'm gonna just add in a little bit of milk to just thin it out just a little bit .

You just do a little bit of time .

This is looking really good .

All the cheese is melted .

I've just been adding in a little milk at a time to get the consistency that I want .

I don't know how much I added and maybe half a cup or three quarters of a cup .

I don't really know .

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I just kept pouring until I looked at like the right consistency to me .

Now , I guess we can start adding some of these noodles into it .

They got hard from sitting there and sing .

I don't know if it'll , if we'll need all of these or not .

I'm just gonna um stir in a few at a time like this .

And when it looks like enough , I'll stop adding .

I have a little leftover noodles .

That's ok .

OK .

This looks good to me .

I didn't add all the noodles .

There's still about that much left .

I probably could , could have just cooked one cup of noodles and it had been fine .

This still looks a little bit runny but the noodles will start soaking up all that cheese and it'll thicken up .

So um probably about one cup of noodles would have been just right .

So there's how it looks all finished up .

Makes a nice quick and easy meal and it tastes good .

I know because I just burned my tongue tasting it .

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And if you like the video , I hope you'll subscribe that we can catch my new videos .

Thanks for watching and I'll talk to you next time .


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