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2023-08-31 14:34:08

How to Make Pickles in Minutes — You Can Do This!

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Now , I know you're looking at this and saying cliff .

I know how to make a burger .

I don't need your help , but this is not about the burger .

This is about these gadgets .

This is a speed infused pickle that's done in two minutes flat .

Using one of these .

What ?

Poverty pickling used to take forever .

People used to cross America and wait for the pickles to be done .

But now you're gonna do it in minutes .

The base of this is just like any other pickle .

We're gonna make a pickling liquid .

We are going to add vinegar .

I like rice vinegar .

Maybe it's because I'm one part Asian and I have a maybe about a cup we're gonna add , which is the sweet cooking rice wine and for a little extra sugar to balance out all that vinegar .

We're gonna add sugar .

So maybe like a tablespoon of black peppercorn .

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We have whole coriander seed right here and we're gonna throw about the same amount of coriander seed in as well .

For the traditional pickle , we have bay leaf , uh a couple of coins of ginger for a little extra heat .

Jalape .

O just a couple of slices .

We're just going to bring it to a boil the peppercorns and the coriander and the bay leaf will start to release flavors and they'll become this kind of homogeneous liquid that you're going to pickle everything in .

All right .

So this is now out of boil , we are going to pour it through a strainer here just to get out all the solids and put it in an ice bath .

But the reason why we do this is because we want to cool it down because any time you want to infuse a flavor , cold is better .

Also , we want to maintain the crunch of the cucumber and we don't want to cook it when I to work for Dave Arnold .

He developed this technique where you could speed and fuse alcohol in this little canister .

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We did it for a lot of booze applications and I kind of like was thinking , why not , why not food applications or pickling application and made pickles in this ?

And it was crazy good .

So I'm gonna take off this end here and then we're gonna go about burger patty size um which is maybe about 3 to 4 inches there .

This first slice which is kind of just all skin , you can discard it and put it to the side .

What you're really looking for is these planks like this for the pickle and it's you want to go to right before you get to the seeds because the seeds just kind of like deteriorate the whole texture .

It just makes it super soft and what you want is to maintain the crunch .

You have your planks and now we are going to pickle these .

Here is our whipped cream canister .

There's this machine called the chamber vacuum machine which you close it and it does all this flash pickling and stuff and it sucks all the oxygen out and does all these things and there are thousands and thousands of dollars .

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We're going to mimic that process in here .

Then we have our pickling liquid , put your cap on .

And what you're gonna do is you're going to gas it with the nitrous .

The no two cucumbers are pouring .

That's why they're kind of crunchy and delicious .

They have a lot of pores in them which oxygen exists .

And what we're doing by creating this atmospheric pressure by putting gas in here is we're forcing all the pickling liquid into the cucumber itself , slightly roll it around .

Give it a little help .

We're gonna put in a second charge because we want to put in a whole lot of pressure .

If you have the small one of these one will do , you don't want to over gas it and you just lay it down and leave it for two minutes .

This is super fast and we're maintaining all the texture in here .

So when you eat the burger , it's like crunch , crunch , crunch all the way through and full pickle taste , you're gonna take a cup over the top and you're going to gas it .

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All the bubbles happening in there .

The oxygen is releasing .

Now our pickles here , they've almost become translucent .

Still has all this crunch and tastes like a full pickle .

It's a really good pickle .

So I made you a promise .

These are the best pickles for burgers .

We're gonna lay them on top .

I mean , just look at the color of them like no one's gonna be , everyone's gonna be like , oh , what is that ?

And it's like , it's an amazing pickle .

I've never seen cucumbers look like that .

Special sauce goes on the top of your bun and you lay it on top and that is the perfect burger pickle put on , eat it .

If you like this speed of fusion trick .

Check out more videos here or here .

Maybe one up here any time I get leftovers , I don't wanna waste .

I want to change it into something new .


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