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2023-08-31 09:39:58

How to Make Refrigerator Dill Pickles

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I'm Catherine with the old farmer's almanac .

I have a lot of extra cucumbers from the harvest and one way to preserve them is to pickle today .

I'm going to make what I call beginner .

Pickles , refrigerated .

No can pickles .

It's simple and you'll have pickles in no time before you get started .

Here are some pickling tips .

Your cucumbers must be very fresh .

Avoid the waxy supermarket produce .

Look for cucumbers that are uniform in size , scrub them really well and discard a quarter inch off the blossom side to make refrigerator dill pickles .

You'll need water , white distilled vinegar , sugar , canning or pickling salt and make sure you don't use table salt , fresh cucumbers , two cloves of garlic and two heads of fresh dill .

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3.5 cups of water .

One and a quarter cup of the white vinegar .

One tablespoon sugar and one tablespoon of the salt .

We're just gonna wait for the solution to boil .

You don't wanna peel the cucumbers and um , you see , I'm slicing them into disks and I'm putting them in a bowl .

Make sure you use a large plastic or glass bowl , not metal .

So now I simply add two cloves of garlic , some dill , I pour the solution on and they cover .

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The last step is to simply put the container in the refrigerator and you'll have tasty pickles in only three or four days for the complete recipe .

Look at the bottom of this page and for more about pickling , go to almanac dot com slash pickling .


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