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2023-08-27 18:02:48

Make $100,000 with AI generated shorts! (New strategy)

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Could you imagine making money without doing any work A I is bringing this reality closer than ever today .

I'm going to show you how you can make 100 K by only uploading A I generated shorts .

I'm about to give you all the hidden information from creating instant shorts from youtube videos to a viral strategy you can use to grow faster on social media and setting up your own newsletter to earn $3 to $4 from all the emails you bring in with your shorts .

Let's get into it .

The first tool we have is Opus Pro .

This A I tool can take any long youtube video you have and cut it into small short clips with just one click .

It will find interesting parts from your longer video and change it into one minute short clips complete with captions and auto framing .

You can use this technique to create a ton of shorts quickly and use them to grow your social media page .

Here's how it works .

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Grab a long form video from youtube , paste the URL of the video into Opus Pro hit generate and wait when they give you a list of A I generated shorts .

The only thing you need to do is choose the viral shorts they prefer based on the A I viral score .

The score is based on A is analysis on thousands of viral videos .

You will use this tool in any profitable niche and just like that create multiple social media accounts on different platforms .

You only need to choose a high payout niche like e commerce and re upload videos from youtubers that talk about money .

This is a great way to quickly pump out content from youtube videos to different accounts .

If you upload consistently on every account , you can easily grow your page to thousands of followers .

This is a great A I tool to supercharge your side hustle .

There's no denying how easy it is to use and it's incredibly time efficient .

That being said people are already doing it on different social media accounts getting millions of views per month .

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They are earning passive income from all the views that are coming in by selling digital products like notion templates or e books .

But my secret strategy will get you ahead of them .

You can now make money with your own newsletter .

Beehive is a site that lets you make money for each person you bring to newsletters .

This can be between $2 to $4 based on your niche .

It's a feature called boost that can easily help you earn 100 K in a short time .

All you have to do is refer 25 K people to other newsletters to make 100 K .

So the first thing you need to do is sign up for Beehive .

Then you need to set up your landing page within Beehive .

After that , join the boost program within Beehive .

It costs $99 a month , but you only need to refer 25 people to cover that .

You can find the link in the description .

If you can't find it , then ask to join all the newsletters that fit with your niche .

I like business newsletters because they pay more .

Next .

You are going to use a secret plan to bring people from your theme page to your newsletter with an amazing method called free products by that .

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I mean , things like templates , e books or videos , you can easily find a digital product on Etsy and change that digital product to be your own to avoid copyright problems .

For example , you can look for E books in the business area on Etsy and ask chat GP to rewrite the E books for you .

Pick an E book on how to make money and make a welcome email gift for people who sign up to your newsletter .

All you have to do is add a strong call to action to your newsletter .

Something like I have a free E book in my bio .

If you use this with Opus Pro , you can easily make viral videos and bring new people to your newsletter every day , earning money without much work .

I just created my own Discord server around this .

So feel free to join our Discord server in the description where you can get free blueprints to earn money .

We help you find new ways to make money in this time of advanced technology on our Discord server .

We do things differently .

We give you real new ways to make money online , not the same advice that every influencer is giving .

We will guide you step by step to start earning money online .

All right , that's all for today .

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If you stay till the end , don't forget to hit like and subscribe .

We've got lots of cool things coming that you won't want to miss .

Take care and good luck .

Peace .


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