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2023-08-31 13:51:31

[0.9.5 UPDATE] Minecraft - Pocket Edition 0.9.5 for FREE APK Android Download[FULL VERSION]

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Available for 69 6 99 on the Google Play Store .

But on this website , the one that I'm showing right now , it's as they say in Chinese .

And um by the way , it's exact , it's the exact same thing as the pocket edition on the Play Store .

It's Minecraft version point zero point 5.0 .

And then the official version of Google Play Store , it should be , it is , it's 0.05 also .

Um So what you need to do is this website is on the , this link is in the description already .

You would click that from your android device .

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And , and uh I emphasize that because I recommend you doing that from your um Android tablet or phone because it's so much easier .

It saves the hassle from , you know , transferring it from a USB um drive to your Android phone .

So I would just recommend doing it on your own Android device .

So , and uh and it , it just downloads , installs right away and you can start using it immediately .

So what you need to do is all you need to click on this thing to download is the screen , the screen is thing , there's an arrow .

So uh a arrow that's in a circle .

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So you would just click that and it automatically downloads the file to your phone and as an A PK and after it's done , you can start using it .

So yeah , this is how you get free and how you get Minecraft pocket edition on free on your Android device .

By the way , I know that uh micro edition updates is always updating and I will be updating my videos um to , to give you um to , to give you access to download the latest version .

Thanks for watching .

Bye bye .


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