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2023-08-31 09:30:40

You'll Never Eat Mac and Cheese Any Other Way! _ Smoked Macaroni and Cheese

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This has three different kinds of cheese but also some smoked sausage to go along .

We are smoking up .

The goodness mac and cheese is one of Shan's favorite dishes .

And if I don't get this right , y'all might not see me on the next video .

But before we go any further , big news folks .

Yeah , y'all know what is coming .

The book tour is up on as it is .

And the first topic is the windy city in Chicago at the Yeti store .

And from there we're gonna go to Amish Country Kidron , Ohio Layman's hardware store , biggest hardware store that I've ever seen in my life .

So there's more stops along the trail and we're gonna have cookbooks at every one of these locations .

So , comment down there below and let us know where we're gonna see you at .

But because I'll try to remember your name and say , oh yeah , I know you .

I've got both of the smoker and the grill fired up .

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We are f to double up on the mac and cheese , but the first ingredient that we're gonna start with is actually not cheese .

It is what you call it .

Pork sausage .

Find you any roll of breakfast sausage .

And I like to use £1 roll .

They're gonna get , what , what kind do you have ?

I have JC Potter because potter packs to flavor like potters .

I like Jimmy Dean .

Look right here .

Let's just say no preservatives or MS G .

I really do be liking me some potters .

But folks , I'm gonna meet you over at the fire .

All we gotta do is get the casing off of it season a little and get it to smoking .

Well , we have got the sausage on the grill , roll it around there .

Put a little bit of our original seasoning on there .

Let's get the lid latched down before the South wind takes it off .

This is our rough neck smoker .

If y'all are not familiar with them , you can find out more at Hasty Baker on our website .

Either one started out today with what some good fogo hardwood lump charcoal .

It is oak .

I am going to add about three chunks of cherry wood to it .

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I'll either like cherry or apple to pair .

Well , with pork , we're probably gonna try to keep a temperature of about 2 75 to 2 80 because I just wanna smoke this sausage .

Give it some really good flavor .

It'll probably take it 35 to 40 minutes .

We will roll it around a little to make sure that everybody is getting covered .

Let's go ahead and give the folks in Wisconsin a heads up because the cheese is fixing to come out .

It is .

But the biggest number one tip I got to tell you about smoking cheese and we do have a video already on it , but I'm gonna walk you through it again .

Is freeze your cheese about 20 minutes 25 before you even start .

So let me go get it out of the freezer .

Like to forgot the combination .

Yes , I did .

The wind is supposed to blow here 45 50 miles an hour today .

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So if you go to , let me unhook the audio , yeah , we're , we see if we got a , well , as you begin to talk about it , usually it speeds up but it might slow down a little , but you may hear it a little .

That's why we really like them road mics .

They do a great job .

Remember cheese in the freezer about 25 30 minutes .

Now the other tip I got for you is get you a good pan .

Now , I'm gonna tell you this right now if you can do it , get you a throwaway aluminum foil pan .

But today I didn't get that .

So I'm gonna smoke Shan's pan up a little .

But if you do that and it'll come off pretty easy .

You can just clean it right there , but fill it full of ice cubes .

You can see how many there is in there .

Get you a wire rack that will lay on there sufficiently .

And that one is just to fit and then let's just go ahead and open some cheese .

But remember I told you there was a secret ingredient that went with this Shan and I wasn't gonna tell him what it was .

Cream cheese .

Yes .

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But folks , it's gonna come off way before that other cheese does .

I like to freeze this in about 45 minutes or an hour because folks , it will try to melt on you in a hurry .

So we open that door there .

You see , there's like a handful of hardwood lump coals in there and one pretty good chunk of apple .

Now , before we gonna shut that door , I went ahead and got me a few little more flakes of that cherry wood and put in there .

It's all at the far , far as you can go hiding back over there making some little heat because I really like to run it like 95 to 100 and 25 .

But I will give you a tip in July and August .

This don't work real well unless you got one of them little old smoking tubes .

Indirect heat .

Remember all of this is down here , the heat , all of this is going down here in this corner .

Just get it as far as you can over here and the lid still shut .

We'll shut this vent down a little , we'll shut this one down just a tad just so we get some air flow through there .

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But like I say that cream cheese don't run off in the house and think , well , I'm gonna smoke this 45 minutes .

No , because in probably 8 to 10 minutes .

Maybe not quite that long .

We just need some smoky flavor .

Remember ?

It's soft smoke penetrates it easier than it does a hard block of cheese on the cheddar and the mozzarella , we're gonna try to go 45 minutes to an hour .

But if you ever think that it's getting too hot , pull you some of that wood back out of it or bring it off a minute .

Let that fire slow down because you don't want it to melt plumb away .

It will .

I promise you if you ain't paying attention .

Yes , it is .

And folks that wind is creeping in some of these making that fire run hotter than I want to run .

So we're gonna have to go ahead .

That's what I like about these legacies .

They have this heat deflector shield that we can put over some of that .

That'll help .

I'll crank this fire down .

But I want you to look in here how fast cream cheese begins to take shape .

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So you can see it's already getting a little smoky color to it .

Turn it this way , try to get some of that wind off of it to where it ain't just sickling through there 100 and 50 miles an hour and running at a temperature of 7000 degrees .

