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2023-08-31 08:11:37

DIY Edible Starburst Slime! Make Yummy Slime!

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Hey girl .

Hey , welcome back to my channel .

Everyone .

It feels so good to be sitting down and finally filming .

I got so off track .

The last few , I was about to say days more like week or almost two weeks since I uploaded Diy .

What ?

So as you saw by the title and the thumbnail , this video is a Diy edible starburst slime , starburst starburst slime extremely , extremely easy to make anybody could do this .

So I hope you guys enjoyed this video .

This video is also a collab with my awesome friend Jillian Bauer .

She is doing an edible video as well .

I believe she's doing edible science experiments .

I will link that down below as well as her channel .

So make sure to go head out and watch her video after you finish watching this one .

She has amazing content .

Her editing is out of this world .

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Everything about this girl is just goals A F so make sure to go check her out .

Malik her down below as well as her channel .

Thank you guys so much for watching and let's just get straight on to this video .

Who ?

So for this Diy , the number one ingredient we're going to need is Starburst .

Take any color that you like .

I'm taking pink and red , putting that into a heat safe container and we're gonna put this over a stovetop .

We're doing the double boy , I cannot , the double boiler method where you put water and then you kind of like sit it on top .

You don't want to put this in the microwave because you go and burn the candy and you don't want that to happen .

Now , this was taking a while to melt .

So I decided to separate it kind of just add a little bit at a time .

And that's when it really started to melt on me .

Once your candy is completely melted , it's gonna look something like this .

We're gonna flop it onto a heat safe mat .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

This is a silicone mat for baking .

I'm putting some cooking spray on it and also some powdered sugar just in case it gets a little messy and sticky and surprisingly , it wasn't sticky at all .

I actually was able to scoop it off of the spoon really easily with my fingers and it slipped right off .

Then I proceeded to go ahead and start needing this and I really messed up because this was hot as hell .

Y'all .

You have to wait for it to cool down .

This felt like molten lava .

So I really had to take a break and let it cool down for a little bit .

I know I'm stupid .

Once it cooled down , I went in and I started eating it .

I added some more powdered sugar , the more powdered sugar you add the thicker it's gonna be .

So , I guess it depends how thick you want it .

And that's pretty much it on how you make some Starburst slime .

Smells amazing .

By the way , I think when you heat it up and I don't know , all the smell goes through the surface , it smells baf and it's just so fun to play with .

It's so fun to eat and I hope you guys enjoy it .

It's super easy .

So that is it for this video ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Thank you guys so much for watching .

Very easy as you can see , it tastes delicious .

Also um with storing this , I would say there is no way to store it .

It's just gonna be like that for a few hours and of course gonna go back to being hard .

Well , not hard but you know , like a tab like Starburst except in slime shape or whatever .

But surprisingly , it did last like that for hours .

It should be nice and play like and it's just fun to eat it .

I don't know .

You know what you could turn anything into slime these days .

Really ?

So that is it .

Thank you guys so much for watching .

If you guys like this video , please click that like button .

Comment down below and subscribe .

If you aren't go check out Jillian Bauer down below .

I'm gonna link her video as well and channel .

Thank you guys so much for watching like I said and I will see you guys in my next video .

Love you guys .

Bye .


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