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2023-08-31 14:25:06

How to make Kool-Aid THE RIGHT WAY!

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Yo , what's up youtube ?

It's time 1 52 .

You know I'm about to show y'all how to make Kool Aid the right way .

First let's go over some ingredients .

All right .

First off , you're gonna need a gallon .

Pitcher , two and a quarter cups of sugar , two packs of Kool Aid .

And my secret ingredient is the egg beater .

Now let's get to the money .

First off if you wanna get your gallon picture .

Now I ain't gonna fake the funk like I don't make it with spigot water .

I make my Kool aid with sper water but to each his own you get that water running .

Now first off if you wanna run the hot water , you know what I mean ?

I'm gonna show you why take your sugars dump it in there like that .

You know what I mean ?

Yeah .

All right folks .

Now , after you get the sugar and the Kool aid in the pitch , what you wanna do is you wanna run the hot water ?

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Now , I know I know y'all saying , I know he just ain't say hot water .

Yeah , I say hot water .

I'm gonna show you why I did the move .

You know , you set your kool aid down in there like that , you get your egg beater .

Now this is where the technique come in .

You gotta have that risk , you gotta have that risk to whip it up real good .

Now take the kool aid and a little bit of hot water and then you stick the egg beat in there .

Now you let it get filled like a quarter of the way up with hot water .

And then what you do is you take the egg beater and whip it up , whip it up and you can see if you get that nice typhoon actually going on , you know , let it calm down , let it slow down .

Now , what you pretty much looking for is you want all the sugar to dissolve , you know , into the water , whip it up again a little bit .

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Ah , then what you do is you turn on that cold water and while it was fill it up , you keep with it be whipping , whip it and you gotta keep whipping it till it fill up .

Know , let it chill for a minute .

Then you with the counter clockwise , bang , you whip it up and you see that spiral going on in there and you whip it clockwise again , ah , with it a little more , then you hit it with that water .

Finish whipping it .

This is the trick I'm gonna show you all the trick .

You gotta shut the water off right .

And while it's still spinning , you gonna put the lid on while it's still spinning .

That's I gave you all my secret .

You know what I mean ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

You make sure the lid is all nice and tight cause you don't want no , you don't want no spillage going on .

You know what you do ?

You see I already got my cup with my ice in it .

You know what I mean ?

I just take my picture .

Uh I fill my cup up with ice .

Now .

You see that , that right there is Phil .

Cool .

Now you gotta do the taste test .

Hold on , let me .

Oh man .

It's like I said , don't get no better than that man .

Philly .

Cool to 1 52 .

Holler at me .


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