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2023-08-31 14:34:11

Easy Pickled Jalapenos ~ Refrigerator Pickles ~ No Canning ~ Noreen's Kitchen

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Hi , everyone .

Welcome back to my kitchen .

We're going to be making some pickled jalapenos refrigerator style .

These are super easy and they're great .

If you really don't need to make two dozen jars of pickled jalapenos and have them set in your pantry for years and years .

These are gonna be crisp , delicious .

This is gonna last me this summer .

Let's go see how these all come together .

We're gonna go ahead and make some quick refrigerator , pickled jalapeno slices .

I'm gonna be using these in an upcoming recipe and I just felt like why not make a video ?

Because you guys , if you are not into canning and you love pickles , you need to understand how easy it is to make pickles without having the whole canning process .

I've been canning for years and years , but honestly , I don't need to can four dozen jars of jalapenos .

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So making a couple of quarts is the perfect answer for me and I can keep them in my fridge .

And once you refrigerator pickle these , they're gonna be in a vinegar brine and they're going to stay fresh and delicious for months .

So these will get me through the summer and it will just be the perfect answer .

So , what I have here , I have 16 very large jalapeno peppers have prepared two , quart jars .

They're in the microwave .

I sterilize them really quick .

And I have three cups each of white vinegar water , a half a cup of sugar and two tablespoons of kosher salt .

That's as easy as this gets .

I'm gonna go grab my jars and stuff them and we're gonna bring our brine to a boil .

But this is a little bit different from the , um , when we did some of our other refrigerator pickles where we just poured the brine over because this time , we're gonna go ahead and make our brine and I've made a little extra brine for this very reason .

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So let's mix our brine up .

There goes our vinegar and our water , our sugar and our salt .

I'm gonna go ahead and put this on the stove and bring it to a boil .

Ok ?

I switched pots so I could use my induction burner here .

The stainless steel pot doesn't work on this .

What I'm gonna do now that this has come to a simmer , we're going to put our Jalape Os right in this brine .

This is why it's a little bit different from the other way where we just poured the vinegar over when we had stepped into the jars .

I want to bring this back up to a boil and then I'm gonna turn it off and we're going to let this steep for about 10 to 15 minutes .

Just like this .

It's going to help to open up and soften the jalapenos just a little , but they're still going to remain crisp .

So once this comes to a boil , we're going to turn it off .

Let it sit for 15 minutes and then I'll be back and we'll decamp these up into a couple of jars .

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Our jalapenos sat for 15 minutes .

I need to be 10 , 15 .

It's up to you , whatever works for you .

I'm just gonna give this a little encouragement into the jar and we'll see if I can fit all these in one jar .

If not , then so be it , we'll have a little extra on the side .

Um I never know how um full the jars are gonna be .

So you always want to prepare more jars than you think you need .

And I think I'm gonna go ahead and get a smaller jar .

Looks like this is gonna be just about perfect .

A pint and a quart is what I'm getting today .

And you'll notice that I started off by putting the sliced jalapenos in the jars and then we're gonna top it off with the vinegar .

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It was just really important to um let these kind of steep in that vinegar mixture before canning them up .

Only because you want them to be a little bit softer and this is also going to prevent floating .

You don't want the , you don't want any floating and don't worry too much about head space with these because we're , we're not gonna process them .

So that's not really going to be a huge issue .

So now what I'm gonna do is get a ladle and we're gonna top these off with the bride and what you want to make sure is that whatever you have in the jar is covered with brine just like that , that's a little bit too full .

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But yeah , and if you have extra brine left over , you can dump it or keep it .

If you have extra space in your fridge , then you can keep this for the next time that you make up more pickled jalapenos .

This isn't gonna last forever though .

So keep that in mind .

There we go .

Now , I'm just gonna go ahead and give this a quick wipe only to clean it up .

I don't want any errant seeds in between that lid and the jar .

And you see this jar is a little chipped , but because we're doing this refrigerator style , I'm not even gonna worry about it .

There's our pickled jalapenos ready to go in the fridge .

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You want these to cure at least three days before using them just so that they get nice and pickled and absorb that brine and they're gonna give you the flavor that you desire .

These are going to be great in the recipe that I have coming up for them .

I can't wait to share it .

It's gonna be a surprise and I know you're gonna love it .

I prefer that you let these cool down before you put them in the refrigerator .

This is also going to help absorption .

It's going to help with the transfer of the vinegar into the vegetable and it's going to speed up the pickling process a little bit .

They're gonna be fine , just let them cool down until you can comfortably handle them and then you can pop them in your fridge like before you go to bed and it'll be just fine .

So that's easy .

That's how easy it is to make some pickled jalapenos refrigerator style .

If you like today's video , please consider giving me a thumbs up if you're new to my kitchen and this is your first visit .

Welcome .

Always a pleasure .

Be sure and hit that subscribe button as well .

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That way you won't miss out on all the real food for real people , real easy recipes that we present right here on our youtube channel and straight from our kitchen .

I hope you give these refrigerator style pickled jalapenos a try and I hope you love them .

And until next time I'll see you .


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