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2023-11-14 12:31:45

Introducing Portugal

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with mediaeval castles , captivating cities and golden beaches , Portugal has a multitude of experiences to share the capital .

Lisbon offers dizzying nightlife and labyrinthine alleyways , while Porto is a fascinating blend of old and new .

Outside the cities , Portugal's beauty unfolds in all its startling variety .

You'll find dolphin watching in the lush Sado estuary and memorable walks and bike rides all over the country .

It would be hard to dream up a more romantic place than Portugal's second city .

Blessed with countless Baroque churches , epic theatres and sprawling plazas , you can explore the historic Ribera district , admire some spectacular modern architecture and end the day by sampling the world's best port .

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Portugal's famous coastline has dramatic clifftops sandy islands reachable only by boat and people packed sands near buzzing nightlife .

The summer season guarantees endless days of blissfully hot weather .

There's always something to celebrate in Portugal .

For Easter processions , head to Braga .

A parade of giants takes place in August in Viana do Castello and romantics will love Lisbon's Vesta del Santo Antonio .

Filled with parties , love poems and traditional gifts of sweet basil , spiritual , magical historical .

These ancient neglects will make your hair stand on end as a traveller , you will more often than not , have these sights to yourself .

Travel to Belem in Lisbon to sample the very best custard tarts in the world .

These irresistible desserts are not Portugal's only culinary wonder .

You should also try their amazing range of seafood .

The high season runs from July to August , but travel in May , June and September for milder weather and great festivals .

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Travel costs in Portugal can range from less than €50 a day if you choose a dorm bed and free admission to attractions to over 100 and €20 a day for boutique hotels and top restaurants .

Trains are extremely affordable , but buses or a hire car will be needed for visiting smaller villages .

Bus services may be infrequent on the weekends .

From its windswept cliffs and stunning mountain scenery to its lively nightlife and bustling cities , Portugal is full of surprises both ancient and modern .

You may find you never tyre of exploring the small but endlessly fascinating country

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