You know , folks , when I'm having to cook out here in the wind blowing 40 mile an hour and it ain't rained and forever in this country .

The drought's going on .

You know , where I'd love to be somewhere on a beach where there's some water and it's green .

Yeah , you heard me right .

But guess what ?

We are going to get that opportunity coming up this next year in January , we are hosting our own Cowboy cruise and you can come along and join up with us because I got some dear friends coming with me , great entertainers .

They are Andy Nelson and Brian .

But there's gonna be excursions that we can go on .

There's different packages that you can choose from .

This is something that we can share with y'all to make it more special to where y'all can get to know us and we can get to know you a taste of Cowboy Cruise .

It is gonna be a great time and I am gonna get me tropical .

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Well , we've been on about 12 to 14 minutes .

We have and I want you to look at this cream cheese .

You can see it's be , be beginning to really get really , really soft and I don't want it to fall through that grate .

So we're gonna go ahead and see if we can't get this spatula under it .

You want to lose some of it but not much .

Now , I'm gonna tell you right now before you go any further .

Just take your finger , wipe that across there .

Smoky cream cheese .

See how the end of this cheese is beginning to melt on that side .

So just if you have to take your spatula , usually you can do it , your fingers .

We ain't gonna lose none of it .

Turn him over , trade ends with him because I want him to get some more smoke than what they've got .

So we're just gonna leave them going , let them go .

We'll put this cream cheese in the ice box and let it chill till everybody else is ready .

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You see , we did have to add some more smoke to it once or twice because you want to keep that smoke uh rolling .

But also be sure that you flip that cheese back and forth and you want it to really get that shine that color to it and you can , you can smell that smoke .

It is so good .

But the thing you got to watch for too is don't let that cheese begin to melt and run down that rack .

Temperatures running a little high or you've been on there a little too long .

So make sure you keep an eye on it .

You don't wanna lose none of it falling down through there .

But if you do , I'll show you something .

It's good for , we have multiple cheese inspectors today since your company .

He said I don't know nothing about cheese Duker .

You've always been our cheese lover pigs .

Where is , where is , where are you at , buddy ?

Hard to get to .

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So when you get that cheese off and folks , you can go ahead and assemble this product now or if you want a much more robust , rich smoky flavor , let that cheese cool at room temperature and then to where it's not sweating anymore , put it in a one of them sandwich bags and put it in the ice box and you can let it set 24 hours , 48 hours , three days , whatever you need .

But every time that it sets more , it is gonna let that smoke incorporate deeper and deeper into that cheese .

Now , the sausage itself , you've seen me pull it when I probed it with our little chef's there .

It was at 1 63 1 64 .

So it is ready to come off there .

I like to go ahead and take the cheddar and the mozzarella just cube it up .

Put it over in that stock pot over about medium heat .

I'm gonna give you a little tip .

You know , if you'll get you a good rubber spatula that you can use to mash that cheese as it's melting right there , it'll sort of help it .

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And then when it begins to get really smooth and try to melt there , then we're gonna just put the cream cheese in there with it , but you gotta stir , stir it really well .

Do not let it scorch because cheese will scorch and then you have ruined the whole deal .

We're gonna add half and half to this to get the consistency and the smoothness that we want .

And when it comes to that point , then we're gonna crumble up this good smoky sausage and put in there and stir it all together .

Folks .

This is gonna be the best mac and cheese you ever eat in your life ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

That right there is heaven in a bowl .

Now you can use any kind of pasta you want to but I'd be preferring that shells .

Why ?

Because you can fill them shells up with more cheese .

They got more cheesiness when you get them to your mouth .

Remember when you cook that pasta and you take it back out of there , rinse it really good and drain it before you put it back in that pot .

Add you half a stick of butter .

Can I have a bite now ?

Shan I'll be , I've been wanting a bite of this ever since we started .

Hm .

Mm .

But see how that cheese stick on there .

Yes , sir .

That makes you wanna do like what the some cheesy smoked pasta shell dance .

But you run over there , get you another bite , throw them back in it covered up like this because you don't want nobody getting no more of it .

We thank you so much for tuning in .

We do and remember everything we use today will be listed down there in the little link below .

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Because you don't wanna miss out on this recipe folks .

It is so good and so handy , but it is with always with great pride and honor and privilege that I salute all our servicemen and women and all the veterans who have kept that old flag flying back there in camp .

It is .

But one other thing I need to ask you folks , I need a special prayer request for a good friend of mine that lives in Branson .

His name is Jim .

So if you just lift him up in prayer , I'd really appreciate it .

I would remember that book to is coming at you .

It is live and in technicolor .

So keep an eye on that events page on the website because we might be showing up in your town and you wouldn't want to miss that .

So make sure you keep an eye on it .

Check us out .

We'd love to see you the rest of you .

Come on in here really close and like big hug .

God bless you each and every one and I'll see you down the smoked macaroni cheese and sausage trail .

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You know , it is a great , I'm not gonna do that always much better .

I just did that so I could practice the combination .

Now the ice box won't let me in no more .

I feel like I'm being watched Cletus .

Please .

Would you not look at me that way ?

I mean , I , I mean , you could eat this in like 30 seconds and it'll all be gone .

You don't even need no macaroni with yours , do you ?


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