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2023-08-31 14:22:42

Pickled Jalapenos - SO EASY + Chilihead Tip

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Pickled jalapenos .

My friends , maybe you want to preserve your jalapenos or maybe you just want to have pickled jalapenos around because they're awesome .

Seriously , I love them .

Um , I have a real easy recipe for pickled jalapenos .

It's fantastic and it's gonna let you have jalapenos around for months .

So , uh let me show you how to make it .

All right , let's pickle some jalapenos .

My friends pickling is super easy .

This is a very easy recipe .

I pickle everything , especially jalapenos and other chili peppers because they're pretty essential to have on hand and it's definitely a great way to preserve .

So the first thing you want to do is get your jalapenos ready .

And my recipe calls for 5 to 6 jalapenos , but really that size can vary .

It's really however many you can fit into a quart size ball jar .

So I'm going to go until I'm full here and a super quick tip .

If handling chili peppers , cutting them up , it can actually release oils that can cause burning sensation on your skin .

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Um If that bothers you or if you're sensitive to it that you can wear gloves , uh , usually doesn't bother me .

So um , first thing you want to do is go ahead and remove the stems and you're just going to slice your jalapenos into and you can kind of see how thick I'm cutting them .

They're maybe a quarter inch or so .

You can really slice them as thick or as thin as you like .

And you can even pickle them whole if you want to maybe poke some holes in them .

But then you don't fit as many in the jar and end of the day .

It really depends on how you're going to use them .

So I like them as rings .

I'm going to go ahead and pop these into the jar like so and again , wear gloves if you need to .

All right , continue chopping and filling the jar until you are full just about full .

Right ?

I got my last pepper here and I got jalapeno seeds everywhere .

I cannot not make a mess in the kitchen .

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All right .

So , finish up here and into the jar .

We go , I'm gonna kind of pack them down .

That's probably good .

I got quite a few , uh , chilies in there .

All right .

So the next step is to make the brine , right ?

So to make the brine , I've got my station , I'll set up here .

Uh , this is one of my go to brine recipes for pickling lots of different , uh , vegetables , particularly jalapenos and chilies .

Uh , you can really vary it up a little bit and we'll talk about that after .

Uh , but for this recipe , I'm using uh , one cup of white vinegar and we're gonna add that to a pan or a pot and I have a cup of water into the pots and I have a clove of garlic .

I'm gonna give that a smash just gonna smoosh it down into the pots .

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And I have a tablespoon of pickling salts and a teaspoon of dried Mexican oregano for some flavor and a teaspoon of whole black peppercorns .

Kind of one of my go to , I love black pepper yum .

And I'm gonna add a bay leaf to the mix and we're gonna go ahead and bring this to a boil and then turn off the heat .

You don't have to sim it for very long .

You just want to bring it to a boil right while I'm waiting for this to come up to a boil .

Let's talk about some of the pickling ingredients .

Really .

You can use other ingredients for this and this is one of my preferred , as I mentioned .

But you can use other herbs , dried herbs , even fresh and other flavors , other seasonings and such to really make your brine your own .

You can use seeds like cumin seeds .

There's really many ways to flavor it and that's something that it's really fun to play with when you start getting into pickling and it affects the overall final flavor of your pickled Jalape Os .

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All right .

We have achieved boil my friends .

So go ahead and remove it from heat or turn off the heat and I'm gonna let this cool just slightly .

And the next step is to pour it over our jalapeno peppers into the jar .

Uh But what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna move it over to something that's easier for me to pour because otherwise I will make a complete mess per usual .

So , uh All right , let me do that .

Yes .

Here we go .

Easier for pouring .

All right , I wanna get out my garlic .

I wanna keep the garlic in there and the bay leaf .

I'll make sure I uh use the bay leaf in here .

Just kind of shove it in , get some extra flavor and then go ahead and pour your brine over the jalapeno peppers and avoid spillage .

Oh Who got some extra peppercorns and such in there ?

All right .

Look at that .

Here's the pickled peppers .

I'm going to cover this up and uh there's a couple of ways that you can actually do this recipe one .

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You can put the peppers in with the brine and let it sit for a little bit and then transfer everything over .

But a lot of times I'll just pack the jar with the peppers or whatever else .

I'm pickling and then just pour the brine over it really two ways to do it .

Um I think you'll get slightly crispier peppers this way .

But one tip that I actually want to share with you .

So , Jalape Os aren't super hot , which is great .

I mean , they're outstanding peppers .

But if you wanted to make this a little extra spicy for yourself , you could take a hot chili pepper and put it in with your Jalape Os , for example , a Serrano pepper or something hot or like a devil's tongue pepper is great .

Uh A scorpion , a ghost pepper , a reaper , whatever you wanna do and it's gonna bloom the heat of the entire batch of jalapenos .

So that's kind of like the spicy chili head tip that's going to uh really put it over the top .

All right , let me get a lid on this guy here .

And so real realistically , you can use this uh uh pickled jalapenos right away .

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Um They're not quite pickled yet .

It's more like a super quick pickle .

Um But I like to uh put it in the refrigerator and let it sit for at least a day , but usually a few days and that's gonna really let them pickle up and get that delicious pickling flavor .

Uh But no , this is a super easy , more of a refrigerator pickle recipe .

Uh You can process this as in a water bath if you'd like to usually 10 to 20 minutes depending on your elevation .

Um But I usually don't do that .

I usually just pop it right into the fridge and I'm good to go and it's delicious , but let's talk about uses for your pickled Jalape Os .

So pickled Jalape Os is really a wonder condiment .

I mean , I use them on so many different things .

Um , you can have them on sandwiches .

I love it on pizza .

You order pizza .

Um , I can just put pickled jalapenos on those .

It's great on wraps .

Uh , pretty much anything .

It just livens up all sorts of different foods .

Uh , super versatile .

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Again , the wonder condiment that you're gonna love , right .

Pickled Jalapenos , my friends , I hope you guys love the recipe as much as we do .

I'd love to hear in the comments below what you think .

And also what's your favorite way to use ?

Pickled jalapenos ?

I'm sure you have a go to recipe that you just won't eat without them .

So , uh um hey , if you guys are looking for more pickling recipes , uh you gotta try my pickled red onions recipe .

That is again another super versatile condiment great on many things .

Uh But , but also if you're interested in more pickling , check out my pickling spices recipe , that's gonna show you all these different ways to change up all your pickling .

So , uh All right .

I will see you in the chili pepper man's kitchen next time , guys .

All right , bye .


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