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English Conversational practice _ Improve Speaking Skills _ At the Doctor's

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Hello .

What can I do for you today ?

Hi , Doctor .

I've been having throbbing headaches .

Throbbing is when it's pulsating .

It's like this .

And you're like , oh , going crazy headache for the past three weeks ?

Oh .

And how long do they last ?

It depends .

They can last all night sometimes for 57 hours .

And it feels like I want to vomit .

The synonym to vomit is to throw up .

It's basically a picture .

This is when you vomit .

I've tried several painkillers .

I took the pills like Ibuprofen , but they don't help .

They just make me feel worse .

Do you have any other symptoms ?

Yeah .

In addition to that , I have sensitivity to light .

When you have sensitivity to light , you look at the light and your eyes start hurting , sensitivity to light .

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And after the headache goes away , I feel drained .

Drained is like , oh , that's it .

I'm over .

And if I move my head quickly , the pain comes back for a while .

From what you describe , I can tell that you're having migraines , I'm gonna prescribe you some painkillers .

But it's really important that you take a pill as soon as you feel the first symptoms .

Because if you take your pill later might not help .

I also recommend you keep track of your migraines because sometimes we're able to figure out , oh , there are certain foods that are causing this or certain things that happen in your life like lack of sleep or stress .

Hey guys , welcome to lingua Marina .

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As you might have guessed today , we have a class when we're gonna practice speaking and particularly we're gonna work on your vocabulary that's related to going to the doctor's office , being sick , being at the hospital , you will hear some dialogues .

I'm gonna give you some additional vocabulary .

Let's get into it .

Let's learn some new vocabulary or refresh the words that are already in your brain , you just need to extract them .

So first of all , a runny nose , runny nose is an idiom that we use to describe what happens when your nose runs .

Basically , when you have liquid coming out of your nose that could be caused by allergies , it could be caused by flu or it could be just common cold .

Common cold is what you have .

I know I have it every six or eight weeks because my youngest kid is a daycare and she keeps bringing small viruses back home .

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So common cold is when you just feel slightly unwell , but you don't have high fever , you're not feeling too sick .

It's just you have a runny nose and maybe you're coughing a bit , by the way , a running nose is also used , but it's less common .

A runny nose is too specific .

Let me explain here when I feel unwell and I go to the doctor , I would say hi doctor .

I have a runny nose .

But if I'm describing a situation when something unpleasant is happening , like my uncle keeps wiping off his running nose with his sleeve .

Like I'm just being too specific , I'm explaining what he's doing so I can say running nose , but it's very specific .

So uh runny nose is much more common .

This runny nose just isn't real .

By the way , I'm not a doctor .

We're just learning vocabulary here .

We're not treating diseases , right ?

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Just wanted to make this clear rash is when you have red dots on your skin again , might be caused by allergy or something else .

Now , let's practice these words and phrases .

Let's imagine the first situation you see the doctor because you have some kind of rash .

So we open the Elsa app , we select topics and then we have health here .

Let's select in a medical center .

Lesson one itchy rash is no good afternoon .

My name is Doctor Lee .

OK .

And I'm gonna select advanced .

Hopefully , I'm advanced .

OK .

So the app basically prompts me to repeat phrases and I say hello , doctor .

90% .

What did I , what did I do wrong here ?

Pronunciation , doctor .

OK .

90% great .

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You scheduled an appointment last night ?

What happened ?

I have a rash all over my body , you can listen to the phrase first and then you can repeat .

OK , let's repeat .

I have a rash all over my body .

87% I know intonation .

Oh , wow .

Try emphasizing the important words in the sentence .

OK .

When did it start ?

It started yesterday afternoon and got worse over time .

You see , he's highlighting sounds that I should pay attention to .

Do you have any allergies ?

Oh , yes .

I'm allergic to seafood .

Yeah , because I said , oh yes .

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Anyways , I think it's great because they give you phrases to repeat and instead of coming up with phrases in your head , you're actually pronouncing the right phrases without any mistake .

And this helps you improve your English .

Did you have any seafood yesterday afternoon ?

I don't think so , but maybe the dumplings had shrimp mixed in them finished for English as a second language learners .

I believe Elsa is one of the best apps out there to help you work on your spoken English to train your pronunciation to repeat phrases and get detailed and accurate feedback on the way you speak .

Because you watch this video , you get a seven day free trial of Elsa speak .

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And if you decide to use the paid version of the app , you get 85% off their lifetime subscription or 40% off a one year subscription using my link below .

Try Elsa app , do some exercises using the free trial , see how it's going and most importantly , start practicing your English right away .

Practice is the most important exercise you can do to improve your language .

The link is down below when a part of your body hurts , you add ache to the part of your body .

Headache .

This is what you say when your head hurts or a migraine is another term , but it's slightly different from headache because I have migraines .

I know headache , stomachache , stomachache is when your stomach hurts .

I'm getting a stomachache , ear ache , toothache .

So it's really easy to build those words .

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Good morning lingua doctor's office .

How can I help you ?

Hi .

Uh Can I make an appointment with lingua doctor , please ?

