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2023-11-14 18:09:00

Introducing India

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India is a complex beauty to embrace .

India's unpredictability is to embrace her soul .

From soaring , snow dusted mountains of the far north to the steamy , sun washed beaches of the Deep South , India's dramatic terrain is breathtaking .

The multitude of sacred sites and time honoured rituals are testament to the country's long , colourful and sometimes tumultuous history .

OK , the surreal ruins of Hing were once the glorious cosmopolitan vijayanagar capital of a powerful Hindu empire , still glorious in ruins , its temples and royal structures combined sublimely with the terrain truly a world wonder .

The Taj Mahal is often described as the greatest monument to love .

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The walls of this magnificent mausoleum seem to resound with Shah Jahan S adoration of his beloved wife , Mumtaz Mahal , the gem of the palace .

The hill stations still have lush forest and crisp mountain air to use cool mountain towns like Darjeeling and Shimla to escape the heat , curl up under a blanket with a steaming cup of tea and watch mountain birds swooping over misty hillsides .

You'll enjoy exploring one of India's many wildlife reserves in search of tigers , rhinos , peacocks and Lango monkeys , while birds and butterflies fly overhead .

It's unusual to find a place as gorgeous as Kerala's backwaters .

900 kilometres of interconnected rivers , lakes and lagoons lined with tropical flora .

And if you do , the best way to experience it is floating along the water on a teak and palm thatched house .

Boat season runs from December to March with peak prices , April through June offers competitive prices , or June to September sees heavy monsoon rain .

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Travel costs in India can range from less than ₹2000 a day for a dorm bed and all you can eat plate meals over ₹7000 a day for deluxe hotel rooms and first class train travel .

Transport in India is frequent and inexpensive , though not always fast .

Consider domestic flights or sleeper trains .

As an alternative to long , uncomfortable bus rides , India bristles with a mind blowing mix of landscapes and rich cultural heritage .

Your journey through this intoxicating country will blaze in your memory long after you've left its shores

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