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2023-08-24 20:08:14

Blue Beetle - Movie Review

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Blue Beetle though .

It was made before James Gunn's big reboot is said to be vaguely part of James Gunn's DC universe .

Smart to say that since saying , hey , the new movie coming out , it doesn't matter , it's getting rebooted anyway , it causes people to not go watch your new movie .

Get what you're doing in DC .

At least they're learning from their mistakes .

Respectable .

So Blue Beetle , a new DC movie .

Also a character , I , I don't know much about outside of injustice to gonna be honest with you .

He is a robotic world ending death scare from outer space .

Latches on to a dude .

He becomes Blue Beetle and now he's got , you know , save the day also , family .

Now Maya is the lead in this film .

He's the Blue Beetle .

I mean , he's , he's the heart and soul of Cobra Kai has been since the first season and he does bring that energy here .

Obviously , he plays a very different character but still has that essence of , he seems like a good kid .

I mean , it's weird to call him a kid .

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He is in his twenties , but I'm just saying he has that essence of you know , he just , he seems nice from people who have interviewed him .

They say he's nice just as a human in a film like this , especially one that heavily revolves around a family dynamic .

You want someone you can relate to and be like , hey , we're rooting for you here .

He does bring that to the character .

I'm saying that's when it's him , the face , we know the human we're rooting for .

That's when the film is actually at its best .

When he becomes the big bad beetle .

It just feels like a lot of superhero stuff .

We've seen a lot of it is kind of funny .

The Blue Beatle characters actually , I think he's from 1939 .

Kind of ironic to me that a character that's so old just in the echelon of comic book characters has a movie that feels like it's borrowed so much from other comic book characters , movies .

But the family dynamic was really the heart and soul of the film though .

It was a little totally inconsistent .

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There are moments where it feels like this movie was made to be a more hardcore version of itself and they were like , maybe we should market this towards kids a little more .

Let's change the music in a couple of scenes that'll help and his transformation scene , his transformation scene in the trailer looks intense like , oh my God , I would freak out if that happened to one of my family members or we can make jokes have a lighthearted song choice to go with it .

I'm not saying a movie has to take itself too seriously .

I'm running out of ways to say it because that's a very common complaint I have where it's like the movie was too lighthearted .

Made jokes at the wrong time .

There were characters that did work with , like with the grandma .

I was like full pass .

That works because that's kind of ironic and amazing granny kicking ass with a gatling gun just works .

What can I say ?

It does feel a little campy in the way .

It just kind of lingers on it for a little longer than it needs to .

But what can I say ?

I was having fun with that also , George Lopez I thought was great in the movie too .

I mean , he is a seasoned comedian and comedic actor .

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So absolutely , he does crush it in that respect .

That's kind of my point in a world where a lot of these comic book movies want to make everything funny .

The seasoned comic knows how to do it and have the comedy not overstay , its welcome .

And in terms of drama gotta give credit where credit's due .

There was one scene in particular I was like that worked .

That was good job movie .

You did it and there was another moment with another character .

It came later in the film .

I like that one too could have gone for more of it involving that character , but I digress .

As for the baddies , you have Susan Sarandon playing passive aggressive , racist Ceo Karen Batty .

Then you have another dude who looks like he was plucked straight from cyberpunk 2077 .

As for cyberpunk 2077 .

Ish Batty , I thought he was the most interesting character in the movie until he starts fighting Blue Beetle and then he becomes something out of Tron and then he's just less interesting .

He's just a big robot looking thing .

Fighting Blue Beetle could have gone for an entire film revolving around him to be completely honest with you .

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Who knows ?

Maybe we can still get it .

Yeah , this movie definitely does have a mask problem .

It's like , oh , human face is great characters and masks .

Come on , they start fighting .

Oh , ok .

Well , it just feels like everything I've seen before a fuck tillion times at this point .

I did like how the family was way more hardcore than Blue Beetle was , you know , because the suit can kind of make anything .

So it's like , oh , we can make , you want to wipe batty out here are some guns .

He's like , no guns , no killing .

It's like batman or something .

His family though .

Yeah , they end lives , they'll kill folk .

It doesn't matter .

I don't know .

You think they talk about it at the barbecue ?

Do you think he's like , well , I , I definitely have a thing against killing people and you all absolutely do not .

I kind of feel a certain way about that .

It kind of came across as an inconsistency that the movie makes a point to be like killing is bad .

And that's a thing with Blue Beetle his family though , they will put folks in the ground and no one cares like in the end , like I said , I thought , I thought he was great as the lead .

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He brings that likability that you've seen in Kai and he brings it here in comic book movie form .

I just feel like I've seen this movie before in the form of a few other movies .

Granted , most movies out there are a frank and stitch of at least a couple other movies woven together to make something seemingly new .

But in the comic book movie subgenre , it's easier to notice when your movie seems to be pulling from a few other comic book movies .

For the most part , this film felt like it would have been great if it came out in 2004 , there's some stiff competition out there and the elements you see in here .

I feel like you can get in other comic book movies that have done it better and it'll be a better time if you're drunk .

Yeah .

No , it's a party .

All right .

So , Blue Beetle .

Have you seen it ?

What did you think about it ?

Whatever you thought .

Comment below .

Let me know .

And as always , if you like what you've seen here and you want to see more click right here , to see more .


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