Are you an existing patient ?

Yeah .

Yes , I am .

I've seen her before .

Ok .

What's your name ?

I'm gonna look you up .

My name is Marina Mogil .

Thank you , Miss M Gil .

Let me pull up your file .

Ok , I have located your information .

What's the reason for you making an appointment ?

I haven't been feeling well lately .

Do you need urgent care ?

Not necessarily , but I'd like to see the doctor as soon as possible .

Of course .

How about next Tuesday ?

There is a slot available at a no 4 p.m. I'm afraid I'm working at four .

Is there anything available before 3 p.m. Let me see .

Uh not on Tuesday .

We have two o'clock opening next Wednesday .

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If that works .

Would you like to come in then ?

Yeah , next Wednesday too would be great .

Ok , I'm booking you for two pm next Wednesday .

Thank you for your help .

You're welcome .

We'll see you next week .

Bye bye .

Insomnia is when you can't fall asleep or stay asleep at night .

Normally the first type of prescription you would get is Melatonin or some sleep aids .

Are you asking if I have insomnia ?

By the way , guys , I know that we're all super international here .

So I want you to start practicing English right away .

And I want you to write a comment below this video describing what happened when you were sick .

The last time , the last time I was sick , I had rotavirus something you don't need to translate .

I think it's very common .

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So my daughter and she brought it from daycare and we all had rotavirus and it lasted for 15 hours .

We felt really , really bad , really weak .

Um We didn't see the doctor but we called the doctor and they just told us to stay hydrated and get some rest .

Comment down below .

What was the last issue you saw your doctor for ?

This would be a great exercise to use the words that you just learned or to brush up some vocabulary that you've already had .

Heartburn .

Uh is very common .

Heartburn is when you feel that something is burning right here .

Like for me , the feeling is right here and I got it when I was pregnant , especially later in the pregnancy .

So for heartburn , there is special medicine and it's basically caused by acid from your stomach .

Severe heartburn .

Hi .

What is wrong ?

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Hi , doctor .

I feel unwell and I keep vomiting all the time .

We just learned what vomiting is right .

Oh , I'm sorry to hear that .

How long have you been experiencing this ?

Uh , two days , days ?

It started on 25th , um , before bedtime .

Ok , let me examine you .

I'm gonna press your stomach to see where it hurts and then I'm gonna listen to your heart .

Nah , it doesn't really hurt when you press my stomach .

I just feel tired .

That's good .

Do you remember eating anything unusual before you got this ?

Well , I don't eat out quite a lot , but that day we went to a restaurant with our friends for their anniversary and the food tasted really strange , but I thought it was the type of cuisine that they have there .

Ok .

Now , I think it looks obvious you have food poisoning .

It is not very serious .

You should start feeling better tomorrow .

Oh , dear .

That's what I thought .

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What should I do ?

There is no pill that I can prescribe right away .

So I would just recommend taking your time to rest , make sure to drink plenty of water cos we want to avoid dehydration .

Ok , thank you doctor .

But if you don't feel better in 48 hours , please call our office .

We might want to see you again when you have high temperature .

You say I have fever .

It can be low grade fever in the U si would say it's like 100 ish .

Remember in , in the US we use Fahrenheit 99.6 to 100 3 is considered low grade fever .

Anything above 100.4 .

If it's your kid especially , you need to start uh getting worried .

Hi .

I'd like to see lingua doctor , please .

Hi .

Do you have an appointment with us ?

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No , I don't have an appointment but I'm not feeling well again .

Ok .

Lingua doctor is busy right now .

She has other patients and all of our doctors are busy today .

So you need to go back home , make an appointment and then come back .

Please .

Please please do something because uh , when I talked to her the other day , she said to come again or call you if I don't feel better , if you feel really bad , I would suggest you go to urgent care .

But if you want to see Ling with doctor , take a sit here , I'll see what I can do .

Thank you .

Oh , Miss Mc Gulko , is that you again ?

What's happening ?

I feel very ill .

I'm coughing and sneezing .

Coughing is sneezing is , and I feel hot and suddenly I feel cold all the time .

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Let me measure your temperature and let me know if you have any other symptoms and eating makes me sick .

Let me measure your temperature while your temperature is really high .

And this looks very much like flu to me .

So the best action plan is to go back home right now and stay in bed until you start feeling better .

Well , you prescribe anything in the US .

Most pills have to be prescribed .

So when you're at the doctor's , you're always asking for a prescription , make sure to drink lots of water , take vitamin C and I will also give you a prescription to help you with the symptoms .

Uh , ok , let me issue the prescription .

You're still using the same pharmacy that you were using .

Ok , I've sent them the prescription .

You can collect it right away and I hope you start feeling better , but please , if symptoms get worse , give us a call and we're gonna take care of you .

Ok , thank you .

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But my hope really miss Mogil is you start feeling better and I don't see you as often .

That was it for me for today guys .

Thank you so much .

I really hope that you learn something new from this video , but most importantly , I hope that you stay healthy .

Please subscribe to this channel .

Hit the like button and I'll see you very soon in my next videos .


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