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2023-08-31 14:28:46

Fish Pickle Recipe _ Easy Kerala Style Fish Pickle (Meen Achar) _ Pickled fish recipe _ Fish Fry

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Hello everyone .

Welcome to Gray part .

Today we are making a special seafood pickle recipe .

This goes really well with white rice , plain rice or any type of pro .

So let's see how to make this fish pickle for this recipe .

I have used around 2 50 g of swordfish and cut that into cubes like this .

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Now add in some salt , red chili powder , turmeric powder and mix it really well and keep it aside for two hours after that heat some vegetable oil in a pan and fry all the marinated fish pieces as we're gonna store this pickle for a longer period .

We have to fry the fish really well .

Once it is fried , keep it aside .

Now into another pan heat , some sesame oil .

You can also use mustard oil , add in some mustard seeds .

First time I had tried in mustard oil and it taste really superb .

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Add in some seeds , curry leaves and whole red chilies , sort it for a couple of seconds , then added ginger and garlic .

Saute it and you have to fry it till all the water content is gone .

It will take a couple of minutes in between .

Add an A , I never use the powder as instead I buy the bar , then fry it in oil and make it into a powder which has more flavor than the powdered one .

Now , a ginger and garlic is also fried .

Well , now add in turmeric powder and saute it for a couple of seconds , added red chili powder .

It again .

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Now you have to add in vinegar .

You can use white vinegar here , I've used natural coconut vinegar .

Now , add in all the fried fish pieces and mix it really well and you have to cook this for a couple of minutes until all the fish pieces are well coated and absorbed all the masal in it .

Check the salt and add more salt if required as it is a pickle , it needs more quantity of salt and oil than the regular fish recipes .

Now , our fish pickle is ready .

This fish pickle start is really delicious .

Only after 24 hours , we can store this fish pickle outside for 23 days until all the fish has absorbed the masala and salt .

Then you can transfer it to the refrigerator as we have not added any preservatives in this pickle .

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