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2023-08-31 13:47:17

FAMOUS INSTAGRAM SLIME Recipes & Tutorials _ How To Make Snoop Slimes, Glitter.Slimes Slimes & MORE

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Hi guys .

In today's video , I'm going to be recreating some famous instagram slime , and none of these are gonna be the original recipes .

But they're all gonna be really famous slimes that you would have seen around Instagram , and I really hope that you enjoy it .

The first slime we're going to be making is Barbie Slime by Snoop Slimes And this is actually super simple to make .

All we're gonna need is some clear glue , some gold pigment .

And this one is from PX and I just use a tiny bit of this .

You just want the slime to go a bit cloudy like this .

You don't need it to be super gold , and then we're just gonna add some food colouring .

And I like to add quite a lot just because I like my barbie slime to be super pink .

But if you want it to be true to the actual colour , you need to add a tiny bit less than I do .

And then you can just go for your borax , activate it as usual , and when it comes out , you need to let it clear for 3 to 4 days because it will be super cloudy at first , but it should end up looking like this , and it is a bit darker than the original , but I really love it .

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Next up we have strawberry cream cheese , slime by glitter slimes , and this is one of my favourite slimes that I have at home .

So I was so excited to recreate this .

I just started off by adding my white P VA glue , followed by a tiny bit of shaving foam , five pumps of foaming hand wash and also some food colouring .

And the reason I've added so much is because we're gonna be adding some white clays .

And when you do this , obviously it's gonna change the colour to be lighter .

And you may also be wondering why I'm not adding any corn starch , considering this is a cream cheese .

But I know that Nicollette doesn't like using corn starch , so I don't think she'd use it in any of her slimes .

Then you can go ahead and activate it , and I recommend leaving it a tiny bit sticky because when you add in the clays , it's really gonna harden it up .

So you're probably gonna need to add a bit of moisturiser if you activate your slime fully like I did .

The next thing we're going to need is some model magic , and this is super tough .

So we need to soften this up by adding some moisturiser and just massaging it in until it becomes a really smooth mixture like this .

And then it's ready to add , and I don't recommend adding it all in at once because it's quite hard to mix in .

So I recommend splitting it into two or three batches and then mixing it into your slime .

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Gradually , my mixture went a tiny bit hard since to soften it up .

I just went ahead and added some moisturiser , and then it became really flowy and thick , just like I intended it to be .

And then I could add my next clay .

And it's really important to add the second clay because I know that she definitely uses this because I've seen it on her staff account and this is Diez Clay .

I just added one cube because I don't know how much , she adds , but I just thought that this was enough and it made it really nice texture .

It made it super soft and super sizzle and I feel like this really made the lime .

Last but not least , we have butter slime by slime OG And this is my favourite slime out of all the slimes I made today because it's super sizz and it's just so easy to make .

So we're gonna need some white P VA glue , and then we're gonna add a few pumps of foaming face wash .

I added about six .

Then I added an equal amount of foaming hand wash .

And then I added some shaving foam just to add a bit of fluff to the mixture .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And I don't think you need As much as I added , I probably would have added a bit less if we made this again .

When you're colouring the slime , make sure you add a tiny bit more yellow colour than you think you need , because we're gonna be adding the white diso clay .

And when we do this , it's obviously gonna lighten the mixture .

So I just mix this all in , and as you can see , it's quite a vibrant yellow colour .

Once everything's mixed in , we can go ahead and activate it , and I just use my borax solution for this .

And if you want .

You can leave this a bit sticky because , like I said , the clay does harden it a bit .

And the clay we're gonna be using is called Diz Clay .

I remember when she first announced this was the clay she was using to make butter slime and literally it sold out everywhere .

So I was so happy to get my hands on it .

Finally , and I found that it made my product so creamy and also so spread .

Thank you so much for watching this video .

I really hope that you enjoyed it .

And if you did , don't forget to give it a thumbs up and I'll see you next week .


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